Sunday, October 05, 2008

Rogue House(s)?

I don't know what all the hype is about and I don't know what exactly the problem is, but so far I've received dozens of emails over the course of Drayton Gate up until now from highly respected sources claiming that at least three houses are 'considering' another party than Gator for Spring 2009.

Once again the houses I've heard most speculation about are Sig Ep, Theta Chi, and Phi Tau. I'm not sure how Phi Tau fits in and/or why two major houses would take on a third, far less connected house. Again, I speak from 2005 knowledge. Perhaps IFC has seen drastic changes in three years that it hadn't seen in the twenty years before I graduated -- but somehow I doubt it.

An anonymous email and related comment also spoke to members of O&B and Phi Tau dialoguing sometime last week. The email stated that a closed door, 'informal' meeting took place at an apartment in The Courtyards.

Orange & Blue seems poised to do real damage come this Spring, but unless they know how to make magic potions, I think we'll see the Seminoles win an national football title before the likes of Sig Ep & Theta Chi back a GDI Party like Orange & Blue.

No... I think if anything, a party will form from right under Gator and if anything a JCB-authored coup d’├ętat will put at least these two houses, possibly even their sidekick third in positions of unquestioned authority over the nascent breakaway Greek faction. Again, based solely on speculation this is the only logical assessment I could make of such a hypothetical twist come Spring.

It would be interesting though. In Spring '05 the GDI's split in three. If in Spring '09 there was O&B, Gator, and this speculated TC/SE/PT Faction...I see a lot more sororities joining the breakaway power-faction than staying back with the dead-weight of medium to small houses, greedy cultural orgs, and sellout GDI Turncoats.

I also don't think it would be much of a choice for the vast majority of Keys and the wannabes eager to get tapped. Gator is doomed, only an idiot would consciously want to sink to the seafloor.


Anonymous said...

This is old news, Duque.

Anonymous said...

Duke, you and your sources are very out of touch if you don't think that Sig Ep and Theta Chi work very closely. You are even more disconnected if you think they are working with Phi Tau. If you need to see which houses are aligned look at the leadership of SG/FBK/IFC. It's pretty obvious.

Anonymous said...

sig Ep and theta chi can combine blocs to form an fbk super majority and run tapping. That was the essence of Jcb and Ryan Moseley working with Weingard and theta chi. This relationship will grow at least 4 more years since both houses perpeauet the system by indoctrinating their pledges with this loyalty. Game over.

Anonymous said...

Several Legitimate sources within the election commission have reported that Orange and Blue will be disqualified due to illegal campaigning. Supposedly their entire slate will be removed..

Anonymous said...

Newest from facebook:

J. Clayton is on the way to Gainesville.

Could this really be as big of a mess as it looks?

PT10 said...

you have no clue about today's phi tau. at the rate we're goin now, we'll have a SBP by 2010 -- just wait n see.

Christian Duque said...

Hey I'm not sayin it can't happen, but I'm not on the ground and have no clue. I must admit though, based on what little I've put together...Phi Tau doesn't strike me as a house with that kind of influence.

Could you perhaps tell me who, if anyone, are you thinking would be SBP material from your house in '10?