Saturday, June 07, 2008

Can't You Just Be Normal?

Seriously. Who the fuck wAnTs to be normal? Who wakes up in the morning striving to blend into the mainstream? I guess you could wear polo shirts, sun glasses, sandals, and walk around campus like a douche bag, commenting on fashion, and talking about random nonsense and watching gusts of wind knock over newspaper machines, knock the elderly over, yet have absolutely no impact on your moused, aquanet-hardened-hair.

The Day's Lesson: Fuck Being Normal!


Anonymous said...

Non-conformity is the new way to conform. Seriously.

Christian Duque said...

At "first blush," perhaps... Even I'll give you as much.

However, non-conformity is the very essence the Mainstream fears most, so even making it cliche would still counteract its very tendency.

The Mainstream will do anything to thwart the menace of the Independent-minded and as you intuitively pointed out, they're now just getting desperate, willing to take a gamble on free will that they otherwise would have blackened out, censored, and ridiculed to the ends of the Earth.

This is just a strategy and you should look beyond it. Remain independent, remain you:)

Anonymous said...

Seek help. Please.

Christian Duque said...

See my 12:16 comment...*Ridicule.*

Anonymous said...

You care way too much about what other people think.