Friday, December 19, 2008

Dictor, the Left, & the New Movement

the Progs are embarking upon a revolution. The concept of incorporating Gainesville's omnipotent 'Left' has perturbed many an independent strategist over the past few years. But it seems that Dictor, largely through the tireless efforts of his loyal cadres, has bridged the gap between the CMC Crowd and the Reitz Union.

In the capital city of one of Florida's two blue counties, Dictor stands, alongside his most trusted lieutenants, contemplating whether or not to succumb to the candidacy of a rival who bests him only by way of seniority. Faced with growing rhetoric and dubious-at-best predictions of his support, he holds out yet another day before lowering his flag and imploring his comrades to bow down, follow McShera, and content themselves with being insignificant vassals of a faction who carries on business with without their presence.

In only a few short days, many have opened their eyes (yours truly included), to a candidate that stands to offer for than his predecessors. What if there's more that unites us besides whether or not we identify with Florida Blue Key or Greek Values? What if there is also a social conscience at play? What if there could be a successful attempt at building a campus-wide clas-conscience? Would Mark Mcshera lead such a movement? Unlikely.

Mark McShera comes from a rich line of Independent leaders, traced from his staunchest supporter (Sam Miorelli), back to Thomas Jardon, then Bruce Haupt, skipping Adam Roberts - who betrayed the movement by enlisting Jared Hernandez & Brandon Siler after being turned down by John Boyles, to Christian Duque & Peter Gruskin, skipping Andre Samuel, to James Argento & Frances Harrell, then to Kenneth Kerns & Nick Capezza). It is for this reason that McShera enjoyes at least initial preference from GDI Students & Alums almost right off the bat. It's for this reason, McShera and his supporters are dubbed The Officials.

But at what point does seniority yield to moral authority? And should the seniority of party elites play any type of role in the direction of a party that is in direct contention for the administration of a institution invested in by over 50,000 students and which is sworn to act in that student body's best interests?

Below you will find a September 2008 email written by Mark McShera to, pay close attention the portions in bold:
"While you're right that this is a novel idea and it would probably do a good job of throwing the system off balance in the short term, there's one problem with the plan. I have no interest in running for Student Body Vice President. In discussing the various positions within SG with friends there is a general consensus that Student Body Vice President is a "7th circle of hell" job. I hope to be able to run for re-election this Spring for CLAS, serve out a second Senate term ending in March 2010 and then graduate in May 2010. To quote General William Sherman, "If drafted, I will not run; if nominated, I will not accept; if elected, I will not serve."

McShera sets out on a path all his own; willing to concede that his candidacy for Veep could hurt the enemy, but resolute in outlining his own interests and carrying out work that seems only to serve that end - first. He also defiantly barks that even if given the nomination (to this seemingly lower end post nt), he will not accept or serve.

Interestingly, it's this post that's being considered at the highest levels, as some kind of a consolidation prize should the Progs by some miracle submit unconditionally to The Officials.

Dictor & his lieutenants promise to bring the Left, they promise to bring those now aptly referred to as the Obama Kids. Where the officials stammer that the Progs lack seniority - Dictor posits change and when The Officials raise questions as to continuity...Dictor should merely reply with, "Schneider."
McShera: The Best Chance Against Johnson

Who wants surprises? UF's veteran independents know that revolutions will undoubtedly stir up emotions within the rank-in-file, but they grow worrisome that delicate, hard-fought relationships with moderates in both Greek & Multi-Cultural blocs could potentially be strained. Many of McShera's core supporters can still remember the days when Pants pulled a lone victory in Alan Passman and saw it stripped before their very eyes. Today, these same independents grow confident in their measures, taking solace in a similar situation involving Hume Senator Ben Cavatero and a quite different outcome.

Times have improved and they will continue to improve, so long as a certain modicum of civility and continuity (largely upheld through seniority) remains in place. Although McShera's desire to run for president has been largely ambiguous to date, the need for his candidacy far outweighs even his own personal interests. The Party must move forward, stronger by the term, and one step closer to a majority in senate, a moderate at Exec., and a more balanced Student Bench with a loyalty only to sound jurisprudence.


Anonymous said...

You think just like Adam Roberts did and yet you say his leadership and the decisions he made were a betrayal to the Indie movement.

Adam Roberts at least was a leader, whether you agree with his decisions or not. You have people on your list of Indie leaders who couldn't lead an animal dying of thirst to a pond full of water.

Adam drafted to run candidates he thought had broad appeal to futher the goals of the movement. And now you are suggesting the same thing.

Adam: "Hernandez has broad appeals to big communities. Surly we will win with him on the ticket."

Christian: "Dictor has broad appeals to big communities. Surly we will win with him on the ticket."

Anonymous said...

The only things anybody needs to know about Benjamin Dictor can be seen in those two pictures you have up of him.

A picture truly is worth a thousand words.

Anonymous said...

Schneider is nothing more than Dictor's clone. As others have said on here before, he does have a lot of potential but he needs to separate himself from Dictor.

Anonymous said...

Campaigns are big, messy, expensive affairs. If Dictor handles himself in a general election the way he's handle himself in this primary of sorts this party is doomed to failure.

Anonymous said...

Alfred Pennyworth: A long time ago, I was in Burma, my friends and I were working for the local government. They were trying to buy the loyalty of tribal leaders by bribing them with precious stones. But their caravans were being raided in a forest north of Rangoon by a bandit. So we went looking for the stones. But in six months, we never found anyone who traded with him. One day I saw a child playing with a ruby the size of a tangerine. The bandit had been throwing them away.

Bruce Wayne: Then why steal them?

Alfred Pennyworth: Because he thought it was good sport. Because some men aren't looking for anything logical, like money. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.

- - - - - - - - - -

Bruce Wayne: The bandit in Burma, did you catch him?

Alfred Pennyworth: Yes.

Bruce Wayne: How?

Alfred Pennyworth: We burned the forest down.

Anonymous said...

Nice post Duque. Now what about getting Joe Trimboli to step down? Do the officials really want to negotiate or is it all talk?

Christian Duque said...


Your own comment speaks against your message. I have concluded that McShera is the candidate most likely to win; I have concluded that Dictor is the candidate of the people.

If you can't pen words to agree with your thoughts, then why exactly am I even humoring you right now?

Anonymous said...

7:13PM: You are an idiot.

Duque, a large portion of the left doesn't support Dictor. They believe he has an ego the size of China. Don't speak on our behalf.

Anonymous said...

Messiah of change? This is STUDENT GOVERNMENT, Duque. There are few differences in the way things will actually run if the minority party obtains more power.

Senate moves money from A to B, and even that is carefully monitored by University higher-ups.

As it is, the only discrepancy that exists is the WAY to get campus positions. This blog is starting to shift from entertaining to pathetic

Anonymous said...

You're way off base Duque. McShera is backed by an overwhelming majority of the party, so to suggest that Dictor would get 35% is just plain ludicrous.

TheBenDictor Itself said...

This University deserves a better class of SG candidate.

And I'm gonna give it to 'em.

Anonymous said...

5:33 is Joe Trimboli and I claim my five pounds. (This one was too easy.)

Christian Duque said...

Mr. Garrett Garner wrote a very interesting letter, attacking me for lumping "the Left" under the banner of the 'Obama Kids.' The latter is a term being used by O&B strategists and TR alike. It's not meant to lump in "the Left," rather to speak directly to the people that worked for the Obama campaign directly.

I would think that groups like SDS and/or groups based out of the CMC, two distinctions I often draw, would speak more to the left, than a group of wishy-washy liberals upholding the candidate of one of the two party dictatorship this country has been under since its birth.

Mr. Garner has no credentials, no footing, to challenge my political ideals or those of this blog. You would have read his well written letter, had he not chosen to be insolent.

Mr. Garner.... this blog will not host your vitriols, so if it's the Duque you want to trash, hit the road jack! & don't come back :)

Anonymous said...

"so if it's the Duque you want to trash, hit the road jack! & don't come back"

Duque, I think you just summed up everything that's wrong with this blog: the Radikal is all about stroking your ego, nothing else. Maybe that's why you have such affinity with Dictor, shared psychotic egomania.

Probability of comment approval: 3%

Anonymous said...

There can be no dialogue so long as people like JT harness power in O&B.

Anonymous said...

Duque has botched this PR campaign so badly that he is actually lending some truth to the rumor that the losing Indie faction will run with JJ to spite the jerks that beat them first...

Christian Duque said...


That's entirely absurd, but it follows a shakedown technique of calling people anti-semites, communists, 'Gator Plants,' and dare I say 'turncoats.' It's this technique that's destroying the O&B's certain officials stating when, where, and how a prospective candidate can carry out his/her campaign.

Dictor & the Progs will not be extortioned or blackmailed into staying in O&B. The road to victory requires compromise.

The road to victor, REQUIRES compromise.

Anonymous said...

Ben Dictor and the Progs demand Trimboli resign as chair just because they say so and that Dictor be made the SBP candidate with no dialogue because they say so and if these conditions are not met they will split from the party.

And then you say that they are the ones being extorted.


francisco said...

This idea of anyone grouping the Obama students together with this supposed "left" is what is silly. I, for one, consider students as individuals - we don't target "groups" of people, we target students. We run on student issues - not on a certain group's issues - and that is why students respond to our platforms. If someone from the "Obama volunteers" identifies as an "Leftist" as described by this blog then so be it. Students are part of groups (such as SDS, Gators for Obama, BSU, HSA, etc), but that certainly doesn't define their preferences, nor the candidate(s) they will be supporting.

Just thought I would put that out there...

P.S Christian, respond to your e-mail so we can do our recording.

Anonymous said...

The Officials are going to shock the Progs in spring when SDS overwhelmingly comes out for McShera.

Dictor better wise up or he is going to be schooled by Miorelli Inc.

Christian Duque said...

I have never implied that the Obama Kids represent the Left. The matter has now been addressed 3x (once in the original blog & twice in the comments). This issue warrants no further consideration on my part, others are free to continue harping on the issue should they be inclined to do so.

I have spoken.

Anonymous said...

It is one person asking for Joe's resignation, personal hate. Nothing more than some dumbass looking for attention.

Anonymous said...

The people that think the SDS is gonna side with the O&B cabal are deceiving themselves. I go to SDS meetings every week. I've already talked to over half the regulars about this. You're completely talking out of your ass if you think we're gonna side with the O&B after the crap the cabal pulled.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the CD now uses Dictor logic.

Pot said...

To: Kettle
From: Pot
Re: calling people "'Gator Plants,' and dare I say 'turncoats.' It's this technique that's destroying the O&B Party..."

Dear Kettle.
You're black.


Anonymous said...

12:32 is Justin Wooten and I claim my 5 pounds

Christian Duque said...

Very clever 11:01! Took you a whole day to state the obvious. ;)

I know many of you interpret my word as infallible on matters pertaining to SG, but even I have erred in this regard.

Thus, it was my decision to publicly scourn myself, alongside the rest.

It is my belief that I have afforded this issue a very generous amount of my precious time.

I have spoken.