Sunday, February 04, 2007

From TheRadikal Inbox:

I'm not sure if the sender wants his name published, so it will remain anonymous until I hear back. Great question btw, I hope to read many interesting replies to it.


I am sure you already know that the Gator Party ticket is Moseley, Goodwin, and Walicki. There is one question that needs asking:

How much are these people, and the others who will be in their administration, asked to pay to "fund the campaign." It is a one-party election for most of the spots in all probability, so are senate candidates still asked to pay 75 dollars? Are there still kickbacks from people like Premier productions? Remember, one of the reasons that Lydia had issues was because she had to "raise the money" to be on the VP ticket and couldn't pay up.

***Thanks Again for a great question.

Rumor Control: Upon checking my email a few minutes ago, I was presented with a rumor from an anonymous friend of the blog that neither Mr. Green or Ms. Cineas will be slated by Gator. Anyone care to comment?
Great Link Posted By Sen. Gavin Baker: The Machine


Christian Duque said...

Excellent question. I believe candidates should pay to help both the party as well as their own campaigns during an election. Since in many spots it will be single-party the fee should be greatly reduced, however, the funds required for a candidate to executive office are extraordinarily high and while the parties should largely subsidize the hefty amounts needed, THEY DON'T! I am for reasonable candidate fees ($100 or lower as a flat fee for all candidates including Exec).

Anonymous said...

I think they should still have to pay- just because someone is running for an executive position doesn't mean they are loaded.

Anonymous said...

I'm a little confused about the whole "kickbacks from Premier" comment. Could someone explain that?

Anonymous said...

I think Sam just wants to be a regualr student, now and Barbara will probably go to cabinet.

Anonymous said...

Way to go posting rumor and conjecture before slating is even over.

Being in Senate doesn't mean you have to keep running until you graduate, sometimes people have other priorities. The way you make it seem is as if there were some grand conspiracy to shaft Sam and Barbara. Maybe if you were still in Senate or even a student you'd know that Sam and Barbara are well respected for their service to the student body.

Anonymous said...

Ha. Ironically, I'd already read the entire wikipedia article on the Machine.

Makes me feel a big better, at least FBK hasn't resorted to arson... yet.

Anonymous said...

There is life beyond SG. Do you still play in the same sandbox from 15 years ago?

Christian Duque said...

15yrs ago? You must have been in special ed.