Friday, June 13, 2008

Impeach Drayton!

This is a call to the UF Student Senate, to both parties, to consider taking action on your current Student Body Treasurer Paul Drayton, via Impeachment. The Student Body Treasurer is charged with being the highest elected, student official on finance, with veto powers that trump the authority of the Student Body President and that of the Student Senate. The Treasurer is directly elected by the Student Body of the University of Florida and does not have the constitutional right to delegate said powers onto others and should not be allowed to designate and/or carry out his electorally mandated duties by proxy.

The Student Body of the University of Florida should not be forced to bear the brunt of Mr. Drayton's personal employment endeavors.

In the absence of Kim Cruts and thanks in no small part to the effects of transition, it seems SG-damage-control was off for the day, when the second highest SG official, Mr. Drayton stated:

“After doing much research and speaking with many influential people in my life, I have decided to take on this once in a lifetime experience and still be capable of fulfilling all the needs of treasurer position."

As happy as I am that said influential people, which I take to include the brass of the Gator Party and key members of Florida Blue Key, I do not feel that Mr. Drayton acted on the side of the Student Body and I fail to see what benefit, if any, the Students will derive from this action.

Some time ago, we saw a Student Body Vice Presidential election in a Fall race, and I know many of us (students & alums) are scratching our heads wondering what caliber of an individual runs for SG Executive office, dumps that office on a proxy, and leaves the State for a summer internship not even one month after taking office.

While I respect the machine wanting a Minority Stand-In for its ticket, as it has for decades to date, the Senate should require that the living, breathing human being (whether competent or inept) serve the duty he/she was elected to carry out by the Students. Paul Drayton should either comply with the electoral mandate or be removed from office, immediately.

RaDiKaL Updates

A lot's going on here at For starters, I'd like to announce that the Ken Kerns' Q&A Raffle will begin sometime next week and that the Q&A will hopefully come out sometime in late July or early August. The Q&A Roster also has a few prospective names, including Fmr. Unite Party Leader Adam Roberts and current O&B Senator Eric Wolf, who recently made news when he nearly defected from the minority party in the UF Student Senate.

For those of you looking for something different, I encourage you to read my Alachua Blog, currently addressing the ever-growing rumors of a paramilitary/vigilante group in Alachua, FL: "the Community Action Patrol." The Alachua Blog also follows the travails of Charles Grapski and focuses more on a county-wide slant.


Anonymous said...

You jump the gun duque...
Patience, the indies know what they are doing.

Anonymous said...


Virgil said...

"...we saw a Student Body Vice Presidential election in a Fall race..."

I love how I'm eternally branded as a "turncoat" by this blog, but never given credit for actually breaking that story and, more than likely, actually forcing that special election.

Oh well.

Anonymous said...

An Adam Roberts interview could be very interesting. I'd certainly like to see it.

an indie said...


We do?

Anonymous said...

even though what he did was wrong, he will still be allowed to receive free passes from SG Senate

Anonymous said...

Drayton is head of the Fist. You'll never get anyone in the Greek side to even consider impeachment.

Anonymous said...

It was Richard V. who played Deep Throat in the Lydia game, or at least, that's what Lydia thought!