Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Indies 'n More

It hasn't happened since Spring 2005 and if that election was any kind of a preview for what will unfold in just days at UF - then expect unchartered political chaos. The level of destructive aggression each O&B faction has reserved for the other, will mutually pale in comparison to whatever either or may have in store for Gator - ironic huh? It will be a time when members of the Gator Party will christen their Thanksgiving Day. No...there won't be any 'pilgrims' & their own be any 'Indians', there won't even be any corn to eat or tobacco to toke. But Gator will face off two very tame opponents. Tame?


The most savage, gutless, and treacherous fighting of the Spring 2009 student body elections will be spent between two warring Indie factions wrestling for control of a destiny that just one term removed they so successfully worked together to collectively achieve in Spring. Both factions could have done more to keep Orange & Blue together - and most depressing of all - there's STILL time to keep this wonderful party united.

The Progs should remain in the party - that's what they should do. The Officials should ditch the legacies, end the witch trials, and allow for a convention between McShera & Dictor. The few that could actually achieve a peace at the eleventh hour (Sam Miorelli, Justin Wooten, et. al.) won't - for a variety of reasons.

Green means go is just the tip of the iceberg. Both factions are dug in and both seem poised to wage a brutal war of attrition on the other -- hence my belief that Jordan Johnson & Gator might as well call election day, Thanksgiving Day.

I suspect that if these wounds go unhealed, that in the very unrealistic hour that Dictor & Johnson find themselves in a run-off, the O's would back Johnson.

GRAPSKI UPDATE: - Monday January 12

GRAPSKI UPDATE: - Monday January 12

A six-member jury was selected this morning, and the state will try Charlie Grapski this Thursday on misdemeanor trespass and criminal mischief charges. Assistant State Attorney Geoffrey Fleck is proceeding with prosecution despite the fact that the alleged victim is refusing to cooperate with the prosecution, and the person who Fleck claims made the 911 call is also unavailable, though he stated he didn't make the 911 call and doesn't know who did.

The only "evidence" Fleck brings to the trial is the police report and a recording of a strange 911 call. At a pre-trial hearing that was held this afternoon, County Judge Tom Jaworsky admitted the 911 call as evidence over the objections of Grapski's court appointed defense attorney Steve Bernstein. Fleck said he was trying to find the alleged victim and the "witness" but stated to the court he was ready to go to trial without them.

The trial will begin at 9 AM Thursday morning, in Jaworsky's courtroom on the second floor of the Criminal Courthouse, located on the corner of Main Street and SW 2nd Avenue in Gainesville. Please attend if you can.


Tuesday January 13 at 8 am
Wednesday January 14 at 4:30 PM
Thursday January 15 at 8 am
(before trial)

Citizens concerned about justice for Grapski are urged to contact the State Attorney's Office and request that the charges against Grapski be dropped, and that he evidence of perjury and false arrest by Alachua officials be investigated and prosecuted.

State Attorney Bill Cervone
Tel. (352) 374-3670
Fax: (352) 491-4553
Email: cervonew@SAO8.ORG

[End of Transmmission]
[Christian Duque, now speaking]

As of today, TheRadikal.com will publish daily updates (when provided), regarding the Grapski Defense

TheRadikal.com also would like to salute Michael Canney of Alachua, FL. We've many differences, but as usual, I respect Mr. Canney a great deal. When most any one else would have closed the book on Charlie - now senselessly incarcerated for THREE MONTHS, Canney has stepped up his efforts not simply at getting Grapski out of jail, but at getting Grapski JUSTICE! We still live in America don't we? You need a reason to have someone locked up, don't you?


Christian Duque said...

County Judge Tom Jaworsky? How ironic, lol. I was the UF Campaign Manager for Bruce Smith in 2004 - his opponent.

From my understanding, this is a somewhat conservative judge that has pull with local law enforcement agencies. There was an incident during the campaign that I can't readily get into, but this judge is certainly a friend to law enforcement.

I'm confident he will be fair, I'm hoping he will be fair, as Charlie has been burned by the law (enforcement) many times to date.

Anonymous said...

Like rain on a wedding day? FAIL. That isn't irony.

Anonymous said...

Judge Jaworsky has cut the prosecution a lot of slack in this case, in allowing evidence that was submitted late and cannot be corroborated by live witnesses (a recording of the 911 call from Oct. 12 and some GPD photos that contain no proof of a crime by Charlie). This probably won't help Fleck much, because this is a JURY trial, and the burden of proof is on the prosecution. Charlie will be acquitted.

The real problem is the three wrongful felony arrests in Alachua at the hands of Clovis Watson and his police chief Robert Jernigan (now retired). The State Attorney's unethical conduct in the misdemeanor case is directly related to their misconduct in the Alachua arrests.

Bill Cervone was provided with solid evidence (video and sworn testimony of witnesses) that the February 12, 2007 arrest of Grapski by Jernigan during a city commission meeting (which can be viewed on the Citizen Grapski video by Tom Miller, available online) was a wrongful arrest, and that the police report charging Grapski with felony resisting arrest and battery on a law enforcement officer contained perjured testimony. Instead of investigating the evidence of the crimes that were committed against Grapski by Alachua officials, Cervone held the false charges over him and supported bond restrictions that prevented Grapski from attending city commission meetings in Alachua for six months, until Grapski was assaulted by Jernigan and APD officer Patrick Barcia (mayor Jean Calderwood's son) in front of the APD, as he attempted to file a complaint against Jernigan.

Cervone only dropped the February 12 charges, which he knew were false, after Jernigan and Watson were able to manufacture new felony charges in August 2007. Those charges (again on felony battery on LEO and resisting) are the reason Grapski was out on bond in October, when the incident occurred at Mark Kiester's following the LSU game. His bond on the bogus Alachua charges was revoked, and Fleck argued at the bond hearing that Grapski was too much of a threat to the community to be released on bond.

That is why Charlie Grapski has been sitting in the Alachua County Jail for three months.

Instead of investigating the evidence of wrongful arrest, perjury and fraud by Alachua officials, the State Attorney has provided cover for those officials and joined with them in efforts to criminalize Grapski's lawful conduct as a citizen and "take him down."

The prosecution of Grapski is a clear case of abuse of police and prosecutorial powers for purely political purposes. He has pissed off some powerful people, and it's payback time.

To Bill Cervone:
Free Grapski!
Fire Fleck!
Investigate evidence of false arrests, perjury and fraud in Alachua!

Anonymous said...

... who are you responding to? Yourself?

Anonymous said...

Another Indie movement killed by Josh Simmons

Anonymous said...

I'd like to point you to this website.


Anonymous said...

You don't get it.

Dictor has always planned to run a third party. This is how we got here. His close advisers have some mouths on them and word got out that if Dictor couldn't have the nomination then he would go out on his own.

You should ask Stacey Gray and Alden Gillespy about the dinner they had with Dictor at Grundy's.

At that meeting Dictor swore up, down, left, right, side to side and in and out that he was done with SG and wasn't running for anything, wasn't running for SBP on his own, with a third party, as a fourth party, he was out.

He lied.

He is a liar.

He lied about his desire to run with or without O&B.

He lied about his eavesdropping hobby.

He's a compulsive liar, he's wishy washy, indecisive, untrustworthy, a megalomaniac, and delusional.

And you want him on the Board of Trustees!!!

I'm not sure who is crazier here Christian, you or Ben Dictor!!!

Anonymous said...

Ben Dictor's campaign will be fueled by nothing but an unadulterated thirst for revenge for imagined slights and made up misdeeds.

He is running out of spite. He and Simmons are out for revenge and everybody who signs up with them is being used as a pawn.

Anonymous said...


Justin Wooten said...

I tried to warn people on the blog about what was going to happen, though I was just accused of being Dictor or Schneider. If they didn't want this split to take place, Donte should have never un-cancelled the 12/11 meeting, and the people who anonymously slander others on this blog would have stayed silent if they really cared about unity.

I don't think Miorelli would try to talk to me about not splitting. The only person who actually bothered talking to us last night at the meeting extensively was Stacie Grey, though Alan and Cavataro were friendly enough to speak a few words.

But at this stage Duque, there is no going back. I did make the effort to stuff that genie back in the bottle, by trying to stress to severity of the situation and offer my own solutions to the conflict on this blog, but I don't think anyone ultimately cared.

Regarding Charlie, I hope the best for him. I keep getting emails about him from the local Green Party, and I think we should probably show our support for him this semester.

Anonymous said...

Justin Wooten: How did you ever try to 'stuff the genie" back into the bottle? Please tell me? All I can tell is that Ben Dictor slandered an indie (Joe) and then never presented the evidence. Ask Ben Cavataro if he still has Dictor's text message on his phone, Dictor specifically said it was Joe. If Ben does have it on his phone and shows you, will you finally accept that Dictor is nothing but a filmfan artist who will say and do anything to better his own position?

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile in Student Senate

Sen Ben C sponsors a resolution supporting increasing taxes on cigs/fags to pay for healthcare costs.

Sen Ben D says he would be for that only if buyers could show their tax returns to indicate they were in a lower tax bracket and then would not have to pay the extra tax.

Sen Dictor wants the rich to pay for the healthcare of poor smokers. Why does dictor want to tax his father?

Anonymous said...


He's a good guy.

Anonymous said...

Mike Patrone, JCB, and old AEPi's are backing the Simmons campaign. This is not a joke. I have it on 100% certainty that these people have been in constant communication since Thanksgiving.

The split appears chaotic and Dictor-driven, but in reality the events of the past few months have been carefully orchestrated in a coup of the highest order. I need your help to gather evidence of this without exposing my source. It will bring down Dictor and FBK in one death blow. The Alligator will not move forward with this story without better corroborated evidence -I will not risk exposing my source (I may have already with this post) - but the time has never been more dire.

Please help O&B!

Christian Duque said...

I don't see what Dictor's father has to do with anything, but I've literally deleted nearly four dozen of these type of messages. This one seems rather harmless, so it goes up. Enjoy it, b/c there will be no more.

Dictor's father seems to be a self-made man, but he is not Ben Dictor. Ben Dictor is Ben Dictor, so grow the fuck up and address the candidate, don't weasel around and take potshots at friends and family.

Justin Wooten said...

7:44, as I said in my previous post, I tried to do that "by trying to stress [the] severity of the situation and offer my own solutions to the conflict on this blog." I even went out on a limb and made references to what was going to be revealed, in an effort to get you guys to take what I was saying seriously. Again, all that happened was that someone tried to claim some pounds by accusing me of being Dictor and/or Schneider.

Regarding Dictor and Joe, I don't know about any text messages he may have given to Cavataro, but I do know what Dictor has said to me, and it never involved implicating Joe stole the emails. Again, we know who did it, and more than likely, so do you.

Again, the childish attacks on Dictor are indicative of why it is futile to continue working with the O&B. Bringing someone's family into this is just really lowbrow. How do you expect people to want to continue working with you when you drag their name through the mud like this? Why don't you ask yourselves, if you were on the receiving end of such a nasty campaign, would you continue working with the O&B? And hey, just remember any one of you could be next.

Anonymous said...

Does Toto know you're up this late?

Christian Duque said...

Seriously 11:14...is that the best you got?

Justin Wooten said...

11:14, I don't believe he is. I won't tell him if you won't.

Anonymous said...

1. Anonymous posters slamming someone could be from any side, including the officially silent Gator Party members, many whom read this blog.

2. Who is Mike Patrone?

Anonymous said...

We are getting taken to school by Florida Blue Key.

Anonymous said...

11:52: What proof do you have that the comments attacking dictor came from O&B supporters instead of Gator? None.

Anonymous said...

8:40, you're a moron.

Anonymous said...

We the members...

Anonymous said...

Within a few months someone will leak in detail to Christian just how close the indies got to winning this spring without promising cabinet, agency, or senate seats but until then lets just consider how everything could have turned out differently.

Early fall when O&B members trying to figure out who to run, no one came forward. Dictor said he was going to Cornell, Mark was just not interested, and Sam knew his campaign would be futile.

To save the party Mark was talked into running. Dictor pretended to be okay with it. Then Josh Simmions became involved. How many times do Ryan Day/Kim Cruts/Ben Grove/Josh Simmions crowd have to destroy the indies? Apparently, twice and the last time they get Christian's help.

In other words: If Dictor had just been honest about his intention to run he would have been unquestionably the O&B nominee. His exec ticket would include none of the names currently discussed on these boards as potential O&B people. JJ would lost.

Chrisitan, you have no clue how scared the system was, if it hadn't been for the decoy "students party" in the fall the system would have lost over half the seats that election. Groups and houses were coming to Mark not for a promised seat, but a promise to have their people even fairly considered when they applied. They were afraid that the Sams of the party would summarily reject any applicants from groups and houses that supported JJ.

Mark, who was talked into running because we had no one, began building this. Dictor, always one for the headlines and probably encouraged by Josh, decided only he was worthy of being the giant slayer and announced he was going to run with O&B or without it. You eneabled him Christian.

Ben Dictor was more popular than Mark. Why did most people back Mark? Because no one except Stephen "I'll order a black and tan [said in Northern Ireland]" Fitzmaurice, Dave "Suck my cock [said to another senator]" Schneider, Melody Goodell, and Joe "We shouldn't try to stop them from using voting boards" Bennett likes being given an ultimatum. Furthermore, when Dictor called the senators up or spoke with them over beer, some of them were won over. Then, they shared notes, and found he was giving people conflicting information, he was saying just what they wanted to hear.

In short: Ben Dictor would be SBP next semester if he wasn't too cowardly to toss his hat into the ring early and had another shot but lied to the people in the party. So, he did what he promised to do, he started a third party. Along with Joshua "Kim fell for Ryan Day when he sold out the indies, let me have a go" Simmons and Peter "Why aren't I friends with McLeod anymore" laumann, Christian has destroyed the indies chances.

I encourage you to do more research. Contact SDS kids like Skeet. Ask them about Dictor. He wasn't who you thought he was and now the indies are toast in the spring.

Accidental deposit

Anonymous said...

Isn't Dictor within 50 feet of a building with that cigar? Shiiiiiiiiiit.

Anonymous said...

The official Progress Campaign strategy has been released! 15,000+ votes, here we come!


Anonymous said...

http://img164.imageshack.us/img164/5959/totaldouche1sk4.gif http://img164.imageshack.us/img164/2691/totaldouche2xk8.gif http://img74.imageshack.us/img74/1055/douche3rs5.gif http://img73.imageshack.us/img73/7377/totaldouche4dl0.gif

Anonymous said...

Use HTML you lamers.

Josh and Ben's plans for world domination

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Anonymous said...

Goldberger is REFORM

Joshua said...

I'd use that last one as my Facebook picture, but for the 700 Codes. Thanks Will. :-)

Anonymous said...

Election night preview!


Anonymous said...

Cruts didn't fall for Day when he sold out the indies, she and Grove talked him into it. And Josh doesn't seem to need the help, he's doing fine on his own.

Anonymous said...

Fuck this whole indie split thing.
Lets start on the beast.


toll free at

Prank call time!

Anonymous said...

Dictor will lead us to Revolution!