Sunday, February 04, 2007

NINA Interview Complete

I finally got to interview former Vice Presidential candidate Nina DeJong today. We met up at Maude's; the interview-recording lasted one hour and fifty minutes, covering a multitude of topics from Nina's work on campus, her political stances, interesting behind-the-scenes stories, and a great deal this Fall's past race. This was the first TR interview done in person and will be followed up by Chris Carmody.

I am extremely grateful to Nina for participating and for her candid responses. This interview will be one of the longest (perhaps longer than the Grapski & Argento ones) but I guarantee you, you just won't be able to stop reading! Now comes the daunting task of preparing the first and second edits, but once we've reached a mutually acceptable finished product it will be published on the blogsite. I am hoping this interview will be ready by Saturday.


Gavin Baker said...

Christian, I think you just used "journalism" as a front to get a coffee date with the lovely Ms. DeJong!

Christian Duque said...

I will say that on a totally professional level, she was very inspiring. I had no idea just how passionate she was about her candidacy and various political issues. Nina would have made a terrific Veep (or SB President!)

Interview should be up by Saturday.