Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Gator: On The Verge Of Disintegration

"When I first began working as CFO, Paul and I communicated a couple times daily. However, now we communicate more than anything if and when a major problem arises. The last couple weeks have been very slow in the Finance Office, with work mostly limited to approving SAR's. The need for constant, daily communication, therefore, is momentarily unnecessary.

Any and all issues pertaining the Treasurer's office at this point are resolved by me; those were the powers given to me by the Senate when Paul left for New York. This is why the SBT official SG email account is daily monitored by me, not Paul, meaning that at this point and time, I've sent no emails there. Paul has shown confidence in my ability to resolve the couple of bigger issues regarding the office in his absence with the understanding I report to him any and all decisions I make."Rene Medina
Does This Sound Like What Drayton told the Alligator._________They Must Not Have Internet Access In New York...

Let me start off by commending Rene Medina for all his fine work by the side of the students and then for all his work by the side of the Student Senate and of Student Body Treasurer Paul Drayton. You all know my feelings on the SBT Scandal, but I really think a good man is being exploited here by the Student Senate. I mean, you give him the responsibility, you give him the work, but you deny him the job. Anyways, I think Rene has done the Gator nation and Hispanic-Latino Community proud at UF, even if he's being exploited by Black & White Greeks.

From Inside FBK:
"He's [Reilley] looking out for his brothers Goldberger and McCarthy) and it wouldn't make sense for them to blow their relationship with BSU over something that would benefit a Sig Ep who could be considered a direct rival. From their actions so far (i.e. people who got hit at spring tapping) the system is protecting Dale for SBP."

TheRaDiKaL: "Is it possible for the African American bloc at UF to defeat a divided IFC/PC alliance in a Spring election, without a run-off, and using an embattled SBT like Paul Drayton? Please give us a good Ken Kerns take.

Signature Kerns
Legendary GDI Assesses Scenarios

"signature Kerns take" as in long-winded? :-)

"I'd say it's possible, but the African American bloc would have to craft its own coalition. Think Access of 2004. One would need the GDIs, any minority groups you can get on board (including lesser-political ones like the Jewish Student Union), and either support from the college councils or from some breakway Greek houses."

"A three-way race is almost impossible to win without a run-off, but an African American candidate could conceivably build the kind of coalition it would take to exploit a rift in the IFC/NPC alliance and make it to the run-off, perhaps even as the top vote-getter."

"I don't know if Drayton himself can pull that off like Jamal did, as I seriously doubt Drayton could bring aboard any significant GDI/IRHA/BOCC support. It would have to depend on how the controversy over Drayton is handled - and so far, I don't think he nor his critics within the Gator Party are handling things in a way that would make either side look good."

"In the end, I don't know if this will split into so many camps. Drayton will either be the System nominee or be pushed out and forced to run a'la Access, if he can make a deal with O&B (not likely). IFC and NPC could split, but whoever doesn't win FBK's support would be smart to approach the GDIs if Drayton can't/won't."

"I would not be surprised if this situation builds into the four-way race from Spring 2000, but I also would not be surprised if Gator/FBK settles this before it gets to that point."

What Does ProTem Bell Have To Gain From Renfroe Out?
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A source from the Gator Party in cabinet, claims that Yooni has voiced displeasure at her counterpart's summer internship; the Madam Vice President is perhaps the dimmest prospect for SBP next year, but my sources claim she will show absolutely no mercy should either faction try to muscle her out. The SBVP controls Student Government's Cabinet through a trusted inner circle of Cabinet Chairpersons and past officers (Joyce Medina & Jennifer Puckett) have been able to govern almost autonomously through internal power that can exist in a very safe gray area beyond the reach of the SBP and the Student Senate's reach. Unlike members of the Senate (elected), members of cabinet are appointed and are much easier to dismiss. Additionally: houses, cultural orgs, and political parties depend on cabinet to keep its top members (not elected) within the institution of Student Government.

SBVP is a great spot for someone looking to serve and move on after their term , however, for a career SG'er looking to run for president (unlikely in past years), the post can be quite problematic to cast aside. Some sources claim all hell will break lose if the System gives the nod to Dale over Yooni without so much as a moment's deliberation. And although we're merely in summer, Drayton's folly has expedited Gator-splinters to rush towards the finish line early.


Anonymous said...

Rene's getting paid, getting free food, and getting 75% of his phone bill paid. I stress the last part to every Gator Party tool. I dont really consider that exploitation duque.

Christian Duque said...

Neither do I. I consider that scraps.

Swamp Juice said...

Anonymous said...

Duque- Give it a rest. I think you have taken this situation and made it bigger then it is. You are not in Gainesville so you really do not know what is going on. If you were in Gainesville you would realize that you and may 2-3 other people are making this an issue.

Why don't you wait until Summer B and let the STUDENT SENATE deal with it as they please.

Christian Duque said...

Alligator stories, SBT conference calls, and sources unlimited.... somehow I don't think you're so concerned with the inaccuracy of m y entries as you are with all the noise they're causing.

Anonymous said...

This is entertaining. Duque thank you for giving me a chuckle everyday.

I don't know whats funnier the fact that an out-of-stater can cause so much confusion or the fact that people are really paying attention to these blogs.

Christian Duque said...

I'd be laughing too if it was Christian Duque writing everything and playing the out-of-state-guessing-game, but when you think about it, hasn't been a one-man-show since around December 2005.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't 2000 a five-way race? Or is Ken not counting one of Keg or Better Student Union?

Ken said...

Better Student Union got 250 votes out of over nine thousand. Such insignificant also-rans (like DVDA in 2002) are easily forgettable, especially since they were the only one of the 5 parties that spring to not run any senate candidates.

Anyway, I find it amusing that people keep insisting Christian doesn't know what's going on but he does keep posting new details that infuriate them and get them talking in the comments. Clearly he's not making everything up, even if his analysis and assumptions are a bit slanted.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ken, just like to keep my history straight.

Anonymous said...

It's about time UF got an Asian President. Go Yooni!

Anonymous said...

Yooni isn't interested in SBP. She's interested in medical school.

To say tappings favored Dale is flat out dumb. They benefited JJ just as much, OX and Sig Ep worked together. But then you look at the officer positions:

Paramore as president of FBK. Wonder whose side he's going to be on... real hard one to figure out.

Dale is simply being lead on so she believes she has a chance and the senate president spot can be filled by a non-player (eg Agrusa). The most important detail is that none of these players would go so far as to run with an independent - they all have too much to lose in terms of their group. Frankly we can do without a DPhiE or BSU and lock them out of everything for the next 3-4 years. It's not really possible to do this with Sig Ep though.

This also allows Theta Chi to continue to team up with Sig Ep in order to protect the interest of a McCarthy/Goldberger run next year. Until ALL of the smaller houses do something Theta Chi and Sig Ep will continue to maintain a stranglehold on everything that matters. They've far passed the breaking point, that most other alliances have been allowed to reach. Usually there's some sort of revolt in fear of the alliance reaching the numbers they have now, apparently everyone has gone to sleep on this one or just doesn't care anymore.

The funniest thing on here is MGB making ANY sort of move considering how her house got hit in tappings.

Anonymous said...

I think it's interesting how you claim that disintegration is coming because of Rene being given the CFO position, but most of your recent blog speaks of how Gator is planning to dismiss black people.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:14
Nobody ever said Duque was supposed to make sense.