Monday, September 18, 2006

Continued Election Babbling


BRUCE HAUPT - PANTS PARTY (Completed Interview)
NINA - IND. (No Response)

Party Platform

*Safe, vague. Mentions areas out of Student Leadership's control. Swamp is pushing a strong Veep candidate with ties to the MGC, FBK, & older schools of SG.

Strong senate slate.

NINA - Ind.

I have seen nothing here. The former leader of the first sell-out, second-wave Access Party has not released a platform that I have seen, fails to respond to messages, and seems to have the support of only a handful of younger Greeks. Still, I admire her drive and wish her the best. Were her efforts being led by others I'm sure I would have a lot more information on her plans, but que sera, sera.


Being Christian Duque is what I do best. This having been said, I wanted nothing more than a party like Action in the Spring 2005. Had Access become Action, there would never have been Progress or Voice. HOW_EVER, a party that cannot or will not take constructive criticism to heart but rather to offense, will not garner the needed support to bring about an upset.

Action needs to be constantly re-defining itself -- this is not to be interpreted as 'flip-flopping.' What I mean is very clear. If Action strives to undertake the very serious charge of representing the Independent community, then its leaders shouldn't have released a pre-fab platform or had the gaul to release a Bill of Rights that speaks of trusting elected leaders when party members cannot seem to trust that their own Party Exec. won't exclude them from the defining hour that is to be the basis of their struggle.

How on Earth can a student fight for a platform they had no say in? Greeks can fight for their party because it's business, the loyalty to the house outweights the loyalty to whatever party they may paint on their respective banners. However, when dealing with INDEPENDENTS the PARTY is THE INSTITUTION, it is what binds everyone together, it is the base, the foundation that upholds the discipline to work, the pride to preach, the values to be identified with. When you cut the STUDENT can that student fight?

Fair Senate Slate

I am very impressed with Bruce and in him I see perhaps the only real Independent candidate. I see right through the laughs and truly believe this young man would enhance SG Cabinet like Lydia Washington would have had she been able to serve her entire term.

Bruce is social and personable but is not limited by that. His campaign is widely entertaining in the Keg-vein, wholeheartedly grass-roots in the Voice/Student-Alliance-vein, with some Greek ties in the Access-school, and very much a real threat to both Action A-N-D Swamp.

Although PANTS does not have Gavin Baker, Ryan Nelson, or Rosemary Clouston, it has at least one strong leader in Bruce Haupt and many, many friends open to hear what the students have to say and very much naive, innocent if you will, to the excesses and the shortcomings of SG at UF. As of right now, if I were a student I would support PANTS. However, as campaign seasons are known for their often, wildly-chaotic natures I won't endorse now, only say what I have and hope to hear from the other candidates as well.

Chris Chase: "Cabinet Platform", Just Received.

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