Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Nikki Grant Speaks Out!

[From Monday; Fully Authorized]

"After witnessing the former so-called leaders of the Indie movement all up the asses of system kids last Tuesday at Swamp (I was there for a Savant social), then reading the pathetic onslaught from these wannabes in the Alligator, I'm disgusted. These people used to be my friends, and even now, I still love them dearly. But it angers me to the nth degree to see what sheep these cowards have become. I have no doubt that a few of them truly believe that Gator is the better, more qualified party. The rest, it sickens me to say, are just mindless followers, hoping to lap up the dregs....its just as you said, Christian...they're below the table, waiting for crumbs.

I know I shouldn't have the right to say this, because I left SG and all its drama behind. But when I stopped being an SGer, I NEVER stopped being an Indie. Out of the Impact 6, only Ally Cullin and I can say that we're clean. And that's just sad. Two people who I was elected with in Fall 2005 are now working on their FBK applications and dressing up their resumes. I understand you now Christian. I used to think you were just a nutty alumni who couldn't let go of the past, but now I understand, because it HURTS to see my old friends become SHEEP, nothing more than...not even tools...just willing pushovers for the system. I'm not even saying that because we're indies, we should automatically go with the non-mainstream party. But the way the former Indie kids, esp Action exec go on, even to the point of verbally attacking their FRIENDS in the Pants party (ie, Liz Stinson, David M, GOD BLESS HIM) makes me know that you were dead on in your estimation in that video you made a posts back. I have lost all respect for the lot of them, and I hope none of them attempt to run a party ever again...I hate SG, but I'd give up my plans and start a party to give the REAL indies a real choice before supporting them.

Positively disgusting. Thanks for saying on your blog what the rest of us can't." -- Nikki Grant

This was recorded late last night; off to work I go

Sen. Amador's Less Than Convincing Letter

Sen. Amador sounds very similar to another former H/L senator that crossed over, though I can't elaborate on that b/c I can't publish that information until 2008. I love how she talks about "what's best for her constituency" and when flat out makes this comment [about not running with PANTS and instead going with Gator]: 'if we "independents" stay on the sidelines, how will we ever achieve the ideal of true representation?' the letter for yourselves and read it thoroughly b/c she basically acknowledges I've called her a turncoat, attempts to make a rebuttal, and digs herself deeper by her own words (not mine). Apparently it's all about winning and the beloved "constituency" -- yeah I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

HOW DARE YOU question Senator Amador's comitment to her constituents? Week after week she judges legislation based on how it affects graduate students and makes herself heard--quite a feat when the overwhelming majority of the senate just wants to go home. Maybe if you ever went to a senate meeting you'd see that.

When she says that she went to the party because she believed in Ryan, you can damn well be sure that's why she went. As far as I know, she doesn't give a damn about resume and is a senator purely out of service.

The failure of you and Pants to gain support from these people speaks volumes about how out of touch you are with what is right for students.

Anonymous said...

You know Nikki you can call us cowards all you want... At least we're doing something about what we believe and not making half-witted judgements from our lofty savant socials. You can talk to us face to face if you have a problem, otherwise you should keep your overwhelming cowardice out of any public forum.

Anonymous said...

Gator is so fucking stupid. They think Pants are in it to win. What fuckin asshats. Gator tools will pat themselves on the shoulder for a campaign hard won, and Pants people will just laugh their asses off to grad school (bruce) and google (david). Pants is in it to send one last fuck you to those who sold out. Ya they'll win some seats, ya they won't win the exec, but they will have one hell of a time.

But while having fun they'll get one or two radicals into senate.

Have fun joining an the ever irrelevant blue key. With so many FSU grads in power FBK doesn't mean shit.

Anonymous said...

Too bad Pants won't take a single seat in this election. Not one.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:54 is right. Grad student senators don't care about FBK. If they did, Bowen and Tof would both be tapped and Dyer and Grasshopper would be getting their resumes ready instead of writing their dissertations.

Anonymous said...

Wow Nikki what did you see at Swamp last Tuesday?

Did you see... Sarah Badawi, Ben Grove, Josh Simmons, Kim Cruts, Ryan Day, and Aimme CM having dinner in Swamp together?

Did you then see them talking to Chris Chase and Nicole Varma for an extended period of time laughing about past campaigns and such?

Did you see them then buy JCB drinks and talk with him... say congratulating him on his service and senate?

I'd like to think anyone in the greek community pretty much would have done the same thing after Ryan Nelson's final senate.

Did you see Cecilia Amador not even at the Swamp that night?

But fine... whatever... judge all these people from your ever-so-knowledgable position of the Savant social, and Christian I promise you the "turncoats" as you label them are not the "unwanted bastard children" of the Gator party. They are welcome in any of our campaigns and administrations... we will be installing a coalition government with peoeple from all sides.

Would Pants do the same if elected? No, they would discriminate against Greeks - so who are the inclusionists now?

The sad reality is "Indies" have been just as guilty of trying to descriminate against Greeks, and they're scared of another party accomplishing what they have been trying too for so long now. A MIXED AND OPEN STUDENT GOVERNMENT.

And Nikki next time you have something to say go tell Cullings, maybe she'll care.

Anonymous said...

I ment Cullin.

Anonymous said...

You know Christian a lot of the turncoat indies involved in this campaign like myself don't plan on applying for anything come application time.

I know it may boggle your mind, but we're not doing this for promised positions... can't say the same about anyone in your camp.

We think Moseley, Vanessa, and E.J. are the best people for the job, we'll get them elected and that's all we're concerned with.

So when all your "promised positions" theories come crashing down, don't say I didn't tell you so.

Tommy Jardon said...

Being that I was one of the people that Nikki saw at Swamp (though not up the ass of anyone on the Gator side) allow me to respond.

Ironically, I was at Swamp that night earlier eating/drinking with Ryan Nelson, Leslie, and accompanying significant others. Later, we were joined by Rosemarie Clouston. We went to Swamp at 7:30 to avoid all the rest of the gaggle of a-holes I'd rather not associate with. They're all somewhere else at that time I hear.

During our get-together, we found out that Savant was having a social. Leslie, Rose, myself (and my date) decided to go upstairs and say hello to Chris Chase, et al. While smooching free drinks from Savant (and buying our own later) upstairs we noticed that Senate let out and they were all downstairs drowning their egos.

For the sake of giving one or two people indigestion, we decided to exit out the front. That's when we bumped into Ben, Josh, Ryan Day, Kim, ACM, Sarah Badawi, etc. I said hello, exchanged pleasantries and very quickly got the hell out of there.

Nikki, long story short, if you think I'm one of the people "up Gator's ass" and that you find "disgusting"; I'm sorry. Today's Ash Wednesday so I'll cut myself off before I say anything patently unChristian.

All this bullshit infighting is precisely why the division began in the first place. Impact and Progress squandered an effective Indie majority two years ago. Waking up from that defeat, both sides resolved to put away our differences and fight the system together. Fall Impact, that mantle which you so graciously impart on yourself, was the happy union we all sought.

Unite, and the divisions it brought about was the beginning of the end of that happy union. Action, in my opinion, was its last dying breath.

With Rose graduating, Ally in DC, David working for Google and myself resigned to other fortunes while in Law School - the old system has perished. The truest disappointment, Nikki, is that the young generation has refused to step up where we have left. Our time has come and gone. Even Christian I think realizes that his time is past - resigned to history like the greats before us (Argento, that's you).

Nikki, what's most disgusting is that no one new is stepping up - everyone is just sitting back and bitching.

DISCLAIMER: Pants, the blending of a joke party and the Indie cause, seems to hope to bridge history and breath new life into the "movement." All I can hope is that the Eve Rizzos of the world step up and pick up where we all left off. I think I can speak for all Indie veterans when I say that us Indiesaurs will never mind helping the next generation so long as they stay true. We're here to help, though not to lead. That's your job now.

will said...
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Gavin Baker said...

Christian, I think you're off about Cecilia. I'm pretty sure it's as simple as this: she has seen Moseley's work, likes it, and trusts him to be receptive to grad student concerns (esp. re: travel grants). I think it probably just comes down to that.

As another commenter says, grad leaders are sometimes quick to roll over and accept the system party, but it's certainly not because they want to get anything personally out of it. Right or wrong, they think the mainstream party is the better bet to get what they want for their constituents.

Despite all their protestations, though, I don't believe some of the other Gator indies have the same motivation. And you guys know who you are. When you tell me to my face why you're doing what you're doing, it just sounds hollow. It sounds like a lie. Whether you had a deal or not, I think you're hoping for the table scraps. Well, good luck.

will said...

I second Gavin.

ADC said...

I haven't seen my name in one of these things in a while. While I haven't commented in ages (girl scout's honor)I have to say, I venture this way at work every once in a while to keep myself entertained.
It seems like everything in SG is the same old story, and I hope everyone is having a lot of fun. I was chatting about SG in general with a close, green shirt wearing friend the other day, and remembering how earth shattering it all was at the time. Now, it's just funny. I know it doesn't mean anything now, because until you're out of it, it's the whole world. But keep everything in perspective. The world won't end if the palm cards don't go to the printers today, or the table at Turlington is unmanned for 43 seconds.
SG was a fabulously enlightening time of my life, and I learned more than you can imagine from it (mostly how, and how NOT to treat other people). But, more than anything, I'm glad it's over.

Above all things, remember, there is life after SG, and it's glorious. :-)
All my DC love,

Anonymous said...

It's not so much that you think the turncoats aren't telling the truth about why they left. You desperately hope they're not telling the truth, because if they are, it means that there are people in this school who believe so strongly that the indies are wrong, they are willing to risk alienating people who they have spent years working with in order to do what they believe is right.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Tommy fishing for a law seat with Gator at some point? Wonder what they did to piss him off... besides not slate him.

Anonymous said...

Hell, it sounds like it is easier to get into a Greek letter organization than to be regarded as an Indie by these people. Can I be an Indie if I don't like Leonardo's, Deja Brew, or the Communist Media Center?

Christian Duque said...

Tommy reminds of Pedro Allende a little bit. That's a neutral observation. He's also got a slight John Kerry streak in him...going from staunch Gator supporter back to "indiesaur" and running from the turncoats at Swamp. I've also seen people pad slates before, though usually from 1-5 to 30-40, not from 2 to 3. I would venture to say Tommy tried to slate with Gator and got burned very early on.

I see Fernando Nin is also working with Gator, what a tool. That kid has been on more losing parties than, well, Tommy. That whole party is full on Independent traitors.

Understand this folks, I have issue with the weak black leadership at UF and especial disdain for turncoats, but unlike most other elections, I have no gripes with the Greeks or FBK.

I'm also glad to see Gavin actually write something that's been air-brushed by political correctness. Thanks to my column, Nikki's courage, and the hard work of the PANTS Party one can only hope that true Indie leaders like Nelson & Baker will make a difference.

Tommy is a great asset to the GDI's, no matter what you did leading up to now, you can still publicly come to PANTS side. I'm sure no one trusts you in Gator anyway, I mean lets not get into specifics here. I could easily fall under indiesaur grouping, but you, you are still a student and still active, lose that win/lose mentality and side with the party you feel will do RIGHT by the Indies, not who'll have better odds at the polls.

Thank you for omitting Voice from your '05 split rant. W/e though.

Anonymous said...

Deja Brew? Are you insane?! It's Maude's or nothing! And you didn't even mention the Atlantic. Sheesh.

Christian Duque said...

Leonardo's is the best. But your ideas are way off.

***Indie Eateries:

Leonardo's, Gyro Plus, Booklovers Cafe, the old Java Lounge (SAP Hdqt's);

Swamp - only an asshag Indie eats here. - Or old SG'ers reliving the old days CD/AH, lol.

#1 Maude's
#2 Coffee Culture

Only a douchebag goes to Starbucks.


#1 CMC
#2 Booklovers
#3 Tim & Terry's
#4 Common Grounds

List goes on & on.:)

Anonymous said...

Ya. Thats what we are saying with pants party. SG people are self important tools. Most all of us have have lives outside of SG: Google, grad school, internships. SG doesn't mean crap but we still get pissed when people we trusted sell out and buy into that crap.

We never treated it like the whole world and are stunned by how Gator leadership won't be seen in public with us when we were friends with many of them before the campaign. They are self important tools.

Anonymous said...

Does Coffee Culture still have that infestation of flying ants in the back room of the 13th St. location?

Anonymous said...

What is an asshag? Is that an old SG party from the 80s?

Tommy Jardon said...

If you must know, dumbass, I slated with Gator to piss off the Pedro Allende's of the world that would rather kiss Christian Duque before they see me in Senate.

If you think I got burned, or whatever else you need to keep yourself happy, be my guest.

This is Tommy, checking out. My brief foray into the SG blog world was fun, but misguided.

Enjoy, kids.

Anonymous said...

The reason people won't be seen with you supposed "indies" during the campaign season is simple: You play dirty.

Filing false election complaints and mudslinging in the alligator calling people names and accusing them of actual crimes.

You simply prove that you aren't our friends and will do absolutely anything whether or not it destroys your credibility to win, its like you all are the viet fucking cong. You don't care if you die as long as you take as many of us with you.

How are we supposed to be "friends" after that?

ym said...

I don't know Miss Grant and I can feel her pain as she feels many of her friends turn to what she "feels" is the darkside.

But I question the forum, wouldn't a private meeting with them, deleting them your facebook, or cell phone have served the purpose better. Wouldn't just ignoring them have been easier. You are not supposed to let the people see these backroom fights folks.

Anonymous said...

Too bad your papers, theses, or other scholarly writing don't count toward your FBK application. Or do they?

will said...

7:56: Get over the fact you were promised shit, if you weren't you shouldn't have told the action people who went to gator that they were. You either lied to your friends or they are telling the truth.

Anonymous said...

Eeeewww!! If you get those stinky smelly pants close to my face:
1) I will punch you
2) I will vote Gator

Anonymous said...

a 4.0 gpa is a major according to last spring's tapping.

Anonymous said...

Where was all this indy anger when Cullin filed complaint after complaint with fall impact? Oh i forgot, you hadn't manufactured it yet.

Francisco said...

I love how people just make random generalizations without having even met most people. There are some great people in Pants just like there are some good people in Gator. Instead of attacking everyone cannot we just all get along and learn to disagree with respect for each other.

After all I know there are Pants candidates and other Indies giving their time and energy to try and spread the word about voting. The same can be said of Gator (granted they haven't been in the Plaza or the set yet).

Form an opinion based on facts, not animosity for one another, we will all be better off.

Andrew said...

Arguments between Greeks and independents are artificial and a detriment to the student body at large. Maybe if the indies spent a little more time at Swamp and a little less time at Tim and Terry's (which is just as over-priced) they would have a better idea about the quality of people in the Greek community. In fact, Christian, I bet you wouldn't dare go to Swamp on a Tuesday night after Senate and sit at a table full of Greeks and give them half an hour of your time instead of writing on this blog. Can you really be satisfied that you've given these people a chance? Politics, and especially the people aren't the same as they were ten years ago when you were here. And isn't Bruce a Greek? Or maybe he's just enough independent. Just like the rest of the indies in the Gator Party are not enough indie for you.

Christian Duque said...

"Arguments between Greeks and independents are artificial and a detriment to the student body at large."

And maybe if you spent less time at Swamp (you crazy alcoholic LOL) you'd have read the last idk...15 posts/300 comments and figured out that the "arguments" in question have not been GDI vs Greek, rather GDI's vs. Turncoats. In a "Battle for the Independents" Greeks & FBK's don't factor in.

Finish your bowl of nachos and then head over to Larry's Subs for some food. When you sober up, re-read this post and see if it sinks in.


I'm very hurt that Tommy chose to insult me. I've always seen him as being extremely diplomatic and being law school and all, I expected him to carry himself like a Brian Aungst or a James Argento; I just wish he'd decide what team he's playing for and stick to his guns.

Anonymous said...

I think its funny to note that YOU are the only one who thinks this is the GDIs vs. the so-called Turncoats. You live in a delusional world, but I guess thats really not too suprising. Guess thats what happens when you dont bother stepping on campus to learn ANYTHING and get all of your information from other people and the Alligator.

Anonymous said...

So if we take the indie/mainstream establishment out further, does that mean that Orion is the Indie gym and Gainesville Health and Fitness is the mainstream gym? You can't get more Greek/monied than that place.

Hurry, rates go up March 4th!

will said...

I think Trung Tran is clean. (wasn't he impact 6?)

pedro morales said...


I think it is you who is insulting everyone. Of course, this is your blog and, I respect your right to say whatever you want.

You definitely are missing the point when you attack Cecilia. She works 25 hours a day (and that's not a typo).

The Alligator emphasizes the independent mentality of graduate students, but I think indie parties just take them for granted. And people like Tof, Bowen, Jeremiah have worked to fill that void... yes, with Gator. When I ran with Impact '05, I barely knew anyone in SG, and I ran indie based on my perceptions of the Greek community at Purdue University; but this is an entirely different beast.

It speaks volumes that Pants was never able to fill a graduate senate slate. 3/7. Wait, but they've never been to a GSC meeting! They were never serious about engaging this important constituency.

Heck, Tof and I invited Diane Kassim to a GSC meeting before the dust settled on Jared vs. John.

Independent parties need to stop assuming that graduate students will go with them, and work to get our stuff done. We don't want the FBK or the Senate Presidency, we are too busy for such trivialities. But the issues that matter to us; we want an open door to discuss them. At the same time, we are an opinionated people and reserve our right to speak freely.

Last year, I worked in the Unite Party because I had to make a decision between supporting the Hispanic/Latino candidates in the Unite Party, and the graduate student leadership that had chosen the Swamp Party.

Luckily, and to the praises of the Swamp/Gator Party, I didn't have to make that choice this year. So I could have easily gone Swamp last year; it is a rhetorical exercise whether they would have slated Cecilia and Grasshopper.

You all should read about parliamentary systems; where coalitions of parties join to form a majority in parliament, and elect a prime minister. While in SG, and in the USA we have a clearly presidential system, there is no doubt in my mind, that Swamp/Gator is really a coalition of individuals from different inclinations across campus, and I am proud to be a member.

Thank you,
Pedro B. Morales

Christian Duque said...

If you STILL can't see this as an internal feud between Indies, even after Nikki's essay, Amanda Kane's statement, the work of the PANTS Party, the fact that the entire Action leadership is in Gator, and these same turncoasts pledged the support of a community that becoming more and more supportive of PANTS, then you're just a moron and no amount of further explanation will help you.

Anonymous said...

Go to the FLC debate tonight at 8pm! 4th floor Reitz..

Christian Duque said...


I'm not the definition of a GDI; I came from a Greek house but found my way and -never- defected. What I do and where I go indictive of what GDI's do, it's what I do.

I went from the biggest party (ACCESS) to the smallest party (VOICE), I know where the PANTS kids are, what they're feeling, and why they're doing it. I also know what a senator does, what a cabinet director does, what an important committee member does, what an IFC house leader really, I'm not some outsider.

I don't claim to know what's going on, but I do write on general issues. I absolutely hate turncoats hence why even today it annoys me what Andre did to our party, why Grapski will forever speak about FBK, why Pete will never forget what JP/JS did to him.

SG may be a microcosm, but to those that take it seriously or that hold in high regard as something they were once a part of, well then to these folks it is important for life. We have lawyers, office workers, teachers, and current students all visiting this site and commenting.

I gotta leave school now. bye

Weiss said...


Anonymous said...

Voice party was a total bust. The only contribution it probably made was costing Impact some man power and votes in the first election.

Ryan Day said...


I'm sorry to see someone anonymously (under the guise of "weiss") take shots at me or Kim, but I guess those things will happen in a campaign like this one.

Websites especially those political in nature will get better as more information becomes available. I'm always open to suggestions and comments about the website if you have constructive ideas or criticisms.

I won't get too involved with the rest of this - but I would just encourage everyone whose a GDI, Turncoat, Pants.. whatever to come out and talk to both sides. Know the people you are voting for or voting against before you make a decision. Just because someone claims another person or party is a certain way doesn't necessarily make it true.

Figure it out for yourself, I used to be locked into thinking the non-Greek party is always best, but parties don't matter - only people do. So please, everyone will be out the next couple days, come out and meet them.

Voting Pants, Voting Gator, Voting who the Alligator tells you to, Voting for who your friends tell you to does not make you an "Independent". Making an informed personal decision based on facts and personal interaction is being a true Independent.

So come out and meet the people.

Anonymous said...


Nice muscle picture behind you in the video. Probably should tone that down a bit.

Anonymous said...

Yeah echoing what Ryan said there was a letter in the Alligator today by a Pants Party kid admitting students should actually become informed before voting. That letter was a good reflection on the indies.


Anonymous said...

The Pants Party so weak they can't field half or sometimes a third of the campaign force the Gator put today. Maybe they should be worried about meeting new students and trying to sway opinion in their favor instead of posting pointless videos on YouTube that the same 30 people that read this blog with watch. They are not making an impact on student body opinion. (no pun intended)

Christian Duque said...

The Texans also couldn't muster evern a tenth the forces that Santa Ana brought. They were annihilated and slaughtered. But thanks to their sacrifice they made a lasting impression on the state. Remember the Alamo became the battle cry that won Texas it's freedom as a republic.

Numbers and resources sometimes end up playing second fiddle to courage and determination. :c)

Even if Gator sweeps, they couldn't do it without GDI's coming together and fighting. And those that fought will be remembered and hopefully, will never mix with those that sold out again. You guys might win another election, but PANTS saved a movement.

Bye. Bye :c)

ym said...

Only because I think Christian's hero, Charlie Grabski, is nonsense

Anonymous said...

An allusion to the Alamo? Are you kidding me? It is an SG election. No one outside of maybe 100 people will care about it this time next week. That includes many members of the mythical indie community that supposedly exists.

Anonymous said...

Yes but Will Foster and Elizabeth Stinson can continue to care.

I know Alamo Generals had to put up their girlfriends for Alamo Treasurer.

Oh wait... bad analogy

Anonymous said...

I honestly wish the debates tonight were televised. I got what I expected from Gator. Their exec is solid and knowledgeable and it came across loud and clear.

Pants delieved just as I expected, too. They came across just a sloppy in debate as in dress. Memo to Eve: Cabinet puts on more than the Housing Fair and you know that, especially since you were debating at a cabinet program (FLC Exec Debates, started under Miss Goodwin).

Anonymous said...

Just got word that an executive resignation could be coming within the week...two in one term? Give me a break!

Anonymous said...

11:20- umm, you need to get your facts straight...

Anonymous said...

12:23 - Well what is there relationship then... straighten me out.

Anonymous said...

12:23- a. What does it matter what their relationship is?

b. Yes, they are dating but Will didn't put Elizabeth up for the position.

c. Your grammar sucks.

Anonymous said...

You really think that Will isn't the reason that Liz Stinson applied Pants, and he had ABSOLUTELY no say about her getting the spot? Please.

MDW said...

11:21: I was on a laptop across from Veiga and Jardon during slating when I believe Foster was told. Well, he was told something, he looked shocked and said something about how that is a lot of work while recovering from a concussion. In the debates Stinson said she was recovering from a concussion. Jardon then asked if the treasurer was picked and David said it would be a surprise.

For Unite, she was slated (Jared wanted to give her seat to the athletes) because of Josh. My friends in Action say she qualified to pad the slate but they needed a Keys candidate and Foster turned down an offer for his own seat. Is there any evidence Foster ever lobbied for her to get a seat?

I'd say girls have minds of their own and it is obvious why you are single.


Anonymous said...

To correct a wrong: Josh was not in the room for Unite slating. He went out for a sophomore seat, so he couldn't be a part of those decisions. There was some grandstanding made by the indie caucus, but it was actually Jared who made the call for Liz on the slate because of the promises of what a kick-ass campaigner she was. It wasn't between her and an athelete either.

FYI she was a bad candidate and just stomped around acting important with Will. The promises of her being this impressive worker were just wrong. To wear another candidate's sticker when your party has slated someone is just wrong. (All the Susan 4 Treasuerer kids in the Unite Party)

Anonymous said...

If you think her dating Will had nothing to do with the decision even if the decision was not made by Will then you are just plain stupid. End of story.

None of this really made sense, I couldn't figure out why Pants would run someone so categorically unqualified... but now I guess it makes sense. Don't forget the simplest answer tends to be the right one, and this certainly is the easiest answer which explains her position.

For all Will's idealist talks he's just as bad as the people he rails against. Slating your girlfriend for Treasurer... now isn't that a promised position if I've ever seen one.

Oh how far the "indies" have fallen.

Jordan said...

Anon 5:07

We opened our slating interviews, discussions, and decision meetings to everyone. Reporters, casual bystanders, even gator party supporters were welcomed. If you had taken advantage of our openness you would understand why Liz was selected as a candidate, and why your inflammatory allegations are entirely unfounded.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Liz was the best of the worst that slated with Pants. Having open slating doesn't make quality candidates. Say what you will about back room decisions and premade slates, EJ still kicked her in the debates and everyone who was there could see it. Those bitches should've been on Res TV or Cox Public Access, 'cuz then Pants couldn't pretend that they were even close. When you talk about making an Institute of Asian Culture from the Capital Improvement Funds only to be correctly told a. the coming admin can't do that (they don't come around until Spring '08, after the next election) and b. it has to be in the UF Master Plan (already done for the next 10 years in Fall '06), you've gotten your ass handed to you.

Anonymous said...

"If you think her dating Will had nothing to do with the decision even if the decision was not made by Will then you are just plain stupid. End of story."

If you don't know what you are talking about and continue to blow smoke out of your ass, you are just plain stupid. Just an observation.

Anonymous said...

Why does everyone hate Elizabeth so much?

Anonymous said...

Actually I don't think too many people actually hate Stinson. That being said she is wholly unqualified.

People have a lot more hatred for the will fosters and david meyrowitz of the world who would slate Stinson.

Anonymous said...

Just because you have an "open" decision making process doesn't mean there isn't a meeting people aren't told about or invited too. And we all see how far people in Pants' word goes (see: Election Complaints and False Allegations Filed). Not to mention a bias doesn't have to be stated outloud at any point, the simple fact of their relationship existing could have influenced any number of people who made the decision.

You can call me stupid all you want, but do you honestly think people will believe it didn't make a difference in the decision? I doubt it. Even less likely the statement that Will had no idea Stinson was slating.

mdw said...

From what I heard Will had no plans to get involved until after Liz slated. I can tell why people hate Will but lay the fuck off David.

Anonymous said...

David the I-got-bribed even though the police found no evidence.

David the Candidates-are-intimated even though nobody has any evidence.

David has a history of running with false claims to try and get publicity and its disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Will isn't even on our exec you fucknuts. God. Go back to "proving" no planes hit the twin towers.

As to David's claims... Think: how do you prove bribery without a recoding if no bribe was accepted? On to a better question: If this was part of his personality, he would have other desperate pleas for attention. Where are they? Oh ya. That is right fucknuts. He doesn't.

God. You are like the Clintons; always attacking the victim.

Anonymous said...

Victims LMFAO

Anonymous said...

David Meyrowitz has victimized other people with false accusations time after time. Everyone knows it. He's not respected for it. Some day it will catch up with him.