Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dictor, McShera Must Carry On Till Spring

The value of the O&B nomination is increasing in value. The independent movement is growing, by leaps and bounds. Candidates of necessity, like Bruce Haupt & Thomas Jardon, will hopefully be a thing of the past. Haupt and Jardon are perhaps the two most important men of the Independent movement of the instant decade. Without these 'candidates of necessity' the Independent movement would have perished.

There will always be a non-establishment candidate/party, but that's not the independent movement. The Orange & Blue Party has direct lineage to Action, Pants, Progress, Impact, Access, and Stuent Alliance to Voice. This is a movement that grown from single party victories to boasting of a Student Body President, to breaking Fall Records (Impact '05, O&B '08).

I'm not sure what went on yesterday, but I'll have collected my thoughts by tonight.


Anonymous said...

LOL Gary Benedix. Is he calling you too?

The O and B party slate are high school students wearing Che Guevera t-shirts and insisting that Rage Against the Machine are taking on Wallstreet.

Christian Duque said...

No Gary is not calling me. But Gary is really big right now. Everyone and their mom want to be friends with him.

Armando Ramon Grundy Gomes called me like crazy yesterday - RESTRICTED. Who does that?

Anonymous said...

Ben D hates Gary B because Ben D suffers from delusional paranoia and blames Gary B for the contents of some of the posts.

At the same time Ben D claims he has tracked the IPs of the post to somewhere outside of Florida. Ben D probably believes Gary B is an agent of The Man and is flown on private planes to post about him.

Hang in there Ben D, the leader of the people must always be tested. Remember, even lesser men like Jesus Christ were tested, and unlike them, you have yet to fail

Anonymous said...

Gary? Really big? REALLY?

Anonymous said...

We've heard rumors that Ben D has told Christian D that Gary B is about to run a third party for The Man (Gator Party) that flies Gary B to locations outside Florida to post critical comments about Ben D

Ben D should be careful for his paranoia seems to be in full swing. Until Ben D can offer any evidence of this, we will ignore him. We warn this Man of the Masses that his delusions alone are not fact. We are aware that Ben D instructed both Alan Y and Gary B that they were standing in the way of progress, the march of history, the rise of the Ben D and that they should join the Man's side.

We must ask Ben D for further proof. We are hesitant to doubt his word, but he has left us no choice.

We would like to report on evennts at the meeting.

Ben D should not wait until Liz S leaves the room before attacking her.

K Huey and Ben C had a good point about credentials for the nominating committee.

If David S wishes to fill the role of Nina M or Melody G he should do it more covertly.

If Gary B ever wants to become a true leader he should speak louder.

If Ben D wants to lead the party he should have asked David S to quit asking Alan Y to suck David S's cock. That is uncalled for.

Anonymous said...

Whoever is 5:57 and 1:15 is a moron. It's probably Gary Benedix himself. It's hysterical how the voting went. Gary Benedix changed his vote just because he noticed McShera didn't vote the way he thought he would. After some words were exchanged with Dictor, it looked like Gary wanted to punch him, lol.

Anonymous said...

lolz @ Gary Benedix. Did you want everyone to notice your and Cavataro's departure from the room?

Do not hide your bias, else you are a coward. Control yourself if you ever want to be taken seriously (remarking at Dictor = childishness).