Tuesday, February 06, 2007

PANTS Party Announces Treasurer Candidate!

The PANTS Party has confirmed the candidacy of sophomore Elizabeth Stinson, a former member of the Action Party and an active leader of College Republicans, as its candidate for Student Body Treasurer. When asked why the party picked Ms. Stinson, PANTS Presidential candidate, Bruce Haupt confidently replied that she had delivered a "very strong interview."

The PANTS Party believes in empowering women, not merely relegating them to running-mate status.

The Party of Independents easily earned the 300 signatures needed to run candidates and turned in all paperwork by 11:20pm. The Pants Party slated thirty-two senate candidates (to Gator's forty-four), ensuring that PANTS will face off against the machine in key races (LS, Business, & Engineering) as well as in many other theaters along the campaign trail.



Anonymous said...

Do we have a definite list of who was slated for what seats yet?

Anonymous said...

Yes, a slate can be obtained on the 3rd floor of the reitz union.

Anonymous said...

the 90s called. they want their marquee tags back.

Christian Duque said...

very funny.

Anonymous said...

i guess its better than the damn blink tags