Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Breakdown

By this stage in the game we're no longer dealing with just two guys, so let me explain how I'm organizing my thoughts. In my head, division pre-election is not only healthy but needed. We have the larger faction, supporting Mark McShera and loyal largely to Sam Miorelli. Because this larger faction has more of the seasoned veterans, I call them the Official Party, or simply 'The Officials.'

On the other hand, I have Ben Dictor's group. Being that there is a great deal of SDS, Obama, CMC, and leftists, I have this group listed as The Progressives. I am by no means suggesting that O&B will split, but until there is a fair, all-inclusive primary, I don't think it's plausible to sweep the differences between the 'The Officials' and 'The Progressives' under the rug and join hands and sing kumbaya just yet.

Conservative estimates: 70/30% split, favoring The Officials
Liberal estimates: 60/40% split, favoring The Officials


Anonymous said...

Another name for the officials is "The Cabal." With Donte as our new party president, it seems this is a blow to them. However, they should realize everyone needs to come together around a Dictor candidacy for the good of the party. I can't stress enough that a McShera candidacy is gonna piss of the Left, and will result in major losses in seats in the Spring.

Anonymous said...

Calling The Dictorites something like The Progressives is misleading. They are not progressive when they follow a Stalinist Cult of Personality.

Ben D's willingness to label Alan Y a trader for merely asking a question is reminiscent of what Stalin did to consolidate power about Lenin's death. We give Ben D three days before he begins calling out the Left or Right opposition . And three more days before he switches sides and attacks whichever is left. If Socialism in One Country could be abandoned by Stalin, why can't any of Ben D's firmly held principals be abandoned?

It is also insulting to the members of O&B who have actually worked for progressive causes. Those who have actually done more than grandstand before Tigert Hall.

Calling the other side progressive is insulting to those those who have spent sleepy nights working for migrant workers right's, a minimum wage indexed to inflation, marriage quality, funded pre-k education, women's rights, and against regressive changes to our tax code.

Sure, not all non-cultists in O&B have fought for these causes, but at least one person has worked on at least one cause.

Remember: Some people act for change while others only act for the cameras.

Christian Duque said...

It's going to make organizing the feeds for the next two weeks much easier for me.

The Officials & The Progs.

You don't have to agree or even use this lingo, but for TR-purposes, esp. in the comments, I think the labels will help for discussion's sake and there's going to be plenty talk from here till Jan. 09.

Anonymous said...

I don't see the issue they are having. Maybe because I come from a system that values seniority, but that is what O&B lacks.

Mark, in my opinion is the better candidtae simply because he is the most renown. This Dictor fella just came on my radar a week ago, and I keep up pretty closely with what goes on in SG.

O&B can rest their hopes on the shoulders of a less renown character and risk loss in the Spring. I don't really care.

I just wanna see some common sense party politics.