Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Wearing the PANTS, Taking A Stand!

How a semester can change things. How wonderful is it to see the hungry and determined side of Bruce Haupt! When I endorsed him last semester, many of you didn't know why and would send the weirdest emails or call me and laugh. Now you see what I saw last semester. In the face of one of the most well-organized, well-funded, and well-connected machine-formations since the Ignite Party, Bruce and his people have been able to slate a very large pool of talented up & comers to senate, as well as a full (and impressive) Executive slate. Reading the quote by PANTS Veep Candidate Eve Rizzo in today's Alligator all but affirm the bold message of the first GDI Party at UF, arguably, since the Student Alliance in 2003.

"We're striving to be approachable and to be on the level of the student body."* -- Eve Rizzo (PANTS Party V.P. Candidate)

I believe that as the campaign trail expands and we get closer and closer to the week of elections, students will find many striking similarities between themselves and the strongly-GDI PANTS Party. When Eve Rizzo speaks about being approachable, it sounds so much more sincere than had a Gator Party candidate said that, but why?

Well for starters PANTS comes from the students, it was a spontaneous, almost last-ditch effort at organizing the last remnants of the GDI Community at UF against a monster freight train carrying mainstream Greeks, Keys, the pillagers and marauders of the African American community mobilizing their people to the polls merely to continue enjoying the scraps off a table they are not permitted to sit at, but rather sit below and eat System' leftovers like a pack of rabid dogs, as well as a gang of increasingly desperate power-hungry Independent turncoats.

Additionally, students will quickly realize how PANTS make with what they've got, they will relate to PANTS as being a party of students, not a party of external influences spending ten or twenty thousand dollars. They will relate with PANTS' blue-collar if you will style. They will also see a party that's struggling and learning along the way, they will come into contact with everyday talented students that want to represent them but whom are not professional politicans.

At this very early stage, I couldn't tell you if PANTS will win or lose, but I can tell you that they are doing everything according to a very old-school Indie program and if they can somehow integrate pre-Access Indie strategies alongside more modern styles of political campaigning, then they will keep the Gator strategists on their toes each and every day and they will earn rich rewards from a variety of races. To those that claim Gator will win by 2,800, to them I say "you're on crack."



Anonymous said...

This reads like Pravda. Honestly, you're going to give yourself an aneurysm if you're not careful.

Let's race: we'll see if you get an aneurysm from being, well, totally crazy, or if I get one from your altogether woeful addiction to marquee tags.

Anonymous said...

Whoa boy Joshua "I want to be deep" Simmons. Back the fuck up you wannabe webmaster. Weren't you webmaster of the College Republicans for an entire year and never produced squat?

And the last post's comment section has a marquee tag joke.

I pronounce you: Lamest. Creep. Ever.

Anonymous said...

I'm...insulted? I wish I could take you seriously, really. But without a name or, for that matter, facts, you're really just another small joke in what is becoming an increasingly humorous evening. Ta.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the indies really sold out, I mean, Tommy Jardon for the Gator law seat, Ben Grove for CLAS, Kim Cruts for journalism, oh wait, they're not on there, guess you're wall of shame is going to be non-existant christian.

And the pants party slate looks like every indie campaign of the past, same names no different-Sam Miorielli, Joe Trimboli, and David Meyrowitz (the kid should get a medal for wbeing on the most slates) Eve might be a good VP candidate but Liz has never done anything and is the farthest thing from empowering women.

Anonymous said...

I tried to tell Bruce that if he could just get the athletes on board he'd sweep, but apparently he wouldn't listen.

Christian Duque said... Unite did right? LOL

Anonymous said...

Fill me in... can grad students...say maybe, law students, get tapped into blue key? Is that a possibility? Will tommy jardon be a fbk'er next year?

George Smathers said...

over my dead body

Francisco said...
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Francisco said...

So what is up with people using anonymous comments? Not willing to own up to what you type into cyber-space or are their some Gator Party members out there reading this?

Sorry, pretty new, asking a legit question here.

Christian Duque said...

It's a valid question. This blog is fraquented by all members of SG -- bar none. Some like to remain anonymous, others email in and request to be anonymous, and others simply either in denial they actually hang on my every word - or - perhaps a small few... simply can't back up their mouthes.

Anonymous said...

i hear Eve is running b/c Lacey dumped her for goldilocks. Eve and Lacey were the hot item and after the breakup DG picked Lacey over Eve.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, thats what I heard.