Wednesday, September 20, 2006

First & foremost my apologies for not proofreading the previous entry, however, I can't stop myself from venting against the editorial on Nina Dejong. Just when Action releases its platform, citing the need to educate professor's on issues relating to LGBTQ, it seems that one party should take upon itself the task of educating Alligator writers on what it is to be a Femenist.

The editorial on Nina seems to be more of an attack that an expose. Check out some of these cites:

Cite A: For starters, DeJong - who is, like, totally not a feminist - hasn't explained how her vice presidency would be any different from a man's.

Fuckin idiot...who wrote this? The insertion of the word "like" in my honest opinion insults the candidate's intelligence, capacity, and integrity. It makes her sound stupid, it makes her sound like a complete fake. Why can't she be a feminist? Because she doesn't have underarm hair like the women on the French Riviera, because she doesn't memorize Ani DiFranco songs, because perhaps she doesn't want to castrate SG's 88% male majority? Give me a break!

The POINT fuckhead of electing a woman, is that a woman would NOT lead any differently than a man. The POINT fuckhead is that a woman can do the job AS GOOD (if not better, but not necessarily drastically differently) than a man. To expect a woman to do better - OR - to expect a woman to do worse is SEXIST. To expect a woman to do the same as a man is to be fair. The underlying principle here is not to elect radical women -- but to elect more women. To make the playing field level, you should have a more balanced body, not necessarily a more radiKal one.

Cite B: In fact, if Nina DeJong were Nick DeJong, a fraternity president instead of a sorority president, she'd be just like everyone else in SG. Take away the pearls, hand her some wraparound shades, and - voila! - you've got a run-of-the-mill Greek candidate. Same pink polo shirt and everything.

More anti-Greek sentiment. Who is working at the Alligator these days? I take great offense to the idea that a Greek-affiliated person cannot be given a fair shake. I was Greek/Indie, so was Ricky Caplin, so was Jamal. You look at Caplin....a house treasurer (the #2 in many houses including my own), a committee chairman, popular and sociable and one of the MOST free-thinking, Independent members of the ACCESS PARTY.

I have always advocated being independent but Greeks are a bloc of the Campus population and no bloc should be denied a voice, even the bloc that is believed to control it. Democracy shuts out no one.

Aside from all that has been said, you'd think the Alligator would know whose backing the Ms. DeJong, people that have done a great deal of good by the side of various Opposition parties. The Alligator seems to be anti-Swamp, amused by Pants, in love with Action, and disgusted by NINA. Unusual mix I must admit.

Swamp aims to fix academics

  • Ensure that every student has access to the quality education they deserve through fair tuition policies.

****The ruling Swamp Party's platform is truly both boring and in parts outlandish.

Arturo, Where Are You?

Some nineteen days after receiving Radikal Questions the fmr. HSA leader has not been able to reply. Bruce Haupt, candidate of the PANTS Party, returned questions in less than 24hrs. Armand is without a doubt a first-class leader and would make one hell of a Vice President...but as a law student, does he really have the time for this kind of a commitment? The jury is still out on that one.

Senate OKs largest budget in SG history

"Baker asked the Senate to consider taking $3,200 from SG's award funding - which SG spends on itself - to distribute among student organizations. He argued that no organization is given anything close to the amount of money SG gives itself for awards."

**Baker shows the consistency of a True Indie. Senator. Between Baker & Nelson, the Dynamic Duo leave little doubt that Action would be the choice-party to vote for in Senate elections. Both leaders have tirelessly fought for the best interests of their constituent, while the bureacurats insist (as in this very article) "it would take too long" or "it's too difficult."

GOOD WORK Sen. Baker!

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