Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Deliverance of Pedro Morales

Pedro, like JCB, provided a great deal of insight to this blog and was publicly associated with many of the posts. His forte was his rich understanding of the conceptual shortcomings of SG and his passion to bring about sensible change -- not just stir up the rhetoric and pose for the cameras.

When Pedro flipped (and he did flip) it came as quite a blow to me. Whether The Independent Movmement is a bubble to you or not, serves as the bubble's background music. Having one of the greats cross over, becomes not only disadvantageous for the movement, but I'd be a fuckin liar to sit here and pretend it didn't take a toll on myself as well.

However, Pedro remains an independent at heart. Does he regret his move? Did he put too much weight on winning? What did he think of the Moseley ticket? In the end, did Pedro really have Moseley's ear on graduate issues??? All the answers +++++ QUESTIONS OF YOUR OWN, will be answered.

You Be The JUDGE!

But I for one think Pedro should be re-admitted into the Independent fold, to opine on matters as years ago, and help us build an even stronger GDI base at UF.

Release Date: February 2009


Anonymous said...

Who is Pedro Morales? What legislation did he sponsor? What committees did he serve on? Did he do anything important, or is he just another nobody who gave Duque and interview so Duque hypes him up to make himself look important?

francisco said...

Haha, I was just thinking it would be entertaining to see a Christian Duque/Ryan Moseley interview!

Christian Duque said...

1:07...I posted your comment largely because the questions you've asked have been thoroughly answered in previous posts. Look back to posts form years '06 - '07.

Moseley Q&A: It'd certainly be interesting, but I have yet to interview a Student Body President. I did do a Q&A with Moseley's Student Body Treasurer E.J. Walicki. I have also interviewed the Chief Justice of the UF Supreme Court, Brian Aungst (who I consider at equal footing with an SBP).

As far as SBP's go, my wish-list is as follows:

1. Jamal Sowell
2. Marc Adler
3. "Scooter" Willis
4. John McGovern
5. Joe Goldberg

I'm confident I'll eventually have Jamal on the blog; Joe is a longshot (but I've heard he's been reading for years); "Scooter" Willis is going to hard to locate (anyone know where I can contact him?); McGovern will likely never do a Q&A given my association with Grapski, and Adler -- I honestly don't know -- but would REALLY like to.

SBVP Wish List

Thaddeus Bullard & Joel Howell

SBT Wish-List

Marna R. Weston & Ian Lane

Senate Presidents

George Kramer, Chris Carmody & Scott Kennelly

Pro Tem Wish List
Lou Roselli (pres. also); Andre Samuels; Crystal Caesar

Anonymous said...

All of the current indies know where Scooter is, how do you think they've been winning?

Anonymous said...

But Duque, that isn't fair. You just pull obscure people out of the Senate and act like they are important because they talk to you. In all likelihood, Pedro never did anything of any importance. When was he affiliated with HSA?

francisco said...

I don't know who Scotter Willis is...

10:44PM: You act as even most of our Senators do something of great "importance". In my two and half years of attending Senate I can only really thing of a handful of Senators that have done something I would consider "of any importance". Josh Weiss and Lacey Logsdon are two of them, JCB is another one. The other names I can thing of did their "important" stuff when they were members of the Executive Branch.

Authoring legislation is your job as a Senator, not something "of any great importance". When serving as Budget Chair, putting together a strong budget is your job (can you see a pattern here).

What made Pedro a pretty cool Senator, in my eyes, is he not only did what was required of him as a Senator but he also went above and beyond and actually took an interest in his constituents *gasp*. Pedro could offer a lot of information on any subject to any individual that was interested and Pedro spend a good deal of time telling people about SG impacted them. As a Senator, Pedro may have not made the buses run on time or bring about a new minor program, but he want beyond the min. requirements of being a Senator...that's pretty hard to do when so many of our Senators struggle to meet the min. requirements and often have to have absentees erased from their record or be put on probation for not meeting their constituency requirements.

francisco said...

Please excuse my poor grammer skills above, I had just finished a 12 hour work day that was preceeded by a 14 hour work day. I should have taken the time to proof read. Hopefully, the message was still somewhat coherent.

Christian Duque said...

Not to worry Frank, just write, who cares about editing.

Anonymous said...

I remember Pedro now that you mention it Frank! He was the one who was removed from the Senate on three different occasions by the Dean of Students for not having enough hours! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Pedro was ultimately duped by the other turncoats. He was told he'd have a say just like Cecilia, but it was all filtered through Day. Ultimately Day ran the turncoats and was the only benefactor (both personally and on issues).

francisco said...

8:51 AM: Pedro was on the way out when I was on the way in, so I can only speak to what I witnessed...hence why I said "in my eyes".

Anonymous said...

JCB provided much insight into this blog....