Saturday, February 03, 2007

From Accesss To Political Abstentionism

You know...people still talk about the Yellow & Blue, some to say that it's relevance is long over meanwhile others subconsciously try to reenact every decision, even the mistakes in frantic hopes of establishing the same victories. When I interviewed James Argento, Tommy wanted to know how (besides having the AA vote) did Access' campaign-staff win the election (a totally legit question). However, his quote in the Alligator continues down a scary road, he cites his reasons for supporting Gator as "after the Fall, a lot of the motivation wasn't there," signaling a switch in stances due largely in part to standing at the polls. Moseley's "experience" wasn't cited as the mean reason to support him, at least the article makes it seem as if the Action indies simply lost their thunder.

The need to win power alongside the lines of the still somewhat recent Access Party, has clouded the ideals of modern day independent leaders and to a certain extent they have wrongly judged their leadership abilities and the loyalty of the independent community at UF against the standards of what happens every ten years or so at UF, an Access-like revolution. Access was both due to the times as well as to the people behind it, but in most cases Indies will not take an entire branch and a chunk of a second and I think that that humility (a tradition of Indie parties) was lost with parties like Impact, Unite, & Action...parties that didn't go into it as the underdogs (kinda like how Pants is formulating their return) rather tried to go head-on with an excess-is-best mentality.

So far I like what PANTS has been doing, they took a stand against the concept of single party rule (getting a laurel for it -- then again it is the Alligator...), Jardon's blunder will probably read unfavorably with Indies (not the Indie leaders, but the actual Indie voters themselves). My only hope is that Bruce uses his fraternity this time, that he capitalize on the successes of previous Indie parties in picking up at least one or two rogue houses looking to invest in an alternative SG party, and that PANTS make a serious effort to court AA votes, even if the AA leadership has already decided. Garner as much Greek support as possible, court cultural members of cultural groups (don't go directly for cultural group leaderships that you know have FBK and SG ambitions in mind and are 100% Gator, don't assume because the leader of a group is sold that the group is also 100% behind it's leader). For instance, in Access Dennis made fliers in Asian languages and had them distributed...that's a way to garner Asian support even if it had nothing to do with ASU. There are many more ways to succeed in this area. Last, but not least, while PANTS should be meek, it should also work towards distancing itself from Gator and criticizing single-party rule. Run a clean campaign and watch everyone think the two parties are the same and PANTS will get annihilated.

Suggestions for Gator: pour yourself a tall glass of blue kool aid and drink up:) (j/k, good luck guys [even if I hate mainstream parties]).


Anonymous said...

While I think many members of the indie party respect what Access didl; it has become a thing of the past.

Its like a history lesson, Access did this and that and won this and that etc. It is no longer relavent short term memory either. The memory of Access is just a distant past for most of today's political operatives.

You make it out to be more pertinent than it is, because it seems to be a way of proving how much indie cred you have. That's kind of ridiculous.

Christian Duque said...

I would beg to differ. The great victories of Access have let down three big indie parties from very real gains. Who can forget Impact's huge numbers in a Fall Election ['o5] or Unite's ability to run a fmr. IFC president as the non-system candidate, or Action's ability to oranize a political apparatus for a very unusual lone VP race yet still select a qualified senate slate.

These Indie parties have a great deal to be proud of, but I think it's their constant comparisons to the Access carbon copy that's really taken a toll on these leaders' spirits.

After all, I didn't make up the Jardon quote for the Alligator. He himself cited the major reason for supporting Moseley as being brought about due to a severe let-down the previous elections.

Indies had nothing to feel down about, however, trying to relive the Access Spring has led many to expect greatness and feel defeated with anything shy of that.

Christian Duque said...


Running Voice gave me all the "indie cred" I need. We were the smallest of the three Access factions, with the least money, smallest staff, and DIY in our blood. Whoever you are, you clearly haven't been around too long.

Anonymous said...

so Christian, to continue a question from the last comments page...

It's in the essence in how you run a campaign? That's makes someone an indie?

I am have been a constant reader, and no you don't truly define "indie". You define some characteristics, but those characteristics can be found anywhere. And be found in non-Indy platforms and campaigns.

How they campaign? Jamal and Acess ran a very traditional campaign, they copied the Greek version and substituted parts where necessary.

Take a qualified candidate with FBK connections, run a minority candidate, and and a female.

They met on campus in the Union and the Residence Halls. So did Unite, which met in the La Casista, which you blasted them for.

They promised positions (don't say they didn't).

Was Access different? Yes. It was a perfect storm of so many issues that hit at exactly the right time that the Machine/System didn't know what to do and didn't have experience to know what to do.

Unfortunately, that hasn't happened again and won't for a while. The System learned to be a little bitter more responsive to those concerns. While I am not saying the system is bearable, they are more willing to promote an ambitious, hard working indy. John is proof of that.

Christian Duque said...

I'm a little hung-over right now and trying frantically trying to sober up for an interview today. Thanks for the huge post, looked over it and see some great points to cover tonight:) TY