Friday, September 08, 2006

"Hey There!"

Well based on SG I have a few offerings coming up in the next few days, but today I want to discuss local news and other happenings. I got a real kick out of the upcoming conservative Frontier paper in the works and I just can't wait for a promising like GOP-funded Guide To More Economically-Sensible School Lunches (where the rich passionately argue that ketchup is in fact a suitable vegetable, where seniors should be prosecuted for buying scripts from Canada that are sometimes as much as 80% cheaper than in the U.S., where the gov't shells out more on Defense but drops the ball on veteran affairs, and where wars in Iraq & Afghanistan are validated with the blood of the innocent, the dead of 9/11. In fact, the front page of today's Gainesville Sun reads "Iraq: No Ties To Al-Qaeda," there never were any, just like four years into the war and still no WMD's! But hey....for that balanced take on the news I could think of no better solution that a sensationalit and politically-inaccurate publication. But alas! Freedom of Speech! Every American has the right to freely express themselves, sadly it's the liberals and leftists that get slapped with Patriot-Act-permitted illegal espionage -- but hey -- God Bless America!

The CLAS Situation

Originally I was going to email one of the parties to take a stand, but I think all four candidates running for Vice President through either their own parties or by their own means, should publicly oppose reductions in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences. Not only is CLAS the largest college on campus and without a doubt a mighty political powerbase, it represents the now-more-than-ever slashed Humanities. As a Research-1 & land-grant university, UF's primary focus remains on the sciences, research, and agriculture...leaving the Humanities: English, History, Politcal Science, etc as the usual pic for budgetary cuts and reductions. Whom suffered the MOST from the closing of Library West? CLAS Students. What kind of an education will CLAS students receive from large faculty cuts? It is the responsibility of Student Government to say NO, to publicly oppose this, to make a paper trail, because paper trails ensure accountability! How many times must I say this?! SG is not a club for over-achiever students, when push comes to shove it can be a powerhouse, it can account for much more than getting the SBPresident an invitation to Machen's box on has traditionally been considered one of many campus-payoffs of administration bigwhigs, but today it and it's major candidates must publicly oppose something that could literally affect T-H-O-U-S-A-N-D-S! If there's no money, then it should be cut from elsewhere but not somewhere so directly damning to students as taking away members of the faculty.

Gotta dip, cya all soon.

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