Thursday, June 05, 2008

Video Update


Joshua said...

can you post transcripts please. I rather not listen. I prefer to read.

Christian Duque said...

I sure can, but I won't. The Ken Kerns interview will come out "when it's ready."

cgrapski said...


Look, simple, I am not interested in the name calling (even if you see what you think is such from my end in certain things, and there are certain elements, and for certain reasons - but this is neither here nor there now).

I am not really interested in your site. I find little on it of value. My personal view. I think it could be different. But at the moment it is not.

I am not even really interested in continuing that nature of a "friendship" that we have had in the past - because of your activities of late (and not because you "criticize" me).

And you, of all people here (and of most who have known me at least to the degree you personally got to know me - and those who know me far better) should know I have no problem with criticize it - I inspire and encourage it. And often I OPENLY INVITE it upon myself (either by stating my SERIOUS and SINCERE views openly and without rhetorical games) or by "playing" with those, like Calderwood and Jones, and "taunting" them to "respond" (as they do to me).

Only difference is that I am not playing a game. But I am in "their "arena. (Which is not "our" arena - this is not the American system - this is the system that has corrupted it and has become superimposed upon it and now "appears" to be it - but that is the root of the problem).

I have no hatred toward you. I am a "friend" in the sense of a friend in need. You ever need me (as you have in the past - and as I have been there), really need me, for your PERSONAL life (if you are in trouble and need help).

Never hesitate to contact me and ask for my help. If I can I will.

But I don't like what you do here. I don't think many people pay attention to it. I think of those who do none of them have anything to do with Alachua (except for Stafford and Bud and what they are using you for here - or think they are) and so I am not going to waste my time or energy to assist you in the game you are playing here.

Don't like that I characterized it as a game - remember - as a friend, I have never minced words, or tried to fool you, or win you over. I just say it like it is. Just as I do with everyone else. But in particular to friends. Does it bother your or hurt you - perhaps - sorry, but maybe that is the appropriate response you should have.

You don't do as you say. You didn't post my responses to your last - and I really don't know how to describe what you post - but "thing." (That's neutral as it can get). Don't know why I wasted my time sending it anyway. But you ought to think about WHY you didn't - and really reflect on those you think are dealing with you "honestly" in this for some reason manufactured struggle between you and I.

There is no struggle from my end. There appears so on yours.

Good luck in law school. Glad to hear you got into one and are going that path. But learn something. And reflect on your own statements and thoughts here.

I am not impressed. Others may be. We are different. You have my "honest" position. Not sugar-coated. And if you were my BEST friend I would give you the same. (And probably in more more words). Because that is what real friends would tell you.

Publish what you want, how you want, about me. Say what you feel. (I would encourage you to learn how to research better and more and how to evaluate what you are using more critically). My advice - take it or leave it.

You have no idea what is going on in Alachua or my life - or my involvement in Alachua.

Not everything is at it appears. Not everything is meant to. And certainly not everything I write to Stafford or Calderwood is "as it may" appear to you - without your understanding far more.

There is no value in your posting or pontificating on these things. You don't know enough to offer valuable criticisms or analyses. But there is no harm to me - even when you are at your most "critical" (or "vicious" or "pouting" or however you or I or anyone wants to accept it).

Do indeed stop emailing me as you do. I will not "post" your emails to me - because no one is interested in them - including the few who may read what you say here (although reflect on what you say in them - and do so by looking at what you say, for example, about me or anyone else).

Your knowledge of SG and FBK are limited as well. And particularly of what I did in my history in those affairs. You saw little first-hand, you got much of your second-hand info from people who themselves saw little or were at the periphery. And things again are not always what they appear at first - there are many levels. Much of what you write critically or factually about FBK or past SG are just plain wrong. But many things you say are right.

Anyway I am responding to you - against my better judgment - in "friendship". I have no animosity toward you. But I am not, currently, a "friend" in any close sense and we never really were - never really had a chance to become. We were what we were. And I don't regret or deny it. Acquaintances on a "friendly" level.

That's my ramblings. I'll digest for a moment.

Don't bother trying to get me to listen to you by emailing me. Don't bother trying to get me to respond to you via email or to post here. This is my last. (If ever again I do it will be for nothing more than a similar statement).

Do what you feel you need to do. But my advice - reflect more on what you do and say. Its good advice to everyone (and self-advice as well). Know why you are saying it. (And understand when you say the wrong thing at the wrong time - just as I do - because we all do).

Involve me indirectly if you must - by your references to me as you saw me or see me. By what you comment on me or "feature" on me. (But I really don't know why anyone cares what you have to say about me that comes here). I certainly, personally, don't. Really.

In the end Stafford and Bud get you to do things. You do them. They have limited to no value in my view. But heck - I think "let them keep doing it."

If that is what they spend their time doing (as I say directly to them - I tell them my "strategy" or lack thereof (I tell them my theory of strategic thinking in these matters openly).

And that is to recognize that the MORE they say, and the more they get you to put what they or I say (or allegedly) say or do - and what they say and do - and what you say and do - as little impact as it REALLY has.

It only works in my "favor." I qualify that because what I do is not for MY personal gain or benefit. But it does, as opposite as it might "appear" (but things are not always as they appear), only further my goals which are to expose the corruption, the corrupt actors, and the ROOTS of why and how corruption is the NORM in our political "system" today (local, state, and national).

Maybe one day you will understand. But you are not in the mind-frame to use this forum to "get there" at this time at least. And there is nothing here to interest me.

So please, if you are compelled to continue, do what you wish. But stop seeking my input or responses. I am not going to give them to you.

And I don't want to be rude and just keep ignoring you.

So here it is (publish this). Its just a rambling stream of conscious response as if we were sitting having a cup of coffee or a beer.

But I am going to ignore you, at least for the time being, and this site. I have no need for it or interest in it. Don't take that personally.

And again, if ever, as a "friend" (and this makes no claim to "what kind" or to "what degree" our friendship can be understood) - I will be there for you as much as I could (and as you know I have been in the past). And that is regardless of anything you have said or will say about me or anyone else here or elsewhere.

But until you really need to talk to me as a friend, focus on your law school work (it has value), my advice is to get a realistic view of what THIS "work" is (this site) ... if you value my advice, but do and say whatever it is that you feel you want or must do and say and do and say it as you think you ought.

Hopefully you will learn from experience, day by day, (but that requires self-critical-reflection), and that you will emerge the better over time (whether this "thing" is a positive or negative influence on your growth).

Good luck, sincerely, in life in general. Do something of significance in the world in your own way and whatever it is.

But for now, unless it is an emergency that you think I can be of particular service, do not email me or seek my input or reactions to this site.

I don't pay attention and don't plan on it. I really have my my and energies elsewhere and in the past the little advice I did give you was taken in the wrong way (whether that was a miscommunication, on my part, yours, or whatever is irrelevant) or not acted upon in practice.

Peace, love, and understanding. Three words Elvis Costello did a great job tying together. Are my last words here.



Christian Duque said...


LOL. What a big ego. Seems like I don't know much of anything and there's no point in debating, as my opinion is clearly not of any value.

See dear Independents...this what you don't ever want to emanate.

As Independents you should continue to hold the tenets of our movement close to heart. Everyone has a say, everyone is a leader, and most importantly -- everyone's say is important.

Anonymous said...

I think Grapski is a nutjob, and I'm still more inclined to listen to him than I would ever be to listen to you.

Christian Duque said...

Every Independent is a leader. "Listen" to your heart, not to bloggers or gurus.