Monday, June 30, 2008

TheRadikal in D.C.

I'm stoked to finally be here, sitting in the computer room of the very retro District Hotel in Washington D.C.

I'd like to thank Congressman Mike Rogers for getting me last minute tickets for my White House tour tomorrow morning and for the tour of the Capitol, which I'll be taking along with my Phi Gam/Access/Voice comrade-in-arms, Peter Gruskin.

The flights were pretty decent and gave me an opportunity to grasp the Parole Evidence Rule -- I was totally off topic for Saturday's class and I've really beat myself about it.

This is definitely a rambling post. I'm starving now, so I think I'll head to a coffee shop, then start walking around... I'm thinking I'll stroll down to the Lincoln Memorial, then maybe to the steps of the Supreme Court, and then maybe look for indie bookstores and such -- hope there's at least one. Oh yeah....and I totally have to visit the Wax Museum.

Pete gets off at 4:30 so hopefully he'll go drinking with me tonight. Anyways, that's all for now. Also I'm hoping to look up Andrew, but not sure if he's up here.


Anonymous said...

There's no "e" in parol evidence my friend...

Christian Duque said...

One type-o, what can I say...ya got me. :-)

Anonymous said...

Cavataro is in DC!