Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Let's give credit where credit is due. Whatever the results tonight, PANTS has truly embodied the Independent Party superfluously! They have worked against the odds, against a very real Machine (backed might I add by FBK, the large Greek house leaderships, and the equally despotic AA leadership). Let's also not forget to mention the traitors, PANTS has been able to carry on without the turncoats.

And let me just say the video with Tommy Jardon, I believe that too was dirty campaigning. The video was shot w/o Executive permission, the video is for candidates (Jardon is the ONLY non-candidate participant), and on youtube the preview image is not that of Bruce Haupt (who went first) or the PANTS Exec )which went last), but that of Tommy Jardon (which clearly took some work digging through the footage). Whether implicitly or explicitly from Tommy Jardon or not (his drunken state is a great defense) the video made many Indies think Jardon had crossed back, when in fact nothing had changed. But once again PANTS bounced back.

The PANTS fliers UNLIKE previous "Independent" fliers had no sponsors, they didn't sell space on the Student's Platform to private companies and PANTS unlike other parties aren't pushing platform initiatives to satisfy what is to become the initial wave of private businesses becoming "lobbies" at UF SG.

The recycling bin in the middle of Turlington, that's old Iron Fist right there. I'll have to tell my friend Dan Fitzpatrick about that one. Just a bin to the mainstream kids, to the GDI's that's the real deal.

The candidates are blue-collar, they talk to students, they sweat in the trenches alongside their staff. While the mainstream parties are working on improving this part of their image, they're still glamor whores and snobs; I've seen system candidates in '02, '03, and '04 decked out, dressed better than John Gotti, more dapper than the dapper don just stand there, I've seen would-be voters try to shake hands with these suits and the suits tightly smile and look over at a campaign worker to come deal with this undesirable trying to touch them! You think I'm embellishing? I'm NOT!

After interviewing the great Nina DeJong I guess I also seriously raised the bar (that was already high to begin with) insofar as women leaders go...only to see women dressed less than professionally, using skills of seduction, and not even talking about their platform or their party, merely talking about the convenience of voting, it's pretty depressing. If somehow I could have these women sit down and listen to Nina, I think she'd make a really positive impression on them. I could care less if you support PANTS or GATOR, but if you don't respect yourself as a person, why are you even out there?

I see it election after election, even being away almost two years, first thing I saw when I got back was the same tired, humiliating campaign tactics -- the Gator Party whether knowingly or not is benefiting at the polls through the exploitation of women and I am up to debate anyone on this matter, b/c I know how they're told to campaign and they'll talk if need be. It's a real shame, so even if Gator wins tonight, look how low they've had to go...there's some things parties, namely GDI Parties just won't do, b/c looking yourself in the mirror is still more important to some folks, that a celebratory toast at the O&B.

**NOTE: Important Note from Video: "people going into cars." This refers to handing stickers through passenger window and/or leaning inside, also refers to people following would-be voters to their cars. I've put this note up at the same time as the video.


Anonymous said...

Christian, to call Gator women Prostitutes is disgusting and derogatory. If you had actually listened to the girls campaigning next to you, they were telling interested gym-goers of BOTH sexes about the platform and college specific issues. People who were in a hurry just heard they could vote in side and it took only a minute with a gator-1.

Right now, you're just down-right lying, because that's what people like you do. If you can't win on ideas, quality candidates or even personality, you play dirty and call out very hard working, very dedicated and VERY SMART women.

And as someone who promoted homophobia only a few days ago, you are HARDLY the person who should be questioning Gator's volunteer women.

In short, go fuck yourself, because you're the only one who would.

Anonymous said...

Duque, you are a whiny, ogre looking bitch of a man. Pants Party has done nothing even remotely respectable in this campaign. It would be a real shame to the students of the University of Florida if Pants got elected.

Anonymous said...

This coming from the party that is running Eve Rizzo for VP.

E said...

You make me sick.

Christian Duque said...

Ogre? Cool! Thanks:)
Gargantuan would be even nicer ;)

I didn't call Gator women prostitutes, you should learn how to read comprehensively. I'll be back at SW today and stop with the homophobia comments, I know exactly who you are and I think that your shakedowns are very immature.

And this line: "In short, go fuck yourself, because you're the only one who would." Aren't you getting a little too emotional here, let's keep it professional;)

I know those women are competent and strong leaders, my only gripe is why they have to use their looks & seduction to get votes? NINA didn't and she got a huge chunk of votes and is widely respected. That's all I'm saying.

will said...

You tube picks its own frames to display. Pants had no control over the video frame chosen for display.

I was in the video as well and I am neither pants party exec nor am i a candidate.

Christian Duque said...

Ah. Did not know that. It's always good to learn new things. And to those in the audience offended by my RL example, I removed that, but I should stress, if you're in college and don't have reading comprehension skills that's really not my problem. No one called Gator's female workers prostitutes, I simply said that I didn't think even those women talked as seductively as I've heard some of the female workers talk.

Seductively does not include vulgarity nor does it include foul play, it strictly means (in my context), use of beauty to get attention and support and that I find ethically-problematic for a campaign.


will said...

I think you tube attempts to focus on action by changes of lighting and tommy's video was recorded with a different background so it focused on that.

Christian Duque said...

That or he's just so different than everybody else on the video.

Also & interestingly, if you know this, what's to say those that made this video didn't as well. If by slightly changing the lighting Tommy comes to the front...

All I'm saying is, don't you find it unusual that acting w/o exec approval, done on a separate PANTS account (the only of its kind), and featuring a well known turncoat within its content and on its cover, don't you find all of these coincidences the least bit suspicisiou?

I don't know. I like to look into things. Good luck today, with whatever you're doing.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Those Indies are so strong, they even have "turncoats" in their own party. Amazing.

The Indies are dead

Gavin Baker said...

I'm trying really hard to remember which companies Action sold out to, and drawing a blank, probably because we didn't. You may think it was stupid or slimy to name names like Moe's, but there was no quid pro quo. I am pretty sure we addressed this issue at the time and I fail to understand why you would dredge up the issue again.

Anonymous said...

These girls don't use sex appeal to get votes. They use sex appeal to get people to break out of their automatic denials and actually listen to the ideas and platforms that they have to present.

The men in SG historically make jokes with each about the girls they flirt with when they're campaigning and the phone numbers that they're given by girls who were interested in more than their ideas. Why don't you hold the men to the same standard of not flirting with the girls they are trying to convince?

As Pants has demonstrated, it takes drastic measures to get people to listen to you. And if these girls respect themselves enough to actually put some effort into their appearances before they go campaigning, you have no right to call them prostitutes just because they don't feel like looking as though they don't care.

And you're right. You didn't call us whores. You called us worse than whores.

Anonymous said...

You are the most contemptible person I have had the pleasure of never meeting.

Anonymous said...

I have done a fair share of campaigning for SG and you learn right away people (males and females) find you much more approachable when you are dressed nicely and are well put together. This goes well past SG too those who are more visible appealing usually have an easier time finding jobs too. It's just the way the world works

old school said...

Christian, i got your message, I am just really really busy. You know me being in my last semester of law school and all :)

Hope all is well.

Anonymous said...

LMAO @ "equally despotic AA leadership." And who would these over-reaching black people be?

Anonymous said...


How old are you? Aren't you way over your college years? You should be trying to get a REAL job or getting into grad/law school instead of wasting your time in attacking this or that party. I don't see any possitive thing comming out of this Blog for your professional life and you should be taking care of it. After all, YOU ALREADY GRADUATED. GROW UP PLEASE (or at least get a life!).

Anonymous said...

Gator just won. Doesn't it kill you?

Christian Duque said...

I do have a life, I teach and live in Gainesville. I'll be certified very soon, thanks for your concern. You're another one of these anonymous trolls, I was out there for two days, where were you? LOL

This is my pastime and unlike you, not everything I do is "for my career," that's what makes me a free-thinker and you... a system tool. And last but not least I didn't even want to campaign but all the sellouts left the PANTS kids virtually alone, so I helped.


will said...

What is with the Gator Party pawn refusing to give his name? You'd think he would be proud of his support.

Tonight, after the results were read some 'brave' kid walked up to me to tell me, "You failed to shit all over the system." I asked him what he meant and he said I wanted pants to win. I explained I wasn't with pants and then he triumphantly told me me they have video tape evidence of me talking to the exec ticket. I was like ahhh... I am dating the treasurer candidate.... He was speechless and I asked him his name (he knew mine) but he refused to tell me.

Gator leadership for the most part has been nice but these "middle management" pricks need to get over themselves. Just give a name and quit taking everything so seriously.

BTW: If anyone in gator party leadership thought I voted stickers could change the election then that person should not be used next spring. If i wanted to "shit" all over the system there are much better tactics than "I voted" stickers. I just something I always wanted to do.

Anonymous said...

At least Grapski teach in a University and has some Graduate degrees. Not that I'm undermining elementary school kids, but you don't need a whole lot of free thinking capability to act as a sub for them

Anonymous Troll said...


While you were campaigning I WAS STUDYING. I, unlike you -it seems- put my studies and my profession before SG. Because -also unlike you- I'm still a student at UF; and since WE ARE HERE TO STUDY, that is what I do. I don't rely on my participation in SG for any resume padding. I don't need it. My grades (GPA: 3.9) and my professional competence speak for themselves. Whatever I do for the student body I do it from the heart, and that should be the case for everyone. I devote as much time and effort as I can for every student organization and SG duty I'm involved with; but my priorities are very clear: STUDIES COME FIRST. Does that make me a tool of the system? I don't think so. And FYI, SG is for those who are STILL in UF and have the right to care about it (remember it's OUR money what is at stake, NOT YOURS). Now, as I said before, grow up and GET A LIFE!

Yours truly,

A very-proud-to-be-FEMALE anonymous troll.

Anonymous said...

As long as a GPA is above 2.5 it doesn't mean shit.

Anonymous said...

At least Grapski teach in a University and has some Graduate degrees. Not that I'm undermining elementary school kids, but you don't need a whole lot of free thinking capability to act as a sub for them

Please learn grammar and diction. I bet Christian could help you with that.

Anonymous said...

diction is speach, syntax is writing.


Anonymous said...

Can't attack the argument, so attack the grammar.

Anonymous said...

It should be teaches not teach and undermining isn't proper diction.


Anonymous said...

Fucktard, diction isn't speach.


obsolete : verbal description

2: choice of words especially with regard to correctness, clearness, or effectiveness

Get out of the 17th century fucktard.

Anonymous said...

wow someone has a problem with common use english apparently

Anonymous said...

Ah, if you mean Josh then yes. If you mean the fella who claimed diction applied to the written word then no, he is entirely correct.