Friday, December 05, 2008

Duque Right Again; O&B Should Take Advice

Hours before a key meeting between Mark McShera and Ben Dictor, the Turncoat-Backed Rogue went to the Alligator and announced his candidacy for Student Body President. In all candor, I said that Orange & Blue would split into factions leading into the Spring, even posed the question on Frank Bracco's Q&A - a scenario he (like many others) were oblivious to.

The Orange & Blue Party of Spring & Fall 2008 would have been unstoppable had it been given one more term...the numbers don't lie. I truly and honestly believe that a Dictor ticket now, after his lack of good faith (announcing hours before a key party dialogue sit-down with Mark McShera), would set a very dangerous precedent in Independent politics.

Before the break...actually as of right now...Sam Miorelli as Orange & Blue Party President should announce the O&B Nominee for Student Body President, Mark McShera. Setting Dictor as a rogue early on will cure any misgivings about his support within Orange & Blue. If factions are going to break is the time for that to happen. The break should be all about damage control and a revamping strategies.


Anonymous said...

It is all a scam to get Gator off of their game. The O+B guys will make up and fuse their organizations at the last minute, leaving Gator unprepared and outgunned.

Anonymous said...

Wow. There is some discussion about you on the facebook pages Christian. I think the O+B kids really hate you.

Christian Duque said...

I totalled my car today, so I really could care less. All I care about right now is studying for finals, though sad about my car which I loved dearly.

As far as being hated... I guess that comes with the dinner, right? I mean I hold people accountable. Soon though, I will stop covering SG, it's become extremely difficult to have even a distant idea of what's truly going on.

There's still a bit of fight left in TR, but sooner or later, the blog will have to move in another direction.

Then, finally, some of the more sketchy players in the SG game may finally have a chance to really have their day... but it won't be anytime soon.

Bruce Haupt said...

Per my wall post to the Dictor group:

"I retract my previous statements -- I am no longer at UF and had received poor information.

Accordingly, I don't know Ben Dictor, but I fully support his candidacy as a potential candidate for Student Body President. Everyone should at least have the opportunity, and the smear campaign against him is a bit reprehensible.

May the best person run for SBP (and win), and to the continued good work of the Orange and Blue Party. Good luck to you Ben!"

I'm not saying that Ben should be O&B's candidate, but the idea that he's subverting the party is founded on several things:

- Misinformation from other parties (particularly anonymous smears)
- Josh Simmons' involvement (tactical error, although what I've heard says that Ben was not promoting this)
- Loyalty to the other potential candidate from their friends

On the last point, I think it is noble that the friends of both parties are engaged in the debate. They care about who gets elected and they feel their person is the best for the job. Party on dude.

On the second: Oops! Josh should've known the effect he would have; regardless, the firestorm will blow over (it won't be the first for Simmons either).

And on the first point, it's wrong. You are all working for a common goal, and even if you're backing someone else, to smear the other person *who is in your party* is a little insane and backwards. It's this polarization that will fracture the party, if anything.

However, why did the group go public? Well, it looks like there's confusion on how to select the SBP candidate, and if you're a potential nominee and your only way to get a voice at the table is to bring the people into the fold... so that their voice is heard, then do so... O&B seems to have this down when it comes to Gator in Senate meetings. I guess it shouldn't be surprising to see it here.

Regardless of who is the nominee, I'm glad to see that there are choices. I'm also sad to have spoken on this issue before I had any real information.

Good luck Ben Dictor. And may the best person lead the Orange and Blue Party to victory in the Spring.



Anonymous said...

If you don't like Ben running for President, you can suck his Dictor.

Anonymous said...

"Then, finally, some of the more sketchy players in the SG game may finally have a chance to really have their day... but it won't be anytime soon."

JCB and Pedro Allende left UF. Do these people even exist anymore?

Anonymous said...

Ben Dictor > Ben Dover

Anonymous said...

If dictor cant take a little party politics then he is DEAD in the spring.

Anonymous said...

For someone wanting to run for SBP, he should really have his facebook profile open so informed students like myself can see what kind of individual he is.

Anonymous said...

Tim Tebow wears Ben Dictor pajamas.

Anonymous said...

Oh man Christian. Are you going to take all that they are saying about you?

Anonymous said...

"Soon though, I will stop covering SG, it's become extremely difficult to have even a distant idea of what's truly going on."

You are entertaining, Duque. For that, I'll miss your speculation.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 8:41 is Alan Yanuck and I claim my five pounds.

Christian Duque said...

I don't know what they're saying. They can come here and speak... I don't follow facebook updates. This is the #1 SG Blog on the net -- 2yrs in that spot. They can come here.

Anonymous said...

Dictor is an idiot.