Tuesday, November 04, 2008

It's Time To Save America!

After eight years under the war criminal, George W. Bush, & his gang of despots, Americans finally have an opportunity to elect a real alternative. We're not talking about stiff-shirt-Gore or double-talk-Kerry. There's real issues before us, like Universal Healthcare, Tax Relief for the Working Class (not the Elites & Corporate Masters), proper oversight in regards to the monster-bailout we just gave Wall Street, and foreign policy we can live with, like loosening the embargo on Cuba. I hope you'll vote for Barack Obama & Joe Biden; if you're voting for John McCain and you really believe in serving your country -- stay home today.


Anonymous said...

You are an idiot, Hope is not a strategy, Hope will not feed my family. hope will not power my local hospital and schools when Obama bankrupts the coal industry. What a great solution to a slowing economy bankrupt an entire industry and cause everyone's electricity bill to sky rocket. Democrats don't have ideas they have doomsday plans.

Emil said...

I voted Nader today. Because he is the only one for true universal healthcare, which is single-payer healthcare. Obama is for national health insurance, thus keeping the big insurance corporations ruining our health.

Obama will not bring our soldiers home, he stated he would take them out of Iraq, and he will move them to Afganistan and other places to fight terror. Only Nader will bring the men and women home from both Iraq and Afganistan and end this war.

Vote Nader/Gonzalez 2008

Christian Duque said...

Hey Emil.

Wish I lived in GR so we could go watch the results tonight. Lawrence & I are gonna get a few beers and watch 'em here in Lansing.

I really respect Nader, but the stakes were too high. I did vote Green in a couple of local races. Mad respect for your vote.

Anon 10:13 --- Hope is a campaign slogan, only an idiot would confuse that with a platform.

Anonymous said...

Cool video, right to the point!

Anonymous said...

Obama is kickin ass!

Christian Duque said...

Obama WINS!