Thursday, June 26, 2008

O&B: Immune From The Chaos?

A prominent member of the Orange & Blue Party has officially lashed out at Sen. Eric Wolf over his Q&A. The outspoken member had this to say:
"His defection was one of the last things I was made aware of before I moved on. What he says in his interview is false.

Eric Wolf didn't switch party affiliations until he ran for, and lost, the election for O&B party leader.

The circumstances of his defection were anything but heroic or noble. He didn't even tell the party leadership he was leaving. Cain and Huey sat for hours at the judiciary committee meeting right beside Eric -- a full day after he told Dale he was leaving O&B -- and he didn't even extend the courtesy of letting them know. Both had spent days working to get him elected.

He hid behind Kellie Dale. He asked her to tell O&B for him. When she did she didn't even tell O&B which senator had left the reservation.

It was surreal.

This email remains off the record but if you do a follow up interview with him, please do ask him when he lost his balls and if he ever plans to grow new ones."

WOlf has been hailed by several as a prospective candidate for Student Body President; more progressive-minded members of the Greek community of the historical line that have voted John Boyles and years past for Chris Carmody, could see themselves voting for Wolf as opposed to the incompetence of a Jordan Johnson and the unpopular Kellie Dale; meanwhile more pragmatic members of the Independent community, whose historical line goes back to supporting more middle of the road candidates like Mackenzie Moritz and Chris Chase (Veep Candidate) would prefer a more boring candidate with a greater vote-garnering potential.

However, with GDI's (as opposed to Independents), Wolf would never out muscle the likes of Sam Miorelli, Ben Cavatero, or even Frank Bracco who's arguably moved slightly away from the GDI base towards the mainstream spectrum of the independent movement.

Help James!


Anonymous said...

Slightly? He was in Moseley's cabinet !

Anonymous said...

President Wolf??? Fuck that!

Anonymous said...

Wolf is graduating in December, no SBP run for him.

Christian Duque said...

There's always grad school... there's always grad school for the guy that has a decent shot at that elite club.

Old School said...

Thanks Christian for the post about the fundraiser, i really appreciate it. We already had the lock-in, but the fundraiser is still going.

A lot of attorneys here in Lake County are kicking in. The website, has not had as much traffic, but it is cool cause every little bit helps to fight ALS and Muscular Dsytrophy.

- JA

Anonymous said...

So what if he is independent? Eric Wolf would be a great president. Truthfully, there should not be a partisan student president. Eric Wolf is one of the few individuals who cares more about the effectiveness of student government rather than which party has more power. Signed~ an O&B supporter

Anonymous said...

Eric wolf doesn't have any support. The only person who supports Eric, besides Needria, is his reflection in the mirror.

Get real. He is a pompous self promoter, just look at how much time he spent writing his own entry on Gatorpedia!

Anonymous said...

Worst. Idea. Ever.

Anonymous said...

Id sooner elect Frank Bracco ~~Gator Party supporter!

Anonymous said...

I think it is very, very unusual that all of this house activity is taking place during the break week, when most people are not even in Gainesville.

Christian Duque said...

Anon 8:28

I think you're starting to think along the lines of the elite - in this case that's a good thing.

You figure this one would be the best time to freely use the houses for meetings and/or receiving. 99% of Greek residents could give two shits about SG, they'll vote and all that, but they really don't care. When all the jugheads are gone, the SG suits can pretend those empty houses are actually the columns of power on which SG, the Institution, rests upon.

But in layman's terms, it gives them the chance to lie, steal, and cheat w/o too many witnesses they'll have to pay off later.

Nice post btw.

The White Rabbit said...

"with GDI's (as opposed to Independents), Wolf would never out muscle the likes of Sam Miorelli, Ben Cavatero, or even Frank Bracco who's arguably moved slightly away from the GDI base"

Duque, if you think Miorelli, Cavataro, or especially Bracco make any of the calls in the o&b party you are sadly mistaken.