Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Keepin' It Real

Greek Rogues are special brand of independents, let me start off by putting that on the table. Like other indies, the Greek Rogues have no issues with breaking with the mainstream, committing to grassroots campaigns, working tirelessly even to come in last place, fighting for all students equally, and 110% for ending legacies and other top level norms of corruption. However, like even the most radical of Americans here or overseas, he/she would feel most uncomfortable being witness to a flag burning of the stars & stripes. Equally so, Greek Rogues have issues with certain programs such as Radical Rush. They agree politically and identify probably with each every person sitting at each and every table on everything, except ONE key point: Radical Rush is not Greek Rush.

Greek Rush is not:

  • Buying Friends

  • Senseless Hazing

  • PUre Symbolism

Greek Rush is a journey unlike any other other. If you make it, you're a brother for life of that Order. You can be like a Justin Rees in my house, where everyone loves you -- or you can be a Christian Duque where everyone hates you. But the point is, no one can ever take the rite of passage away from you. Being Greek and understanding what the rite of passage means, entails far more than getting drunk with the guys and sharing stories about busted girls...I for one never engaged in much of that because I was very political, had a steady gf that I loved, and quite frankly joined up because I really bought all the history of the fraternity and continue to study it and love it. So really, my objection is not to Radical Rush or Anti-Greek sentiment but rather to explain the phenomenon that is: being Greek & Independent. When you read the term Greek Rogue in my writings, this is what I'm referring to. To make a long story short -- nothing equates to Greek Rush, nothing.

SG Post To Come Tonight.

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