Monday, December 01, 2008

Greek Rebels?

Class of 2009? Rumors are circulating that Greek Rebels may be coming to the side of Orange & Blue before the break. I can't report anything tangible as of yet, but I have it under good advice that certain 'lower end frats' may be looking at 'silently supporting' a Miorelli ticket given certain 'mutual interests.'

Please. No emails. I will not divulge anything until I can report with some kind of certainty. Once again, no emails or phone calls on the matter. Be advised this is a developing story and while not confirmed, it's by no means mere speculation.


Anonymous said...

Greek rebels are nothing new, but O&B won't get actual houses.

Anonymous said...

It's different now. O&B is running strong.

Anonymous said...

I heard a few O&B members were jumping over to Gator because they feel left out. O&B exec is very inclusive and selfish.

Christian Duque said...

Let's hope that's not true 2:32, but I will say that this same problem plagued Access '05 and even Impact/Progress Fall '05...I mean, you figure I/P failed to notify or invite 'Voice' to the marriage.

When you consider that Voice had several big names from Access '04 and that it had recruited a new crop of GDI's in Vida Tavakoli, Omar Martinez, and Seth Oranburg it makes you wonder how snobby an exec must have been to entirely ignore an entire party.

Let's hope that O&B understands it will take every soldier and every ounce of unity to send Jordan Jonnshon home, the same way we sent Scott Kennelly home.

Anonymous said...

Duque... the only reason Kennelly lost is because some big houses got nervous and jumped ship. For the record: The only reason Sowell won was because a couple larger houses (AEPi for example) supported him so they wouldn't lose their legacies. Sowell had to cut deals and play ball. If you don't agree with that you are either 1) a liar or 2) more stupid than I thought.

Christian Duque said... either way you think I'm stupid. Lol.

Of course Jamal cut deals. And AEPi was a neutral-friendly house. Have I ever said anything to the contrary? Go back the three years? Other split houses included PIKE & FIJI.

Please do a little more research before posting. Take care little man.

Anonymous said...

If that rumor about JCB running JJ's campaign is true - and the Indies still pull this off - what would that *GASP* mean for JCB's fragile little legacy at UF?

I know this sounds like blasphemy to the Blue Key's, but his house, his MYTH, and all his little worshipers on here would be crushed.

And who wouldn't celebrate that day - even a little?

Maybe houses should keep in mind who wins and who loses under SigEp rule when making a decision about this spring.

Bruce Haupt said...

And just a thought...

JCB led the keys to defeat the almighty Pants. He may have also led the blocking of Josh Weiss, which may be more notable, but let me re-state:

JCB beat the Pants Party.

Not Unite, Impact, Progress, or Access. Pants.

No offense to me. =)

Anonymous said...

For the record Bruce: JCB also got Kevin Reilly, Yooni Yi, and Paul Drayton elected against Orange & Blue. We gave him the nickname "Rove" not only because of the strategic advantage he brought to whatever house, bloc, or campaign he was running, but because he won the 2nd presidential election with some of the least viable leaders in the history of SG. Just like Rove did w/ Bush.

Without getting into issues in FBK politrix for general SG talk - if you were around to see the debates between Yooni and Bracco, you would understand that the election was won purely on system machinery