Monday, January 12, 2009

The Progs On Trial

Orange & Blue Party, Double Meting -- Audio

Courtesy of Mitchell Tannnenbaum

It's very unfortunate that The Officials feel they can set pre-conditions on elected posts in the leadership of an independent party. We heard similar rhetoric when Donte Hargrove was being questioned prior to his election to Orange & Blue party presidency (see Amendment 4). These stipulations are contrary to the core values of Independent thought.

I would also like to further speak to the persons questioning Mitchell Tannnenbaum: the first gentleman essentially took several steps at humiliating the candidate and then pressing him to agree to the terms pronouncing him a hypocrite. The young lady that questioned the candidate, with all due respect, overstepped the boundaries of good taste. You know what, fuck good taste, the young lady acted like a total cunt. What's one less friend on facebook anyways? "Mr. Pragmatic" seems to be a complete douchebag.

"Why did you offer me a seat, if you were going to do this to me?" M.T.


I still remember talking to Tommy Jardon on facebook, then concerned over fear talk of a Dictor run, which he said 'wasn't going to happen if he had anything to do with it.' This whole process was never about determining which candidate had more to offer (Dictor or McShera), it was about stopping Dictor and putting up some Miorelli-conduit up for the presidency.

While folks may deny it, the influence of Pedro Allende & JCB was felt long after they graduated and so too, I believe, the influence of Sam Miorelli will live on at least three terms after he graduates. Direct influence - and - keeping old members of Progress in top spots (irrespective if you want to call it Article 4 or something else), only further speaks to this issue.

It annoys me that McShera was decided upon running Senate and was forced into a presidential run. It annoys me that leading Officials have already stated that Ben Cavatero has already been promised the O&B nomination for Spring 2010. It annoys me that a kid that wants to be Student Body President about as much as Terri Schiavo wanted to make her last evening on earth a Blockbuster night is being forced upon a movement that could grow even stronger with a Dictor nomination.

The Officials don't want 'SENSIBLE PEOPLE', they clearly want people that read for Jim Carrey's role in 'Yes Man.'. They don't want loyalty, they want subservience.


francisco said...

Still waiting on SDS invite

Anonymous said...

Sensible people like Ben Dictor? The Ben Dictor who spent a month smearing Joe by promising to unload the dirt in January. Then when January came he produced nothing that touched upon Joe?

BTW: The "young lady" you speak of was Senator Stacey Gray.

1) You never explained how it was in bad taste or out of bounds.

2) You belittle her by calling her a lady, she is a woman, and a very strong willed one at that. Just ask Dictor, he talks so much shit about her because she never bought into his charms.

3) No one but reactionary mysgonists can get away with calling a women a cunt for merely being ornery. You, like Dictor, claim to embrace progressive ideals but demonstrate few beyond Palestine (or SRI for Dictor).

Anonymous said...

Did Justin Wooten forget to post anonymously or does he really want his name attached to this lie about Dictor's assertions against Joe.

Ben Dictor claims he overheard Josh telling Alden and Donte that the "Green means go" emails came from a gator person who logged onto their email account on the O&B computer. An O&B senator/agent had a keylogger installed and captured the password. Dictor has yet to explain who did this. Then apparently O&B senators/agents/Joe (or maybe the version of this story of Joe has been rewritten to never include Joe, how very Stalin of Wooten and Dictor) secretly mailed both the Alligator and Sam copies of the offending emails.

Please do name names Justin, we are breathlessly awaiting the next chapter. I think your conspiracy would have been much more plausible if it was a product of stolen emails after a one night stand gone bad or if the O&B geeks trespassed into Theta Chi and hacked Goldbergers' computer.

Either way, when it comes to a good trashy fiction read, you guys need to make it remotely plausible.

Anonymous said...

I've voted for O&B for the last two semesters. Having listened to the audio for the past couple of meetings, especially the endless railing of Tannenbaum this time and the ridiculous yelling that was directed at Dictor at the meeting before break, I've really lost faith in the people involved in this party, especially Miorelli, who, frankly, comes off as a complete ass.

And honestly, even I saw Tannenbaum campaigning -- if the O&B members missed it, they either weren't paying attention, or they were feigning idiocy just like the Gator Party does.

Anonymous said...

no audio

Anonymous said...

LOL I was somewhat optimistic that you would return to reason after dictor and co. essentially went back on every promise they made and started up this third party, but instead you decided to continue to buy into their bullshit, everything in that post was sheer bullshit. Get off your knees and redeem yourself, dictor and simmons have betrayed us all.

Anonymous said...

Justin & Toto need to figure out what they're doing befote they come on here and utter nonsense.

Anonymous said...

7:56 PM is Dave Schneider and I claim my five pounds.

Anonymous said...

@everyone at the meeting: I took some flak today over posting this audio, and I am entirely sympathetic to those who did not know they were being recorded. I apologize for not announcing this; you have my word that I will not make this mistake again.

@UF Students: On the matter of posting audio of our meetings: I no longer feel it's appropriate to release audio using The Radikal. I am very happy that there are commentators such as Christian who react to the content, but it's unfair to everyone in the meetings that they should expect to be openly criticized on the initial release of the audio. The solution, as I see it, is not to criticize Christian's views, but rather to voice my own views and you can voice yours as well.

I myself feel unfairly represented. I'm not surprised or angered Christian would use that quote, but it really doesn't represent my views. I was happy to use my time to tell the people about the current problems in the Orange and Blue Party. I see the current organizational structure as a hinderance to the appreciation of our fellow students and also our ability to work together.

All students who empower themselves and the student body should be recognized as part of our students' movement.

@Christian: Thank you for your perspectives, but this is not what I expected. I will take this as a life lesson that my quotes may be taken out of context and posted online. In the future, I intend to stay on message in our discussions and to choose my words wisely. I will also record our conversations so that I can provide the full context.

In the future, I will be releasing media using another web site to encourage more students to post reactions. I will write an article to introduce that site soon; I hope it will be syndicated here as well.

Anonymous said...

El Duque: if you had been a party to the voluminous phone conversations of this past weekend, you would be whistling an entirely different tune. It is Ben Dictor and his supporters who are placing a select few O&Bers on trial, at the expense of the entire party and the movement.

As you are a blogger, I respect your penchant for sensational stories and motivating articles, but you have a journalistic duty (if you consider yourself a journalist who espouses integrity) to report the whole story.

Justin Wooten said...

It is simply a lie that Dictor ever said anything about the email scandal having anything to do with Trimboli. We know who was involved, and so do many of you.

Anonymous said...

I'm 7:56, I'm not Schneider. Ordinary students can find this blog too, you guys didn't make that too difficult (not that that was ever the point).

Justin Wooten said...

I could name names, as well as you probably could. I'm guessing everyone in O&B knows the truth by now, though some are still pretending to not know about it, I guess for the sake of the Gator Party kids who read this blog as well. In fact, some of you are begging right now for us not to go forward with it because of potential lawsuits/criminal charges against said individual(s).

But I think I'll wait and consult with Toto before doing anything so drastic...

Anonymous said...

Justin Wooten: You are either a pathological liar or horribly misinformed. We all know Ben Dictor's game and he is beginning to tread on very thin ice. You've done well to nearly overdose on innuendo and qualifiers, but if you say something that is untrue that in anyway has the potential to damage any of our futures, well, it really is lawsuit time.

Christian Duque said...

(Per Mr. Tannenbaum)This is the second time you've given me material and the second time you've given me a thumbs down on my reaction(s).

I feel there's no way I, or anyone else, could 'properly' represent your views in a blog, or any forum-like thread online.

I appreciate any and all submissions from my readers, however, I don't readily jump at these offers primarily for this very reason - miscommunication.

Per Sen. Gray and the two others. I felt that their line of questioning was contemptuous, I felt like they were harassing Mr. Tannenbaum and it's unfortunate that he's willing to allow himself to be the victim of what largely sounded like McCarthy-era blacklist trials and then indirectly condemn me for being rightfully outraged at the level of unprofessionalism carried out by one faction of an Independent political party at UF against a smaller faction of an Independent political party at UF.

I'm very disappointed in Mr. Tannenbaum and his caving in under pressure - especially since he's unable to even let others do the standing up for himself. The other day we spoke on the phone for two hours and at the end of that conversation, I felt as if I had learned nothing insofar as where Mr. Tannenbaum actually stood on a single issue. I'm not knockiing ambiguity, I mean if it works for the 4th Amendment, it just might work for Mitchell - but I'm done trying to figure him out.

I think Mitchell releasing and commenting on his own material sounds ideal. Will we ever see such work? I, personally, doubt it. However, I would also love to be proven wrong on this issue.

Once again, The Officials have let me down. I have no issue with this being the last election/era of SG that will be covered on TheRadikal. 2008 was the year to move on, perhaps now it will be 2010 - as I have plenty of material to keep me going another 11 months.

In all candor, the Progs' days are numbered. Both their numbers and their naivety will surely play against them in the future, but in a perfect world, they would take the Indie movement to the next level - as opposed to retarding it back to the stone age.

Having legacies in a GDI party is as ridiculous, as not enjoying the journalistic quality and excellence and fuckin WONDERS of this blog you're reading today.

Anonymous said...

Christian Duque. What is more like McCarthy?

"We have evidence that Joe did something very bad and will release it in a month but spend the month talking about how very very bad the evidence is"


Questioning Tannenbaum when he ran for MAL with O&B even though he had spent weeks talking about running his third party (the technoprogressivs). Parties have ever reason to be wary of suspected plants or people who openly admit to planning to run a third party the next cycle.

You agree? I thought so. You may want to wipe the Dictor off your chin.

Christian Duque said...

School yard rhetoric vs. an official line of questioning at the executive committee election level?

Yea, they're so alike, I'm just utterly disappointed in myself and am filling up my bathtub and revving up my hair dryer. It's all over.

Anonymous said...

Why has the audio been withdrawn?

Justin Wooten said...

8:16, threats of lawsuits don't scare me, especially not for telling the truth.

Christian, the level of pure childishness on this blog is pretty ridiculous. I took a few buddies to an O&B meeting last night, and they thought "these are the guys who represented us?"

It's going to be an interesting semester.

Christian Duque said...

Fear pulled the audio. I think Mitchell Tannenbaum is one hell of a good person and has leadership written all over, but he needs to stand up for himself and/or not slam (even politely) others that do in his place.

I want to see Mitchell step it up.

Anonymous said...

7:56 here, the audio is still up, but the link is wrong. Follow the link and then search for "orange and blue party," it's the third result under double meeting I believe.

Anonymous said...

Ha, I ripped the audio before it was taken down. Sweet dreams boyz.

Anonymous said...


JCB and Allende's influences don't live on because they are iconic gatekeepers of everything political and sketchy, they live on because THEY ARE STILL HEAVILY INVOLVED IN UF POLITICS.

That theory is like the episode of Scooby-Doo where they create an elaborate narrative about a ghost haunting the halls of some mansion, and Shaggy and Scooby get all freaked out while they're tripping in the mystery machine, and then, OOOPS, it was just a creepy old groundskeeper with a flashlight and some netting.

A tipsy SigEp even told me that JCB worked to get his little brother elected President of the fraternity - AFTER LEAVING FOR LAW SCHOOL. These people are control freaks who have been deeply corrupted by the mere scent of power. They will never let go. Seeing as JCB is probably 23, and Adler went on til he was get the picture.

The sooner you realize this, Christian, the sooner you will start backing credibly organized campaigns built around strategies to challenge these modern Boss Tweeds. We may not appear to embrace absolutely INDIE values, but we must make sacrifices to succeed.

Your delusions of grandeur - fueled by a radical political ideology and the quaint nostalgia of your "me against the world" college days - are doing more harm than good. You verbally assault young women and harass the administrators of our school in creatine-fueled rants.

This does not help the Orange and Blue cause. You don't understand anything that goes on down here. Your informants are often drunk, surrounded by giggling peers as they rattle off emails to send you "confidential information." We are above you and the disgusting, anti-Semite ideology you spew. Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

5:32 is clearly Aimee Collins-Mandeville.

Anonymous said...

5:32 just opened up the heart and LET THE HATE OUT.

What a disturbingly angry person - and paranoid to boot. It might be telling that they are intent on blaming people who aren't within hundreds of miles of UF for problems on the UF campus. Duque would be flattered to actually have power like that.

Anonymous said...

He might be angry, but he's pretty much correct, aside from that stupid anti-Semitism remark.

Anonymous said...

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