Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sadly This Ain't Italy.

What we're dealing with is Student Government, a Student Government now equally controlled by despots. One side rationalizes its control through secret clubs, racial & cultural intimidation, and dusty, old legacies that are in all places but UF, backward relics of the past. The other side... is advised by one who mocks me through posts on other sites... It's a party that obtained the support of thousands through what's seemingly apparent false pretenses.

Change! That was the driving force behind this historic election. Ben! R&A Seat! Deals! JJ for President! O&B to back JJ for President! -- These type of slogans would not have drawn out enough GDI's to win even the Family Housing seat for O&B.

It's all one giant mafia now and the Independent movement must once again begin from scratch...soon there will be another Bruce Haupt, another Ken Kerns, another Charlie Grapski. Orange & Blue has been the closest party yet, but now like Fall Access '04, it's become a System Party.

And even if after the deal, even if O&B'ers start raising hell? So what? It'll just be a ploy. Gator has fucked O&B hard and left them $20 on the nightstand. Who knows, if O&B raises enough hell, maybe Gator will kick in an extra gratuity.


Anonymous said...

Christian, I think you are taking this "deal" and other events out of context. First, the so-called "deal" is just an agreement to not make Senate meetings take 8 hrs long every night in exchange for some committee seats. This is not a "deal" but a statement that O&B will use whatever dilatory and annoying tactics are required to make Gator's life miserable if they don't play fair. This is in no way a deal, but rather a concession by Gator to avoid an option that benefits no one. It costs O&B nothing, but gains them everything they ask for. The same is true of the situation regarding Cavataro's seat.

Second, no one ever said O&B will play nice. Just because they won't nominate a Senate Pres. candidate that will never win doesn't mean they endorse Johnson. Besides, there are far worse, far more annoying, and far more stupid people that Gator could put up for the job, so there's no reason for O&B to raise a shit fit.

O&B will still fight the Gator Party's bullshit in Senate and the Gator party will still shut down O&B's ideas.

Now it will just happen in committees as well...

Christian Duque said...

Jordan Johnson for President!
O&B will become TC & SE's new house moms.

Bruce Haupt said...

Christian, you're wrong.

Or at least, you are jumping to conclusions without knowledge way too early.

As for me, don't invoke my name so fast. I didn't run because of a GDI party I was dissatisfied with (well, I kinda did in the Fall but it was very much a joke campaign then). I ran in Spring 07 because nobody else would. I was shocked that no one else even wanted to for the resume blurb that comes from just running. That's why we were there... and the "values," campaign ideas, people, et al all came from that. If there were a surviving O&B 08 then there is no Pants 07, and SG would have been better for it.

Certainly, I don't see everything just like Sam and O&B do. Still, I support their candidacy and success and I'm happy to see that they're not getting pushed around and taken for granted within the SG system. It's about time.

Christian Duque said...

'I didn't run because of a GDI party I was dissatisfied with (well, I kinda did in the Fall but it was very much a joke campaign then)."

Bruce...sounds like you're not exactly sure what you're saying either.

The era of not getting pushed around anymore doesn't start by selling yourself to your former bullies -- don't buy into that Ivy League nonsense.

Anonymous said...

My, you're quick to turn on people.

Christian Duque said...

For certain things...I'll turn in the blink of an eye. It's not politics, it's personal.

Anonymous said...

the deal is miorelli sold o&b out to be pro temp

Bruce Haupt said...

Two points:

1. They're not selling out though (unless I'm wrong).

2. I ran two separate campaigns.

The first was in the Fall for VP. I was annoyed with the rhetoric that went back and forth on both sides with each zinging the other for random crap -- none of which was really all that productive. Yes, I knew Gator was totally worthless, but I thought the indies weren't all that great either. I was trying to cause some kind of dialogue that would attract more students.

I had no intention of running the second time (graduation), but then the opposition dissolved and there was going to be no election. You could say there was confusion in Spring 07. I was torn between the values and satire I purported in the Fall and with organizing an actual legitimate campaign with a slate, GOTV, etc. I was never top brass in an SG Exec before and had 2-3 weeks to come up with everything from scratch; I'm surprised now with how organized we were (thank goodness for David).

Anyway, I've seen you flip back and forth on many issues. You've hated and complimented me at different times. With me as an example, you came up with a theory about my FBK application in Fall 2006 (without asking me any questions, or likely others), and then went on the attack. Sure, you were holding to your values, but you were doing so rashly and without anything more than conjecture to back it up.

Orange and blue, I'm betting, is in the right in this case.

Anyway... while I do enjoy keeping up with the goings on of UF SG and hearing your own interesting points of view, my budgeting class is calling to me (and seriously, how did a class like budgeting become one of my favorites? weird)

Christian Duque said...


I'm just giving my opinion just like the next guy. I'm not the standard by which GDI's you live by.

Yes you did apply for FBK and I choose not to focus too much on that. You were the one to carry on the flag, as opposed to letting it fall unclaimed. I will forever celebrate that Bruce Haupt, because after all I want to help create a history for the movement.

I chose the word 'create' for a reason.

Yes you did apply to FBK and you didn't make it. I don't really care why you applied or why Tommy went to Moseley or why Andre went to Gator...all of you came back to the Independent movement -- that's really all I care about.

Pedro Morales, Kim Cruts, Ryan Day, Ben Grove, John Boyles... they never did.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering why the ones you listed as 'not coming back' would have?

Pedro: Got his grad senate spot back and then peaced. All he really cared about was grad representation and not the indies

Kim Cruts: Got to run media for a group that horrible needed someone to run media (as evidenced by Gator's current situation)

Day: Got to essentially do whatever he wanted and was tapped

Grove: Just kind of quit student politics all together


So what reason would any of them wanted to go back to the other side? Are they traitors? sure. For different reasons? sure. But everyone of them had greater influence than they would have as indies. The only one I can really fault is Day, I don't think he ever was an indie in reality, just looking for a way in.

Christian Duque said...

No I totally agree with you 7:23. Everything you said was 100% correct.

I don't know about the "Indies," that can include a whole lump of people. But us "GDI's," we don't whore ourselves or our values.

I guess that's what separates us. Maybe that's why GDI's always lose...there just aren't enough people at our level.

John Doe
Secretary of Greek Affairs
Senator 2003-2004
UF Board of Managers, Director
Senate Budget Committee, Chairman
FBK (Member & Historian)
Savant (Vice President)
Kappa Omicron Kappa President
Society of Glenda Beloved, VP
UF Eco-Oversight Committe, VP

John Smith
8x Failed Senate Candidate

Take a wild guess who I respect more.

Bruce Haupt said...

And I respect your points -- I just disagree about O&B (not that I have a whole lot of timely perspective either).

Anyway, I wouldn't be surprised to see how much you enjoy getting people worked up over this stuff. And for all I know, this is just grand strategy for Orange and Blue to confuse the opposition. Heck, maybe I'm talking to Sam in the Nissan on the bluetooth as I type this... =)

Anonymous said...

Your priorities are way out of whack.

Anonymous said...

You wanted them to be martyrs. They wanted to be people.

Anonymous said...

Why do you condemn these people from the past as traitors? Did they claim to be 'GDI' or 'indie' and then switch or are you simply imposing a system on them that they did not commit to themselves?

Christian Duque said...

Very funny 10:51

Martyrs? Yeah....you go back in history and see how many GDI Parties got 12 senators elected in a Fall campaign. You're melodramatic efforts may work at a newbie SG blog... but not here :)

francisco said...

What do you have against Italians Christian :-(?

Christian Duque said...

Nothing. They hung Mussolini from a lamppost. Good deal.

Have you any idea how many communists he killed?

Anonymous said...

Christian, I can deal with random bold words in your actual blog posts, but carrying the practice into your comments is kind of weird...

Christian Duque said...