Sunday, February 25, 2007

Christian Duque & Election Coverage

(pd. pol. ad, photo available upon request)

In regards to PANTS,I couldn't be more proud of a party and I know that going into this election they carry with them the true GDI tradition. I am also happy that Tommy Jardon has returned and I'm ecstatic about what last-minute ideas he'll bring to the table. Still, I could not ignore my duties to flame him for his past actions and question why (a stand I still take) was he placed on the first and quite possibly only full-candidates video? Nonetheless, it took guts for Jardon to return and for that I give him kudos.

Grapski, Nina, & The Mega-Site!

  • I finally got an email from Charlie and all is well, never been better. I have asked Charlie to answer a few questons concise (under 150 wds each) so that TR readers know what's going on.

  • NINA is currently making some edits to her interview.

  • has been secured. Mega-site to be released 1/1/2008.

"You Wore That Shirt?"

With Peter leaving to South Florida for the week and Andrew having other plans I almost didn't attend Erica's going away party. But after returning home from the gym I decided to call Andrew and see what he was doing; sure enough he was at Erica's and said he'd wait for me, so there I went. Upon entering the house, I shook hands with Jason Sanchez (original SA member) whom cut to the chase and commended me on my column to the Alligator in defense of the PANTS Party. Inside I found the good Mr. Hoffman wearing, you guessed it, an original Access Party t-shirt. "You wore that shirt?" I couldn't believe it, I shoulda worn one too, instead I wore my "Highagain" shirt. My eyes haven't bloodshot in almost two years and those days are over, but the shirt was clean and it went with my black jeans so that's that.

Erica looked beautiful as ever. She gave me a huge hug and I was instantly sad to see her go. I got to talk with an old bro of mine, Eric Gordon (we both sub teach in the county). Eric will be off to NY in June, being accepted as a Fellow at a teaching program there. I'm very proud of my fellow Access-mate. I also got to chitchat with another Student Alliance great, Dan Fitzpatick, who like me just can't seem to leave Gainesville.

So after a few beers I got ready to get goin, head over to meet a another friend, and then off to paint the walls. Andrew parked in a well lit area, however, in walking with him to his car (not his idea, just being nice & getting a ride back to mine), we had to walk through a sketch-ass super dark side-street with what looked like a meth-lab on the right-hand side...GOOD WORK ANDREW! LMAO


Anonymous said...

Was this the first entry in the "Radikal Nightlife" section? Can we get a report on the new Mojitos club next?

Christian Duque said...


Anonymous said...

I really don't like society's tendency to rely on homophobic jokes and associations to create a negative association. Shame on you, Christian. "Gaytor" is just about the lamest joke and offensive.

Christian Duque said...

Get off your little soapbox, I've worked with the LGBTQ community & I led a party that ran the President of PRIDE, I'm hardly homophobic.

The word "Gay" also refers to cheesy and lame, in the dictionary it means jolly. Additionally, so as to not be slapped with "voter suppression" by my readers I had to figure out a way to make name seem like a parody since I'm telling supporters to vote on the wrong days.


Anonymous said...

You could've run Rosie O'Donnell and "Gaytor" would still be a slur. Call a spade a spade.

I hope that graffiti stays up for as long as possible. It shows Pants and its supporters for who they really are: Lame, uncreative, perennial losers whose only hope is confusing voters. Oh yeah, "Gator is sleazy"; the only sleazy thing I've seen this year is the "GDI Party".

-Registering Gator domains: Check
-Making false claims of intimidation: Check
-Spreading rumors about indie volunteers: Check
-Lying in debates: Check
-Suppressing voter turn-out: Check

Good going, guys.

Anonymous said...

1) Yes it is a homophobic joke.
2) Yes it is an election violation anyways, thanks for the pictures.
3) Tommy Jardon is still on Gator side, thanks for playing
4) 27% of the vote? if you're lucky.

ym said...

Not that I am one to stick up for Christian, but come on now "election violation?"

Poor Taste... sure.

Election Violation? By whom? An alum of our school? It's a joke in poor taste. You are going to fine him? You are going to make sure he doesn't graduate. Bar him from the publically owned campus?

No wonder Pants has to make fun of SG and being too serious about their own image. It was a joke done in very poor taste not even done by them. Sigh. Grow up folks.

Anonymous said...

Misrepresenting another party is an election violation, shoul he be able to print out fake platforms for us too?

Francisco said...

Granted Christian's "work" on the wall will likely be a turn off to members of LGBTQ, I cannot see it as an election violation. He isn't tied to the Pants Party campaign, it doesn't misrepresent the Gator Party, and it is just more in poor taste than anything else (although I could see the humor in it).

Just being diplomatic here.

Anonymous said...

Christian, just come out and admit that it was a bad idea to put "Gaytor" on the wall. It is no different than a sixth grader on the playground calling the unpopular kid "gay". I may not be a member or the GLBTQ community, but that's not to say my friends and family are not. I recoil at playground and locker room taunts just as much as your distasteful mural. It is thinking that gay taunts are acceptable as long as they're not directed at people who are actually gay that enables real bullying to happen.

While you may not have been trying to call the Gator Party homosexual, you still relied on decades of homophobia in our culture to make a negative sign. A pejorative is a pejorative.

I hope that it sits on the wall for a good, long while, just to demonstrate that no matter how old you are or how much education you may have, prejudiced speech can still go on.

Christian Duque said...

Hogwash. If you're so convinced of your bogus charges, put your name down, otherwise go back to your seat in the peanut gallery.

Anonymous said...

Care to once more attack the person making the argument rather than the argument.


Not really.

Anonymous said...

Funny why take the picture down then Christian? If you're so proud of it display it for the world to see.

Christian Duque said...

It was never my intent to offend anyone. If that putting up that mural truly did offend people, then I'll take it down. Whoever made it, however, has the right to express themselves. I am currently preparing a massive, delicious post-train meal for the artist.

Anonymous said...

Well, it's gone now. Thank goodness, because justifying using "gay" as a term for anything that's lame of cheesy is a stretch, to say the least, and says something about the standards that we've started holding hate speech to.

Anonymous said...

Main Entry: 1gay
Pronunciation: 'gA
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French gai, of Germanic origin; akin to Old High German gAhi quick, sudden

a : happily excited : MERRY
b : keenly alive and exuberant : having or inducing high spirits

b : brilliant in color
3 : given to social pleasures; also : LICENTIOUS

b : of, relating to, or used by homosexuals

synonym see LIVELY

I don't see cheesy or lame on that list. I think you owe a large group of people a significant, public apology.