Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tannenbaum's 12/11 Minutes

3:03 Bennett proposes party officer elections, Schneider is first to use "unelected cabal"

12:20 Miorelli says voting members include former party officers in bylaws, and again at 14:20

16:10 Bennett asks why Progress Party members can vote. Debate ensues about who can vote 'current party officers and senators vs. officers, senators, and previous party members'

17:20 Laugh track.

21:00 Vote on weather or not to end debate on voting members. Trimbolli abstains from vote. 9-8 Fails

Debate on whether or not to have elections.

22:00 Yanuk asks where is the smear campaign.

22:30 Bennett mentions information from a member of the cabal.

24:00 Neiderriter steps forward to comment on the cabal and the smear campaign.

24:50 Gillespy comments on time for debate.

25:50 Hargrove: "The bylaws will do you no good if there is no party."

27:33 Dictor gives the reasons for having elections.

30:27 Schneider: "a great deception on the part of this leadership"

31:00 Gillespy "I joined this party because I trusted that it wasn't the Gator party"

33:18 Dictor on Chutzpah

34:43 Gersten on group therapy.

35:55 Yanuk: "There's something to be said for people having done the job for years"

37:00 Vote on adding elections: Passes unanimously 18-0

37:50 Public comment

38:35 Eric Conrad on joining the movement, wanting to help out, but now questioning the structure of the system

40:30 Yevkin __ on arrogance and unity

40:58 ?? ?? on excitement and disappointment, "schisms should exist"

43:53 Gersten on staying unaffiliated, and future of the movement with people who's voices aren't heard now

46:18 Hargrove on the differences between the Gator Party and O&B, being an open party, and voting member standards changing

49:00 Tannenbaum on the contrast between the majority opinion versus the leadership's opinion and the voting process

50:10 Adriana on helping O&B and respect for one another

52:00 Bylaws: Members at Large, Robert's Rules, Party Council positions

1:07:30 Article 3 - Party Committee Chair discussion: Passes

1:20:15 Article 4 - Recognizing Progress Party Seniority

1:21:20 Miorelli: "Seniority trumps everything" and again at 1:21:40

1:22:30 Dictor on meritocracy vs patronage

1:31:25 Bendix on merit of Neiderreiter and Trimbolli, "...we're going to question that they don't have a right to any of this? How much money have Josh and Joe Trimbolli put into this party? And we're going to say they have no merit?"

1:32:45 Hargrove on what we were told at IHOP, "Now you're gonna tell me that two hard workers get a vote, but the rest of the hard workers don't? You gotta be out of your fucking mind!"

1:35:00 Ossip reads the names of the cabal provided by Neidereitter

1:36:00 Neiderreiter responds.

1:37:30 Miorelli: "recognizes seniority"

Bennett responds

1:38:30 Gray on short sightedness

1:39:50 Tannenbaum on a mechanism for inclusion

Gersten on money and shifting direction

1:41:45 Article 4 fails (McShera and Benedix abstain) 5-12

1:43:30 Election of Officers

1:45:50 Neiderreiter gives his speech.

1:49:00 Hargrove gives his speech.

1:52:45 Questions

1:54:15 Neiderrieter: "I will continue to have meetings, cause I have to tell you what happened to me in the Pants Party. I would always be asking what the hell's going on with this party. I would be screaming at Sam over AIM, 'What was going on? I have no idea what's going on.' And I think one of the things the Orange and Blue Party has done well in the campaigns is have a lot of meetings and tell everyone what's going on." and 1:58:20 "I don't want people to feel left out, I've been there before"

2:06:20 Huey offers to give anyone the exec thread contents

2:12:30 Dictor on Hargrove and The Cabal Text Messages between him and Braco, The Leadership: "It is not the party's choice who runs under the O&B"
Braco responds: populous vs qualifications
Neidereitter responds, "The Leadership does not just refer to the cabal."

2:23:20 Miorelli on qualifications of the candidates and requirements of the office

2:27:00 Gillespy on the principles and values of the party

2:29:10 Gray on behavioral problems of the candidates

2:33:00 Ossip asks to continue the meeting, and is met with resistance

2:35:15 Student Body President nominations

2:35:30 Gillespy nominates McShera

2:35:45 Bennett nominates Dictor

2:37:10 Hargove wins 10-7

2:37:34 Dictor accepts nomination

Meeting is adjourned


IMeanSeriously.. said...

Why is Trimboli even in power?

Anonymous said...

Because he was fairly elected to by the voting members who actually showed up to the meeting, rather than sitting in Gator Dining to protest.

Anonymous said...

Link to meeting audio