Friday, June 20, 2008

Promote Rene, Demote Paul

There are two United Fronts at this time. One on the verge of crumbling and one in the process of being built. There's so many questions racing through the minds of the people with the biggest perks to lose. Renfoe and the Drayton-apologists should wise up, because we're slowly but surely moving away from the encapsulated point in time when party loyalty was very much in vogue. And for those you Gator stalwarts insistent upon selling the image of the same Gator Party that bested Orange & Blue last election, you're about as delusional as those of you that believe Drayton will actually get impeached.

So why Impeachment? Well, there's no other threat as bold and as direct. While a campus-wide, official referendum seems bleak, having Articles of Impeachment reach the Senate floor is just as problematic, because a vote for Impeachment is in a sense a vote of no-confidence in the Gator Party. So even if Drayton easily saves himself, Gator may have to face the reality that five, ten, maybe even a dozen of its own have publicly gone on record to voice a loud cry of defiance.

Ask a J.C.B., or a Pedro Allende, or a Chris Carmody, or a Marc Adler what kind of consequences that could have for the System. I ask you to indulge me here, don't go and ask Sen. Renfoe or the Boca Princess that presides over Senate, go and ask a real mover-and-shaker, a real prominent Key just what something like I've described would mean for the "Traditional" Party.

At this point, Paul Drayton could save himself as well! This is not a witch-hunt, we're not out for Paul - but I speak only for myself as a blogger and alumnus here. What I suggest is compromise:

Appoint Rene as Interim Student Body Treasurer

If everyone is so concerned about Paul's resume, why not reward the person doing the work with some credit, even at an interim level? B/c I know Paul's salary is not being given to his proxy - or is it?

There is always room for compromise, but banking on the fact that 70+ will risk their political future for one, out-of-town elected official (from a DIFFERENT branch of government) is really pushing it. If Drayton were in Reilly's shoes, then at least an incumbent senator could count on an appointment or cabinet spot should the gamble result in a Fall-time loss, but what's Paul going to do for a defeated senator?

You want to let it all ride? Fine. But know you won't have the 70 behind you. One thing I'll give System Bureaucrats is this, they don't let emotion get in the way of business. If you think System Senators are going to risk their future to save Paul Drayton, then you you're just plain stupid.


Anonymous said...

It would be an interesting test of power for Reilly.

Anonymous said...

'Cept if Paul resigns there will be a special election.

Anonymous said...

The indies dont need the gator party to defeat drayton. They would rather take him out slowly over the course of the whole summer and let it fester like an open wound then take him out quickly.

Anonymous said...

Duque you have it backwards. System drones will be sticking their necks out to support drayton. There are no two united fronts developing. Only the extreme racists in the Gator Party would even hunk about jumping party lines over this.

Anonymous said...

Pause pause pause. It's Renfroe, not Renfoe.

Anonymous said...

Just letting you know I take offense to your calling KLD the "Boca Princess". Such inflammatory language is uncalled for.

Anonymous said...

Is Rene doing work? I haven't heard of him doing anything.

Anonymous said...

I thought the black power structure had been exposed last year. Why does the blogger continue to include non-players in the BSU bloc?

I'm sure if the blacks lost that SBT spot, they'd pull something in the fall election.

Anonymous said...

I am sure the BSU bloc has more integrity then you all have given them. Unlike the social/political greeks, they work hard for what they get and do things on merit and it reflects in the work they do.

Its funny how you all keep reference Renfroe who is a first year going into her second year. She isn't greek nor is she a dirty player. The fact that you give her so much credit shows that you only attack her out of fear.

Anonymous said...

Duque you are so good at getting good pictures of people.

If you are going to get slandered on a blog, get slandered here because you will have a good picture, fuck your name your pic will be great.