Tuesday, February 20, 2007

God Bless The GDI's

Speaking Out

I would like to thank the Alligator for taking my criticisms over the course of 2006 and still showing their true Independent side by publishing my column. There were a few type o's but I am happy with the end result. Oh & btw "Virgil" I didn't slander anyone, I wrote about common knowledge and if need be I can substantiate it. I think one Charlie Grapski is all that's needed...

p.s. Slander is the spoken word, I think what you meant to write in that comment Virgil was "libel." No, I do not believe I committed any wrongdoing, I simply stated facts as I believe them to have occurred and substantiated by legitimate sources. I couldn't bare to see a Party I really believe in get beaten up day after day by turncoats, it's bad enough they abandoned their supporters, but to have them beat up on the GDI's that remained to fight...well that's just to use an Argento line, "not nice."

p.p.s. Expect upcoming revelations from CURRENT STUDENT LEADERS in the next few days.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the Spiderman quote - "That's slander!" "It is not. I resent that. Slander is spoken. In print, it's libel."

The specific wordage aside, what I meant by that comment is that you presented in your column an account of "events" that either cannot be conclusively proven to have occurred or is very highly misrepresented. This account of "events" in addition reflects poorly on a number of people. Whether that's the legal definition of slander/libel or not really doesn't matter to me, it's still offensive and insulting. It's one thing to go around running your mouth off on a private (and, no offense, generally secluded) blog such as this, but when you take your wild speculations and conspiracy theories to a respected public forum such as the Alligator, it becomes a serious affront.

You state that you presented facts as you "believe them to have occurred." But if they require a leap of faith like that, Christian, they can't be very solid facts, can they? And I really have no idea how Charlie Grapski is supposed to substantiate all of this - I'm quite sure he knows even less about what's going on in this election than you do.

The biggest problem, factually-speaking, that stood out to me, was the simple fact that I'm undeniably one of these "turncoats" you so very much enjoy to rail against, and I neither support Moseley because I "fear another defeat at the polls," nor do I have a Senate seat to show for it. I can personally speak for almost everyone else you were referring to (most - likely all - of whom you have never even met personally) and say that they too share my situation.

So here I am - living proof that no matter how much you want to "believe" otherwise, your account of events is horribly misguided and miserably uninformed. I don't mind you being ignorant, but when you start dragging my name, and the names of my friends, through the mud, that's when I get angry.

Sorry if none of this makes sense - I've been up all night doing some wicked economics homework, and in the dismal science I can't just write some numbers down and say they're right because "I believe" them to be.

strict said...

What is the matter Josh? You found someone who can writ without commenting about his own superior intelligence? Whose verbiage is actually effective? If you take your legal advice from Spiderman you have your head up your ass. Instead, look at common law and you will find that Christian is right.

My issues:

1) We didn't block Sam. Get over it. Even Bridget wouldn't pick up the story and she is known for her insipid party name stealing charts. Drop it already.

2) Kim and Ryan day aren't unwanted or bastard children. They brought in the money. The only person who can't be happy with Kim right now is Weiss.

3) The only polar opposite is experience. In this field, Bruce, Eve, and Elizabeth are caught with their pants down.

5) You didn't mention the non-turncoat GDIs we have. Like EJ.

6) Just because of the Washington replacement doesn't mean BSU got the shaft. They are smart enough to realize it, why aren't you?

Well written but the sin of omission is still a called sin for a reason.

The Hiccupping Cowboy said...

Actually, the Senate approved a transfer for reserves for 108 GSC travel grants in the fall, so yeah, the Swamp Party did something about that.

Anonymous said...

Calling the Alligator a respected public forum? Hahahahahahahaha. I give it a few more years and the GDIs will join us in running it off campus. When a student paper starts targeting groups of students (see attacks on Greeks) then it is no longer a student paper.

Anonymous said...

On behalf of the Gator Party I would just like to thank you for completely coming off like a jackass. Your way with the written word not only came off as alienating to 98% of the student body, but also increased the perception of bitterness that the student body considers the Pants Party to be holding. One day you may realize that the average voting student isn't looking for a ragtag fun loving bunch of "fearless group of radical-minded idealists." Why don't you just go out and call the Pants Party an extreme socialist revolution just waiting to unleash it's inexperience and cluelessness on Gainesville, Fl.

Keep on writing letters, you are only making my job easier.

Anonymous said...

Will Christian be to Pants what Josh was to Action/Unite? Find out next week. I think so.

Anonymous said...

My estimate of Pants vote % keeps going down.

It was pretty low to start with.

Anonymous said...

With the way it looks, they shouldn't be wearing pants they should wear ass-less chaps.

Anonymous said...

I am 2:19, for you dumbasses in Pants i mean it will be easier for you to bend over. Take it Delta Tau Delta style.

Christian Duque said...

Let me say a few things. One the Alligator is not in the habit of printing libel. Second of all you have no idea the kind of records I have. Third of all, I used broad terms like "backed off" rather than "elected" -- and -- I called out turncoats as I have been doing for weeks on TR.

I have committed no wrongdoing. I have merely stated my opinion on facts that I believe occurred. I'm sorry you think of me as a jacksas, but I never shared a single drink, rubbed a single elbow, or ever pretended to be one of you. I am a GDI, you knew that every time you accessed my blog and anyone that went to school w/ me knows that too.

I am who I am, if you can't respect me for that, then don't. Thanks for all of your comments and I hope all of you vote.

Christian Duque said...


E.J. is not a turncoat and I didn't "forget" to mention him. He's a good person, he's on the wrong side (imo) but a good, qualified person nonetheless. Ok? :)

Anonymous said...

Uh, isn't Moseley a Sig Ep, not a Theta Chi?

Anonymous said...

You are correct.

Anonymous said...

I really think that if you got it into your head that the sky was orange, even if someone dragged you outside and forced you to look at it you wouldn't admit ever being mistaken.

What I'm saying is that I don't give a damn about the "records" you have - as one of the people they purportedly concern, I'm telling you that you're dead wrong. And I've been telling you that this whole time. I have no incentive to lie to you. I don't really get why you're so adamant about refusing to believe anything I say.

I don't think you're a jackass, Christian - rather, I'm impressed with you for so adamantly standing up for what you believe in (no matter how misguided or ill-informed you may be). But if you're going to keep making crap up out of thin air, throwing around baseless accusations, and then accusing anyone who calls you on it of disrespecting you, then I have better things to do than trying to reason with you.

Have fun in your playpen, enjoy getting crushed next week (not being mean - just stating the fact) and please, please get out in the real world some time soon and stop worrying about SG.


Christian Duque said...

Yes Moseley is a Sig Ep, but TC backed Moseley, they and AEPi are main power bloc for the IFC Greeks. Common error, but an error nonetheless.

Does Sig Ep have any legacy positions? No. AEPi gets Accent, TC gets SGP. That's one example. There are more, many more.


Christian Duque said...


You insist on this "getting crushed" rhetoric. YOu may win that election brother, but you're a turncoat....you're done with the GDI's and if you think Gator really likes you, let's wait and see what positions you apply for in March, that you'll actually get in May.

I'll be here to laugh at you.

Anonymous said...

This concept that TC and AEPi are the only blocks is just stupid. Social houses versus SG geek houses is a more realistic conception. The alignment was obvious come fall tapping if you looked at the vote records. Outsiders have no idea, apparently.

Anonymous said...

What are the social houses and who runs them?

Anonymous said...

Sig Ep runs the social houses, although JCB and Moseley have strange relationships with people that span the political spectrum at UF(Indy, Cultural, Greek).

Anonymous said...

...and yes Christian, Sig Ep has legacies in Cabinet, SGP, Lobby, Gator Growl, and Homecoming, among others. Sorry gelheads, your best kept secret is public.

Anonymous said...

What are the other social houses?

Anonymous said...

the social houses are Sig Ep, Phi Delt, Sigma Chi and SAE

Bleeding Yellow & Blue said...

EXCEPT the difference between this election and others is that Mose/JCB acquired half the campus before their political friends took care of the rest. That gives them more freedom and legitimacy in office - less "lists" to satisfy. Goldberg and Boyles were completely beholden once they took office.

I think this factored into some Indie's decision to support them.