Thursday, September 21, 2006

Root Of All Evil?

The Independent Florida Alligator needs to learn the definition of the term restraint; when you've got Christian Duque teaching you restraint, you've sure got problems buddy. For one thing, as more students enroll at UF, the A&S Fee pot will obviously grow and so to will the resources of Student Government. The paper does a good job of breaking down the many things students could do with A&S Fees instead of paying them. Sure....I know people that could prolly buy a new car, take a vacation, and remodel their kitchen next year if they did't have to pay their taxes, but then again, where would we be as a society sans public services? No police, no fire, no EMS, no one to pave the roads, no one to pay teachers, no one to pick up the garbage in public areas, we'd lose out on national defense (which is important though not more than education and medical care but I digress). The Student's Government, like the Federal Government, has many responsibilities including the running of the largest Student Union the nation, of SW Rec, of the budgets of hundreds of student org.'s, in addition to a myriad of other financial & social needs to be answered. But you all know this, it's the Alligator that doesn't seem to.

I am of the opinion that they really don't care about Gavin's efforts, rather, they've used what otherwise would have been a minor detail ($3k out $12M) tha should-have-been-resolved but wasn't, as a way to title yet another anti-SG article that will no doubt further alienate Student Leadership and hurt the institution next week at the polls. Shame On The Alligator.

VP debate skirts academic issues

Oh my gosh....I really don't want to get sued here, but in my opinion I think we call know that BSU does not make discreet endorsement decisions due to debates, touche to the current members of the FIST.

I wish I didn't have to work so much, this year has SUCKED, having to work shitty jobs b/c I didn't apply to schools on time. I wanted to be there soooooo bad :o(. )

"SG courts the Greeks and it courts the student organizations. I think in general, SG doesn't reach out to the normal student." -- BRUCE HAUPT

"Leadership is an award itself," Chase said, adding that he hopes to drastically reduce SG's award funding. -- CHRIS CHASE

Again -- I don't want to minimize the need of fiscal responsibility in SG, however, I don't think Action should partake in any grandatanding, especially not over an issue worth 3k out of $12m+. Yes it's important but don't let SG Funding become your battle cry, there are many more needed reforms. Personally, I would have used the FLC Reform item, using the article to focus on Action's desires to include Freshmen into SG as opposed to babbling about an SG Award budget that maybe four students reading the paper this morning are privvy to. Remember, opposition parties (except Access) usually fair poorly with first & second year students; use you FLC item to garner some attention with freshmen, it's a good idea.


Fun Time

If the election were held to today, solely based on my mailbox & limited phone calls/articles, etc this is how I'd call it for the first round:

Arturo Armand: 45%
Chris Chase: 30%
Nina DeJong: 15%
Bruce Haupt: 7.5%
Other: 2.5%

+2.5/-2.5 MoE.

If you attended today's Protest March @ Tigrit Hall (CLAS), please email your thoughts to me!!! LS 4 LIFE!

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