Saturday, June 28, 2008

july is the month of INDEPENDENTS

However, as far as Student Government goes, the Orange & Blue needs to reach out to the Students. With a seat on the R&A Committee and the peace of mind of being able to be part of the process for the summer term, the Minority needs to seize the moment.

The Gator Party is on the verge of collapse. So far, this blog has done more reporting in two weeks time on the inner-workings of SG, than the Alligator has done in an entire year. At least I have the decency to expect more out of my sources and guess what -- when I'm wrong and yes I'm wrong often, I have the class and professionalism to eat up the criticisms to follow and formerly retract myself.

I think Ken Kerns may have put it best, it was something along the lines of maybe I wasn't totally on mark, but I wasn't totally off either. Many of you on here fall into two distinct groups. There's the O&B Kids looking at this internal feud with Gator as a way to capitalize in the Fall elections, meanwhile the Gator stalwarts, most of you oblivious to the inner-workings of your party, most of you are agreeable at failing, so long as you err while celebrating the victories and the name of your System-borne entity -- & that's fine, but you're as wrong, much more wrong than I.

People are not happy with what Paul has left them, it makes the Gator Executive seem incompetent. The only reason the Majority won't formally support Impeachment is b/c that would be a rallying cry for Drayton and the NPHC Machine to swing into action. The African Americans don't have much to prove; when they wanted blood (with a hand from the GDI's) they got in 2004. Andre Samuels, from what I understand, lives in Gainesville and there is no reason why I should believe that the Kappas are in any less of a position today than in 2004.

Sig-Ep/Theta Chi fresh off pouncing on the Weiss Faction and the Sam Green Block will no doubt treat Drayton, Dale, & anyone the GDI's decide to run in 2009 as well.

If Gator isn't in shambles by the end of Summer B, it will by Fall, but there is no question that this election to come (unlike perhaps any in the last six years) rip this party into no less than three active factions, each of which will try and outdo the other, burying the competition and going for the top spot.

I believe that 2009 will be the year of the independents, I believe another Scooter Willis' ('88-'89) GDI is on the way. I predict, and mark my words, that Johnson, Dale, & Drayton and their respective factions, will bring about so much havoc to the Gator Party that the Machine will lose the presidency in 2009. I believe this soundly. The cookie has ALREADY started to crumble.

We should all take a moment to honor the First Response & PR-Geniuses at-work for the Machine, because they're working double-time and over-time to keep a lid on three burgeoning egos -- "tear down this wall Mr....."


Anonymous said...

Is the Gator Party really about to collapse? Most of the comments on this blogs are about assumptions and it seems that some people misrepresent who they really are. So is it safe to say Gator Party is about to collapse and crush the dreams of all the members of Gamma Delta Iota, I think not.

But in time will tell whose truth is true!

Anonymous said...

The GDI's know they will lose exec this spring. We are hoping to have 40 senators total after the spring election.

Anonymous said...

You dont give people enough credit. KLD cares more about going to law school and getting out of Gainesville. She is not and will not be a candidate. Drayton will finish up his term and then return full time to Wall Street.

Anonymous said...

Something you all may not know about FBK...blocking someone when you need a majority to get in is pretty easy. I don't know why you keep mentioning the Sam Green block like it was something historic. Any of the big groups (SigEP + Social Houses, Theta Chi...and TEP and the NPHC (the two groups that most of you don't give credit towards because you young brats and old farts don't see them running things..but they do) can do it

The White Rabbit said...

Does anyone believe Duque anymore?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the NPHC expanded their power exponentially over the last two years. Many people think they are just given token positions, but they really are major players in this game.

Anonymous said...

LOL 8:11 is definitely not one of us. We have our sights set a bit lower than 40, lol.

Anonymous said...

It is quite interesting to read how inaccurate your "reporting" is. You clearly need some better sources from "Gator Party Insiders".

-A real Gator Party Insider