Sunday, January 04, 2009

Points of Interest

I. Gainesville for Gaza

Big kudos to Jonathan Bull for organizing this truly wonderful rally. Over thirty people attended, amongst them heavy hitters like David Reznik. Althought the Zionist terrorists continue to punish an innocent, defenseless people, these rallies serve a very important function. The American people need to know the horrors being committed with their taxpayer dollars and in their name. Thank you to Jonathan & all the organizers & protesters that attended - you all showed great courage and humanity today.

II. The Next Phase of the Indie Movement

I was happy to put Justin Wooten in contact with some friends of mine in the common struggle. I have wanted to say this for a long time, but regardless of where Dictor takes his candidacy, independent of the Spring campaign season, I want to see Justin emerge from this a key player in tomorrow's Student Government. I don't think he should waste his time trying to conform to outdated models that are on their last legs anyways. The new movement will require new faces, new methods, and will garner larger turnouts by incorporating vast blocs under one all-inclusive flag.

III. Comments

Comments referring to SG'ers family will not pass moderation. About two weeks ago I pulled two comments as a good faith gesture, along with an apology to John Dicks - the gold standard in SG. Before that I extended a similar gesture to Ben Dictor. I don't care what is said, it will not go up. Anyone, even if over the years, as a complaint related to this new policy will have it addressed. This is of my own free will and it's being done b/c I agree in that it has no place on an SG-blog, at least not on mine.

IV. Who Controls SDS?

This has been going on for weeks. Both factions insist they have the support of SDS. The Officials have long held that long before the 12/11 meeting they have been given serious assurances that the group will back McShera. OB-O insiders point to a meeting between a high-ranking Official & "Tina & Melody" ([allegedly taking place sometime between 12/8 - 12/10] leading to the Duque-encouraged/Dictor' Campaign-Moratorium), where the SDS-Question was settled. And just two days ago, another Official, speaking on condition of anonymity confidently confirmed that the OB-O's would take the super-majority of SDS and that "SDS'ers weren't stupid....they wouldn't back Dictor simply based on revenge." The insider also called Dictor an "interloper" who "only went to SDS when he needed something" and that the members would see right through that when determining to back him or McShera. The OB-O's also cannot fathom Skeet Surrency turning on McShera.

the Progs, who arguably, brought the Left into SG this past fall, have an unwavering faith in this particular organization. They believe the Officials are delusional and have asked that TR not go into any specifics pertaining to the statements made by the OB-O's above.

But I will ask the readers this! WHICH WAY DO YOU THINK SDS WILL GO?

As the primary nears, every key org, every voting member will be scrutinized. No stone will be left unturned. As we enter the next stage, the executive ticket of, arguably, the most powerful independent party of all time has never been more important than now.

Go sit at Grundy's tomorrow, but this is bigger than the entire Fall '08 election. This will be a course on democracy, sacrifice, and team work. One faction will have to win and one will have to concede - at the convention.

The solution is not at Grundy's and it's not at a bar, it's not in hateful anonymous comments. The solution will be the convention - let it happen.


francisco said...

Day 16 of the standoff between Christian and Frank, will they finish even one recording session before Winter Break ends tomorrow?

Outlook: Unlikely

End Result: Frank will go back to studying for classes on Tuesday, giving up hope on ever becoming a big podcast star with the "Christian and Frank Show" :-(

Christian Duque said...

I have no phone right now, but it will happen. The break was very busy & stressful for me, but I promise you this will happen. I really do want to be a part of it. :)

Anonymous said...

Reports have been confirmed that Hamas is conducting its military operations out of Gaza's main hospital. They continue their policy of using innocent civilians as human shields.

Christian Duque said...

The rally wasn't for Hamas; this blog isn't for Hamas, either. And I know you didn't say that 11:34, but don't you think you're missing one big detail?

The entire world condems the Israeli action. They are subjecting a defenseless nation to unspeakable acts of aggression. There's a name for that.

Anonymous said...

Gareth Kerr was a close friend of mine. Even though I am not an Indie, I respect Gareth.


Anonymous said...

The entire world does not condemn Israel. Not even the entire Arab world condemns Israel. Progressive states such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia have expressed their displeasure with Hamas. I would expect any county to defend its citizens against rocket attacks to the fullest extent. Any nation would take action to prevent further attacks. Hamas is hardly defenseless. They continue to fire rockets at innocent civilians. Hamas does not, and has never wanted peace. Their only goal is to completely eliminate the Jews. This is seen by the Palestinians constant refusal to recognize Israel as a country and accept a country of their own. The Palestinians have been offered their own county on several occasions dating back to 1948. Do some research Duque. Your knowledge of the conflict is limited.

-Anon 11:34

Anonymous said...

The idea that an SDS endorsement is going to win anybody the election is a little ludicrous. Am I alone in thinking that?

If anything, a public endorsement with a more radical left group will push away moderates and conservatives... maybe even leftists.

And on the topic of leftists, there might be a lot of Greek conservatives, but there are also a whole lot of liberals with letters (who are also involved in the massive hordes of people we're pretending cared a whole lot) and the idea that anyone is just going to magically pull Democratic voters for a student government campaign in significant numbers is laughable.

You don't win SG with national political ideology. You win it by talking to people -- communicating. Be it great Alligator coverage, visible and interesting campaigning, or simply and most importantly, more people talking to people and pointing them to the polls.

FBK usually wins with more money, more people (pledges, and lots more people generally including some from cultural orgs), and usually at least neutral PR.

O+B did well last semester on people, amazing PR, and decent-ish money.

I don't see a whole lot changing.

Christian Duque said...


We're weren't close friends, but I knew him to be a very solid individual. We often debated & disagreed, even on the campaign trail, but his heart was in the right place. He wanted to be senator more than just about anything else and he didn't give up till he made it.

Gareth Kerr's memory will parallel (& has) so long as it will be around. The same way younger and younger people are turned on to Grapski, Kerns, et. al., I have themselves ask 'who's Gareth Kerr,' & go out find out. :)

Ty for your really nice comment.


I K-N-O-W you didn't just call Saudi Arabia a 'progressive state.' Did everyone just read that too?

Western states drenched in Western favor hardly count as objective onlookers in the MidEast Crisis. Egypt's role has been despicable, their government has made a travesty of their rich history as an Arab leader, into an Arab Slave.


Speaking to people I thought was understood. You are 100% correct in all that you said, but you are outlining the old model, the model that most likely is still being followed by the Officials.

The new model welcomes the Left, with the same enthusiasm that SG parties welcome the endorese of College Dems, for instance. It's not about catering to what you call 'national politics.'

UF is the #1 priority, but there also needs to be national and international AWARENESS. In the 60's, 70's, & 80's this awareness was critical in SG and these students were heck of a lot more powerful that student leaders today - and all the wiser too!

You know...people think I'm like 90% prog, 10% O, and it's so not like that it's more like 52/48 to be quite honest. All the points you have made addressed, I have personally advocated for years, but given that the FBK-party will always raise more money, we as Indies need to CONSTANTLY try new things - per my three years and running belief.

Last term something happened. The Officials have their version, and the Progs have theirs.

I see a 10-15% deficit in votes and I want to make up for that. I have two working formulas that I'm planning on employing for this campaign, should Dictor take the nod. If McShera takesit , he'll turn down both of my options, he won't even have a choice in the matter.

But if a convention were held today, I still think McShera has the numbers.

What I wish the O's would admit, which naturally for PR would not be good for them, is that Dictor's odds have improved, albeit only slightly, over the break.

Anonymous said...

How have Dictor's odds approved over the break? Last I knew, he no longer wanted to be a member of our party.

Anonymous said...

Are you looking at the same numbers as the rest of us? Dictor withdrew from the party, how could his odds have improved? He offended nearly everyone by withdrawing

Anonymous said...

As 3:08, I do agree that left organizational support can *help*, but it isn't some end-all be-all. By bringing those groups along the important question is how many of their members are going to actively campaign for you. That's where the larger turnout comes from... Well, that and some ridiculously great anti-Gator PR making for a great pitch when campaigning.

I'm neither O nor P. I don't have a vote at the table. But I think crediting the victory to an organization of the Left is silly, much less giving all that credit to either individual. At the same time, you're NOT going to see any "Greens means go" this time around either.

Orange and Blue won because they had McShera AND Dictor, as well as a load of other people who worked their asses off, plus great ideas, innovative and viral campaigning across campus, and some amount of luck.

Viva le Revolution is not the answer. It's only a glamorous slogan, which without the foundation of a ton of hard work and people, means little.

Anonymous said...

Brett Roth is deeply considerating a presidential run with an as-yet unnamed third party. He is greatly dissatisfied with the current two-party order and is rumored to be courting experienced pols such as IRHA official Michael Stromquist. Will Sheffie come aboard, or stay neutral?? only time will tell

As for treasurer candidates, there are several options, but one that has been overheard is Shire Patel and the neglected VISA caucus.