Saturday, October 25, 2008

This will be a new project coming November 2008. Expect footage featuring some of the strongest athletes in Mid-Michigan. In December I will show you a technique that will put up to 20lbs on dumbbell-curls, upwards of 25% on your bench press, and several techniques to master the Leg Press. Below, I've listed some of my best lifts; these are not max lifts, but lifts for reps (good form, no cheating):

Bench Press: 365lbs (4 Reps)
Smith Bench Press: 405 lbs (2 Reps)
Incline Bench Press: 275 (3 Reps)
Decline Bench Press: 405lbs
Dumbbell-Curls: 85lbs (4 Reps)
Close Grip Bench: 315lbs (4 Reps for Tri's)
Leg Press: 1,240lbs (4 Reps)
Deadlift: 495lbs (3 Reps)
Shrugs: 675lbs. (2 Reps)
Tricep Pull-Downs: 275lbs (5 Reps)

Wait till you see some of the lifts of my fellow Michigan gymrats, as I check out gyms throughout Grand Rapids, Lansing, Detroit, Flint, Chicago, Columbus, Ohio during Thanksgiving Break!, and much, much more.


Anonymous said...

Pretty respectable lifts.

Anonymous said...

More on the recent R&A battle:

Anonymous said...

this bores me

Christian Duque said...

C'mon, nothing wrong with strength. The avg. male SG'er looks rather feminized. :(

Anonymous said...

I am woman! Hear me roar!

Anonymous said...

And we are all still getting laid more than you el duque