Saturday, January 03, 2009

Gainesville Rally for Gaza!

Just a reminder that the protest in support of Gaza is TODAY from 12 Noon to 2 pm!
Corners of SW 13th St. and University Ave.
next to campus.

Please come out tomorrow to stand in solidarity with the people of Gaza. Israeli forces have been brutally attacking a defenseless nation by air, land, and sea for days. International relief organizations fear a severe humanitarian crisis developing in this tiny 120 sq. mile concentration camp.

The American people are disgusted by the actions of the Israeli terrorists, common thugs with no respect for human rights, common thugs that even took to ramming an unarmed medical relief boat.

Zionism has absolutely nothing to do with Judaism, these people are the original terrorists....from the Stern Gang, to the King David Hotel, to the USS Liberty, to Sabra & Shatila, to Beirut '06, to Gaza '08/'09.

The Zionists are a pack of jackals, beasts. The American people must know what horrors are being committed with billions of our hard-earned taxpayer dollars.

God Save Gaza.


Anonymous said...

Add "FUCK RELIGION" to that list. It's the root cause of about 90% of these idiotic conflicts.

Anonymous said...

Zionism has everything to do with religion. The ONLY reason Israel is such a hotspot for terrorism and war is because it is land stolen by the Jewish people.

And you're finally on point, Rabbi Weiss represents more of the jewish population than he's given credit for. Most Jews think those ultra chasidic orthodox types can only be relied on for getting the Torah right, but not much else.

Justin Wooten said...

I went today and it was very interesting, and I got to meet a bunch of cool people. Lots and lots of people honked horns, only a few flipped us off.

Anonymous said...

Christian Duque, you are a bastard. I understand you can do whatever you want with this website because it is yours, but that is not what i posted. Atleast post what i said and then argue. You sick fuck.

Anonymous said...

The conflict in the middle east will end as soon as Hamas stops firing rockets into Israel. It is as simple as that. Hamas fires rockets at civilian targets while Israel uses precision weapons to dismantle Hamas terrorist cells. Israel tries so hard to prevent civilian casualties that they call the phones of the buildings they are going to bomb beforehand to tell Hamas to evacuate the area. Read about it in the New York Times.

Anonymous said...

Hamas has a common practice of using civilians as shields. Even now they conduct their military operations inside hospitals and mosques. Hamas made it clear when they took over Gaza they did not want peace. Instead of spending money on schools and roads, they purchased guns and rockets.

Anonymous said...

Gaza was a beautiful place before it was given to the Palestinians. There was a booming economy, many fisheries, and bountiful agriculture. Now look at the cities in the Gaza strip. The Palestinians destroyed what was given to them by Israel.

Christian Duque said...

Ah yes, back when it was pilfered by a small clusterfuck of uzi-armed settlers while its rightful inhabitants were forced to live tents under gunpoint. YESSSS the old days.

Those same kind hearted settlers that would later throw battery acid into the eyes of their own IDF men who tried to escort them out of the dirt cheap homes the Israeli government had given them as settlers....Israel's old Wild Wild West, gunslingers, and Palestinians being murdered in cold blood like the Union army did to the Native Americans.

Aw yes, the good old days. When you could gather up the family, shoot a Palestinian child, then lay out a towel and dig into a basket of gafelda fish, borscht, pop matzah balls into each others mouthes, and twist open a bottle of your best Manishevitz get merry.


Anonymous said...

"dig into a basket of gafelda fish, borscht, pop matzah balls into each others mouthes, and twist open a bottle of your best Manishevitz get merry."

sounds like you are the racist.

my family are iraqi, arabic speaking jews. we don't eat gefilte fish, you fuckhead.

my grandparents were chased out of their home in the dead of night during an arab riot. the arab riots, called the farhoud, were incited by the nazi-inspired rants of HAJ AMIN AL HUSSEINI and KAWUKJI. my family was targeted only because they were jewish and israel was going to become a state. if you want to talk about oppression, nobody is worse than the arabs.

stop judging israel by a double standard. hamas practices collective punishment on their own people by hiding in civilian areas and using schools and mosques as launchpads for rockets. israel, like any country has a right to defend itself.

when the palestinians stop teaching their children to become suicide bombers, there will be peace.

Christian Duque said...


It's been my experience, that whenever the Zionists are met head on with opposition, the first weapon in the ideological arsenal is the race card. The next weapon is justifying contemporary abuses and current war crimes due to past hardships.

Every civilization in the world has endured injustice(s) - and these are NOT to be taken lightly , but those injustices should not give immunity to future generations to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity to avenge the past.

I realize you're very passionate on this subject, so I allowed your comment. The forum is open for debate, are personal insults necessary?

And why is that I can't make a joke about traditional Jewish cuisine? Do you know I grew up in a Jewish neighborhood - probably not. Get thicker skin, unless you're using this for strategy.

I'm Hispanic, if I thought everyone that made a crack about my culture was a racist, half the readers on this blog would be on the Jerry Springer Show.

Grow up. You can't scare Christian Duque :)