Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Ryan Nelson Responds!


First, thank you to all the candidates who met with me and incorporated my ideas into the platforms this Spring. I'll be contacting the new execs and senate class with some ideas after the election...ideas shouldn't die just because their advocate left Senate.

My likely votes...

Undecided. I am leaning towards Bruce/Eve. I believe Ryan/Vanessa would do an amazing job, but I believe Bruce/Eve would too. Both platforms have their pros/cons, and both sides have extensive experience and new ideas. However, I wonder if I were to apply for a position in SG (say Lobby or a seat on a University Committee) as a qualified, 2-year senator and Party Chairman which SBP would give me a shot? I'd love to say Ryan, but I know the reality he has to deal with. That being said, I think Ryan would do a significantly better job than John (which is technically if he does anything at all).

p.s. John, where are those $50k commercials you defended in the Advertising Line (not SoE line)? Did we use the Senate/Honor Court lines yet? And thanks again for rejecting me from every university committee. You are a great public servant. Love ya!

EJ. Liz is qualified, but EJ has more experience after 2 yrs serving as IRHA Prez. He was also Chair of the Transportation Advisory Commission, and knows the budget inside and out (on the state and local levels). Right now, he is my only 100% sure vote.

I was going to vote for Jesse Kirsch, David Meyrowitz, and 1 of the remaining Pants guys I liked...but then I realized I'm not in the BA college anymore due to my less-than-stellar "SGPA."

I'm CLAS, and after hardcore facebook stalking I am only 100% voting for 1 person - Allie Fugate (G). Never met her, but her statement of why she is running is strong, and her ideas are well thought out and candid. I like her already. Other than that, probably Rene (G), Eddie (P), Earl (P), and 1 vote undecided.


In reality we're gonna see a Gator sweep, with the possible exception of Engineering (6 candidates). To everyone still in the game - remember you can support a party and still vote occasionally for the other side. Tell your friends who you support, but if there's this 1 amazing candidate on the other side, push for them too. You know there's at least 1 kid on your slate who has NEVER campaigned and you've barely even met...don't vote for them! Gator Party ideals and platform points can still be accomplished by Pants Senators. And vice-versa.

Last, for leadership positions, I'd love to see the following:
- ACCENT: Weiss (wait around a year and try again damnit!)
- SGP: Matt Jones (bribe him to stay if you have to)
- Lobby: Tommy (no one on campus could do it better...except maybe Rose but she's graduating)
- Sen Prez: Agrusa
- Sen PT: Asher (um, where the hell did PC go in this election?
Are you gals content just rolling over and dying?)

That's all I got. Parting words:
Play nice. Go to class. And regardless of where fault lies, the
700 Codes are NOT bureaucratic idiosyncrasies.

Thank you.
CLAS Sen. Gavin Baker was invited to participate in this forum, but declined.


Anonymous said...

Asher? Seriously?

Reilly all the way.

Anonymous said...

Reilly for Prez
Agrusa for PT

Anonymous said...

Since Agrusa is probably graduating end of fall, Make him Senate President now. That's the usual path, Judiciary (Boyles) and/or Budget (Bryson), to the Senate Presidency, since the Pro-Tempore is out.

That leaves Reilly for the Fall Senate Presidency, with leverage for the Spring 2008 presidential run.

Anonymous said...

EJ vs. Reilly is the new Weiss vs. Moseley.

Anonymous said...

Why do SG people put SG above their futures? I think its part of SG taking itself far too seriously. Ryan isn't the only one guilty of it, look at the anger directed at Lauren Mierley over the GE internship.

Anonymous said...

Asher doesn't deserve anything. The only reason she is a player at all is because of her house. But Agrusa and Reilly would be awesome.

And Weiss for ACCENT? That agency is already so corrupt, it would look even worse putting someone who isn't qualified as Chair. Don't get me wrong Weiss is a great guy, but even that AEPi shouldn't get it.

And in terms of the election, vote GATOR all the way. It's such a politically diverse exec, and all three of them are honest hard working people who deserve winning.

Anonymous said...

Lindsey Johns for rules and ethics chair!

Anonymous said...

LJ rocks my world

Anonymous said...

I want blue key! That's the only reason i am part of the system! oh yeah... Careful AEPi and TC houses are alighning agianst you.. It's time for the social houses to take charge. No more geeky/unsocial houses ruling key..

Anonymous said...

Which Gator candidate is putting their SG career ahead of their future?

Gavin Baker said...

I like Lauren and think she has been a great I&C chair, but I doubt she knows procedure as well or could preside over a meeting as well as Reilly or Agrusa could. For that matter, Lindsey Johns could be great for Senate exec.

However, potential Senate Presidents should also be judged in terms of their agenda and organizational ability. Weiss was a very activist Senate President and, while unable to complete most of his initiatives, he made a good example of what a Senate President could do if they set their mind to it, rather than just running meetings and making a few tweaks here and there.

I think the best model for SG is the federal government, at least wrt agenda-setting and who leads in policy-making. Congress leads in developing domestic policy initiatives, while the president leads in foreign policy (and actually running the government). For SG, that means the executives should focus on running the programming and on dealing with external bodies (the university, city, state, and federal government). The Senate should take the lead in developing new programming, government reform, oversight, taking ideas from the student body, etc. The only way this will work is with an activist Senate President, who will follow Weiss' lead in taking a lot of initiatives (and hopefully seeing more of them through). I think this will also put more pressure on the executive branch to effectively represent students externally (when there is a foreign policy issue, you send a letter to the President, not to your Congressman...) Uh, but enough about my structural theories.

I think J. Clay Brett would make a great Lobby Coordinator (which should be renamed Government Affairs Director, btw). I think Weiss or Jardon would also be good picks, but not as good as Brett. Whatever party wins, if Brett applies for Lobby and doesn't get it, it will be a robbery.

Anonymous said...

So, Ryan, Moseley will make the better President, but you're voting for Bruce because he'll give you positions?

I think you were a great public servant while you were in office, but you spit upon everyone when you left. You shouldn't get any university committee or cabinet appointments when you insult John every chance you get. You don't see Harry Reid giving Sam Brownback any special projects. That just isn't how politics is done. I bet if you had left office without publically insulting party leadership, you'd be getting something.

Greek on a Leash said...

Never once did I or will I contend that Ryan will make a 'better' president. I am leaning towards voting for Bruce because 'if' I were applying for a position (using experience as a metaphor) I feel like Bruce would treat affiliation and what party I did/didn't support with less weight compared to qualifications.

That being said...I actually don't think Ryan would care about the past or affiliation...but some important people would care, and Ryan needs to cares about those people.

I will continue to criticize those I disagree with. I do not care how politics is done - I am an idealist. I hope this is the new generation of politics.

Example: I don't think I've ever politcally agreed with Weiss...but the kid is qualified and deserves a lot of credit. Had I run and won, I would have loved him in my administration (a la Santos putting Vinnick as Sec. of State).

Brandon said...

Why don't you cry about in front of Senate. Again.