Saturday, October 18, 2008

Will Orange & Blue Fight?

And if so...for how much [this time]?


Anonymous said...

Wait, that's all? You're asking us to comment on another MSPaint hack job you made while you were probably on the john? Do you seriously think everyone else is this stupid?

Anonymous said...

They really do make a cute couple. Jordan the giddy lilly bottom, Sam the grumpy top. I bet most of O&B and the "on the dl BSU and KYX caucus" would kill to watch them get it on.

Anonymous said...

Sam looks like hes lusting for JJ's cock.

Eyes.Ears.Everywhere. said...

If you could see what I see,

If you could hear what I hear,

If you could know what I know,

Then all your fears would be laid to rest.

But you don't, you can't, and you never will; so for now you will just have to TRUST.

Christian Duque said...


9:36 --> I just people are as stupid as you are. Thanks for your comment.

11:51 --> Interesting point. Don't be too quick to assume the bottom is the victim. A good bottom knows how to play the top like a fiddle. Remember it's not about the first guy to the prostate gland, it's about who runs the institution.

2:54 --> What makes you say that? Possibly the slightly nervous look, hands in the pocket pose? There's nothing wrong with me being a little nervous...though I can see your where you may have drawn you conclusion. Ken also looks somewhat nervous. Check out the Leather Guy & The Gimp on the blog....Ken's photo is close by, compare facial expressions.

eyes.ears.everywhere. - I have full faith that O&B will lead a major fight in chambers. I am confident that once they have secured all their choice seats, that Sam will heroically lead a charge demanding a re-arranging of the SG mailboxes. But until that monumental showdown, I choose to blog about the here and now.

francisco said...

Dear El Duque,

You have done a massive disservice to yourself and your readers by misunderstanding my comments. I am going to use this open letter as an opportunity to resolve our differences interpretation of my language used.

Whether you are an independent candidate, the Voice Party, the Pants Party, or the Orange and Blue Party you have experienced the same thing: the deck is stacked against you. There are no houses to support you and allow you to network with likeminded individuals, there are no cultural groups that draw hundreds of students and are willing to send out Facebook messages "encouraging" people to slate your party, and their no set chapter and dinner times for friendly announcing. All an independent party has is its individuals involved and their ability to reach out and interact with the average student.

So back to the quote you seem to love so much: "There is no Indie voting block; there is no Indie network; there is no reward for being an Indie, in fact it is a liability."

Is there an Indie Voting Block? Well as we all know, no there isn't. You have to work hard, be visible, and interact with every student that passes by you in order to get their vote. As stated earlier, there is no house "encouraging" individuals to vote O&B and no cultural organization "encouraging" people to go slate O&B.

Is there an Indie Network? Yet again, no there is not. We don’t have organizational socials that allow us to network with other individuals. We don't have an umbrella organization that lets us meet with top organizational leaders.

Is being an "Indie" a liability? Hell yes! Good people like Cecilia Amador get expelled from Senate in a Witch Hunt, while other Senators that miss 5 meetings and never complete their constituent requires are allowed to stay; good people like Cain Norris get looked over for Senate committees; good people like Tyler Antar get falsities thrown around about them. Is this liability necessarily a bad thing? This depends on your perspective: Cain ended up going to every Judiciary meeting anyways and contributing; Cecilia continued to help advise younger Hispanics on their educational options; and Tyler keeps on interacting with students and attempting to work with the UAA.

Now on to what I did not say:

Is the Independent Movement Dead? Not once did I even mention the word "movement", however I will indulge your interest in such inquiries. My definition of movement is likely much different than yours. In all honestly, I don’t believe a "movement", in my sense of the word, really exists – there are not 5,000 students storming Tigert each week (this is my definition of a movement). Now does that mean "Indies" are dead? Of course not; the real “Independent Movement” is simply a bunch of rag-tag students that are tired of the BS and believe that students deserve better than an Administration that ignores them, an ACCENT in which 14 out of the last 17 Chairpersons have been AEPi, and an SGP that continually throws away student money. These rag-tag individuals attempt to reach out to whoever will listen and express their vision of what Student Government should be.

Are these individuals only out to serve themselves? Christian, you know as well as I do that they are not. You don't spend hours of your day out in the Plaza talking to people about SG for yourself. You don’t attend Senate every week for 2 years even though you aren’t even a member of SG just for yourself. You don't gather hundreds, and in some cases thousands, of sigs each semester for ballot questions just for yourself. On the same token, these students are just that: students! They are individuals and while they can aspire to serve the average student and represent their view, they are still only one. As one they deserve the right to make up their OWN mind and vote how they like. That is the beauty of being an "Indie": you don’t have anyone tell you have to vote one way or another.

Now one final caveat, why did I refuse to associate with Orange and Blue over the summer? The answer lies in principle and pigheadedness: it is well established that I have always stated that if I was to serve in Senate I would serve as an Independent Senator and not with a party. Since I served in Senate over the summer, I figured I better be true to my word; after all once you strip away everything else there is only one thing you truly own and that is your "word".

Hopefully this clears up some of the misconceptions.

Sincerely Yours,


P.S. We are going to have to talk about how serving as Chomp the Vote Executive Director and running, arguably, the best registration campaign on a college campus (outside of California) in the primary season qualifies as selling out. Alas, that is a discussion for another day.

Christian Duque said...


I know what I read. You are very similar to Will Foster and while I'm sure, if given, ample time you will render volumes upon volumes of explanations (as you've provided here).

Your letter was published solely out of consideration for the Great GDI (& that's a pretty fuckin genuine sentiment from my end) Bruce Haupt.

Otherwise I would have deleted it. There are many other blogs now -- not sure how long they'll be up, but this is a GDI Blog.

Here we celebrate the Independent movement. Here we celebrate everyone that's come before us and that's come after us that's fought the system. I won't allow you or anyone to put down our values.

There is a network and just because you have to work hard doesn't mean it's not there. Do you think Gator can just summarily summon pledges to the polls?

You're in for a rude awakening my friend. Don't ever think the Greeks and the Keys don't CAMPAIGN THEIR ASSES OFF, they work just as hard as you do, maybe even harder.

Yeah I said, HARDER. I want to beat these folks at every possible juncture, but one major issue the GDI's, Indie's, and w/e you are, is that the reason the Greeks are KING is b/c they won't let up even for a second.

I've never read such whining in my day, not just from you, but from countless GDI's.

Why is it that when we all head to the Orange & Brew to get the results, only the Indie backs ache and only the indies are tired? Whiners - myself included in '04.

You know what? The way you get the gravy w/o the work? You sellout. Do like Pedro Morales, show up in shorts and sandals and chit chat with your fellow campaigners, while your brothers get annihilated. He got a seat, sold out, and in the whole process I'd be awestruck if he even broke a sweat.'re not a bad kid; but you're far from a GDI. Now that O&B sold out, bow your head and drag your feet to Reilly and see if he can't get you job -- become the Joe Lieberman of the Independent movement -- oh wait, you already did that last year.

francisco said...

Haha, I will take that as a step up from yesterday's punches.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed how someone can go from leading light of the GDIs to "not a GDI" just by refusing a Q&A?

Christian Duque said...

9:50 is Will Foster & I claim my five pounds!

Christian Duque said...

Frank, Sam, Mark,

I'm not trying to personally hurt you guys, I just REALLY object to your course of action as of the election.

Ben Cavatero has never replied to my emails. Maybe he's a Zionist that hates b/c I believe in a same state solution or maybe he's just an obnoxious honors kid like Mackenzie Moritz was, but that bottom line is I don't think his seat was worth this 180.

I just got home a great date, enjoying my high carb meal of the weak. Laughed hard at the comedy and ate hearty at Carrabas. Good night.

Anonymous said...

"Frank, Sam, Mark,"

The fact that you only address those 3 is proof positive you are completely out of touch. Might I suggest you contact some Gator Party tools to find out who's running shit in the Indie movement?

Anonymous said...

I hope to god you spelled "weak" wrong at 11:26.

Anonymous said...

11:43 is right. You are out of touch if those are the only 3 you see as the indie movement.

Despite your annoying obsession with student politics, it seems you've missed a lot that has gone on in the past 8 months. Maybe you should ask the Gator Party who they feel is running the show.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to see you calmed down alittle bit, although making fun of you and sam in every post was enjoyable...