Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Moratorium & Collected Thoughts

I'm not sure why Ben Dictor may have been told not to communicate with me or be a part of my blog, but that's all in the past now. Quite frankly, I thoroughly enjoyed speaking to him on the phone and have taken him up on his offer to follow-up on leads with him. This should not be of any concern to my current sources in other areas of O&B or Gator. If anything, will be more balanced.

For the record, I counseled Ben Dictor on calling for a moratorium on campaigning and if he should decide to run, I think it would only benefit the party to have a real primary. As of this moment, this blog leans for Mark McShera, but has become very friendly to Dictor in the course of just under 24hrs.

As I told Dictor on the phone, Miorelli was trained by the best. If any UF Senator put $500 in his pocket for campaign expenses and were to travel over to UNF, UWF, FGCU, or FAU and want to win SBP they'd annihilate anyone, Greek or not, local or not.

That having been said SG at UF is at such a competitive level, that good faith needs to be a key ingredient in the process. I wish we had had a 'Thursday Meeting' to have saved Access splitting in four Spring 2005.


Anonymous said...

Duque, why do you have porno videos of Armando Grundy?

Anonymous said...

The indies problem with the system is that it is undemocratic and it only rewards people who know people, right? How is it "democratic" for the indie kids to have their own primary that only takes into consideration people who know people? Isn't that just recreating the same system and freezing the 95% of UF students out of it? Isn't that what Gator supposedly does?

Anonymous said...

No one on O&B told Dictor to not contact you.

Ben D got your number from Josh S, who got it on information from Will F, who facebooked a bunch of us O&Bers asking for your number. One of us responded, and Will F provided Josh S the information. You should not believe Ben D if he claims O&B tried to stymie his efforts to reach you.