Sunday, September 24, 2006

A Thought

Part of me wishes I were still a student @ UF, so I could vote, work the campaign, and be in the thick of it all. On the other hand, I know and hang out w/ people in BOM and in SG and they find it very boring as of late. Now yes, I attacked the Alligator for attacking SG based on questionable grounds, however, I have concerns with the candidates of my own. Ironically, the joke candidate seems to be the best candidate and the two major candidates pale in comparison.

Swamp's candidate agreed to do an interview and included that I not feel bad to bug him about getting it done; sorry Arturo, I liek you and all, but do you need people to routinely bug you to get things done? Then I misquoted and said Sent Action's Chris Chase interview questions. I rectified the misquote and sent him questions...he replied after a few days later only to excuse himself out. All candidates were sent messages via facebook and/or email, only Bruce Haupt replied. Only Bruce Haupt was able to quickly provide answers to all of my questions and I think this says something about this young man.


Anonymous said...

only bruce has the free time to be interviewed for something as meaningless as a blog, and a fringe blog at that.

Christian Duque said...

One man's garbage is another man's treasure.