Monday, September 25, 2006

Multiple personality disorder (MPD) is a psychiatric disorder characterized by having at least one "alter" personality that controls behavior. The "alters" are said to occur spontaneously and involuntarily, and function more or less independently of each other. The unity of consciousness, by which we identify our selves, is said to be absent in MPD.*

Queen Nina
Alligator picks DeJong for vice president


Days ago, hardly even a week, the Florida Alligator bashed independent candidate Nina Dejong for essentially milking her gender for votes, standing on a vague platform, they inserted sarcasm throughout an article that should have been solely biographical, but today... today they give her a warm endorsement? What gives?

Many of us hold today's Alligator staff to the standard of years past, but the sad & obvious reality is that these current Alligator reporters have very little experience and knowledge of SG history. They know that Action was Unite, Unite was Impact, (here they get lost), they know Access came from Ignite & yes...Student Alliance (they get lost here as well), and so on. You can't understand the inner working of student leadership unless you have a clear understanding of the history and these writers seem to have taken nasty potshots on all four candiates and all three parties and now, when push comes to shove, when the smoke clears, they don't want to look stupid so they picked a name out of the hat.

The general pattern of Alligator reporting to this point (as carefully studied/documented throughout several of my most recent posts) would have had the Alligator giving Action a resounding endorsement. For weeks the student-paper has trashed Swamp and its cadres, intermittently mocked PANTS (even though PANTS loves having a good time -- any real reporter can see they are the MOST revolutionary party in the running b/c underdeath the Pants on the flagpole, these kids are just acting out their frustrations with a system that has WRONGED the Student Body in several (not all), but several regards and they want to GET ACROSS BY ANY MEANS CONCEIVABLE!); whew!. The student-run paper has also questioned the integrity of the young woman that today they praise and endorse.

BUT, even before Action was born, the Alligator was celebrating everything from FBL to Action. I've said it many times. It should have been Ryan Nelson or Gavin Baker; Action had the right people and they had the right time, but they messed it up. However, all the while I was mourning Action just barely missing it -- the Alligator was praising their name.'s endorsement, while a fair one in my eyes, makes me think Stephanie Garry and her staff members suffer from MPD.

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1. Do I feel the Independent Florida Alligator looked at a every candidate, studied every bio, bothered to contact every candidate? No

The Independent Florida Alligator has said it many times and now their actions are speaking even louder than their words. This newspaper is a FARSE, they are a BUSINESS, they sell ad-space and they make MONEY! They are not student-run and SG should fund a real STUDENT-RUN newspaper -- funded with STUDENT MONEY!

Create a new agency...bigger than Accent...bigger and badder than SGP...the M-O-T-H-E-R of SG Agencies: THE STUDENT RUN, DAILY N-E-W-S-P-A-P-E-R!!!!

The Alligator is insensitive to 14% of this University's population (Greeks), this newspaper has attacked the character of the two major parties, the two independent candidates and quite frankly has made it a almost a career at slinging mud & misleading articles against the popularly-elected government of the student body of the University of Florida, en masse. The Independent Florida Alligator should be rivaled by a REAL student-alternative.

Again - part of the Alligator's incompetence stems from historical ignorance; But another part of this incompetence stems from a general disregard of student' interests. The Alligator will always be on campus b/c that's just the norm and it's better to get your ads right and sell, sell, sell than listen, listen, listen and actually do some honest, fair, and professional reporting.




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