Monday, October 20, 2008

SG -- Related

Frank Bracco's Q&A will be posted here at midnight; it's a good read, so check it out. I'm hoping we'll see between 30-40 comments, hopefully some tougher questions too.

Fmr. Senate President Chris Carmody wrote in to let me know a great thing he and his boss (two members of Florida Blue Key) are doing this year; check out the article: No GrayRobinson xmas party this year. Instead, a donation.

I also want to give a shout out to Orange & Blue Sen. Alan Yanuck. We've been going back and forth on facebook the last few days. I'm really trying to get him to concede that O&B's eagerness to deal is contrary to their constituents, but if he's yielded so much as an inch in a week, I'd think it much. If he can handle himself half as well in chambers as he can over email, I expect this one to go far in the Senate, perhaps even chair a standing committee - in a 'fair & balanced' SG (if that will ever be possible at UF).

Per the Alligator...I'm glad they've hired someone who's even less informed of how SG operates today than myself. Why Mike Belle is permitted to pen columns calling for sweeping reforms sans any factual or supporting data is beyond me. I had considered firing off an email, but what good would that do? The paper only wants to publish my letters, guest columns, or write about me when I'm controversial -- well why should they get the controversy when my readers are all the more deserving :).

Pedro Morales - I'd like to see him become more active in the blog. I also think I may dial the turncoat-treatment down a few notches. The difference between Morales and the others, is that Pedro actually dislikes the term and even if he won't necessarily admit it, I don't think it was a such an easy decision for him back in the day. The past being the past, I think Pedro possesses a great deal of knowledge that should be shared with the young Fall incoming O&B Senators.

Also to whoever has been posting under "Old School," you are not James Argento. Please don't try and hijack others screen-names, it's dishonest. Posting anonymously is already pretty cowardly as it is, but impersonating others is just plain wrong.

On Ken Kerns... if anyone (or even he himself) thinks I am upset with him, I'm 100% not. I can't stress how much I value Ken's opinion, especially when it's contrary to my own -- as it makes me pause to reflect. I will say, however, that I would like to see Ken cover SG far more actively though. This is a critical time for the Independent movement and we all need him, like Pedro Morales & Bruce Haupt, to dazzle us with their insightful and often profound assessments on SG-related topics of interest to the student body.

And in a creepy way... Sam is still my hero.


The White Rabbit said...

Senate tomorrow should be fun..i might make an appearance there for once, albeit drunk as hell, see you GDI fuckers there!

P.S. Make it a long meeting so i can go get drunk after class first

Anonymous said...

Midnight and no Q&A. Go fuck yourself Duque.

Christian Duque said...

I'm sorry, I was on a date down under. The Q&A will be up tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Christian you suck

francisco said...

Wow, there is apparently someone that enjoys reading my thoughts so much that they would resort to cussing :lol:

Anonymous said...

Can anyone explain why Gator Party supporters are pictured together on an official webiste? Load

Anonymous said...

Because they're beautiful people and have kickass shirts?

Honestly, there's nothing wrong with the school putting up pictures of kids in Gator Party shirts. They're UF students in an organization looking happy. It just wounds your fragile little ego that they didn't pick you.

Christian Duque said...

Poor Frank. I feel like an asshole for having been mean to him.

I just don't want to see any of you cross over. You're doing such fine work by the side of the students and if ever there was a party that could take out this almost 80yr old beast, it's O&B.

Anonymous said...

LOL Kellie Dale is not attractive, let alone beautiful.

Anonymous said...

The key to '09 will be Phi Tau.