Sunday, November 16, 2008

UF Zionists on Sabbatical?


[Reading the Alligator Out Loud & Online w/ Blogger Christian Duque]

The Machens Go To Iran

Where was the JSU/GFI Mafia on this one? I mean how is it that Machen even made it to the airport without hearing it from the most powerful student, faculty, and alumni demographic at the University of Florida? In any event, it's nice to see that UF's #1 officer is taking a step toward warmer ties with Iran by attending an academic forum. For the first time in history, Bernie Machen receives a Radikal laurel.

Student Senate to hold meeting in state capital
"External Affairs Director Matthew Goldberger encouraged senators and students to give input on higher education bills that will be addressed during the 60–day legislative session in Tallahassee this spring."____Cited from IFAlligator.

This sounds like a complete waste of money and if anything, a grandstanding opportunity for a select few. Does anyone know exactly how much this little field trip is going to cost? Where is the money coming from? The fact that this trip isn't required and only select leaders will meet representatives seems extremely sketch. How many Sam Miorelli's will get to meet the congressmen? For all I know this could trip could be a front for Jordan Johnson to approach welching Florida Congressmen to remind them they haven't acted on behalf of their pledged-donations to FBK, lol. Thumbs down - wasteful spending during tough economic times for all.

Recent Arrests Page

For those of you unfamiliar with an old, timely GPD practice, check out their 'Recent Arrest' page. This wonderful GPD feature publicly shames men and women arrested on criminal charges. Naturally their convictions are pending and GPD seems indifferent to the fact that tactics like these could sabotage legal proceedings (e.g. prejudice prospective jurors). Nooooooo, they don't seem to care.

Check out a recent Newsday article and what a State Supreme Court Justice had to say on the matter. I will try and get the full opinion and/or excerpts, request permission, and publish.

Oh yeah...almost forgot....the officers having sex with hookers, who wants to bet their mugs don't appear on the indexed shameful page?

Codes don’t replace conscience

Sen. Kyle Huey delivers a strong letter to the Alligator that further reminds the student body that real change begins at home. I, for one, always believed in using the Alligator as a public forum from which to hold members of the System accountable. Unlike, chambers where the gavel can used to silence you, the Court of Public Opinion is ruthless to all who have something to hide.

Even though Huey, like Norris, and other weaklings in the Independent movement that see it more fit to ignore dissent than to challenge it, may have blocked me on Facebook, I still believe his letter was a great one.

"The U.S. was founded in a revolutionary spirit. This American brand of patriotism insists that our citizens constrain the power of our leaders, in spite of impulsive emotions and desires. Throughout their political experience, Americans are encouraged to openly challenge their leaders." - Mike Belle
____Cite From IFAlligator
First of all...'patriotism' is a weasel word. It's a term that's excused everything from the U.S. PATRIOT Act to costly wars on two fronts and the literal abandonment of the Geneva Convention. It's also a term used by far-right-wing conservatives to discredit democrats, greens, and liberals on all fronts.

And how does this brand of patriotism constrain the power of its leaders, when its people's own vote serves as little more than a conduit to the larger, more powerful electoral college? A nation whose majority is ignored in favor of an obsolete system that maintains a select few despots in power? Or a nation that enslaved and later segregated an entire race for the better part of two centuries.

When have we ever been openly encouraged to challenge our leaders - when has that ever happened? Do you mean challenge them by bouncing between the two major parties - or - do you mean by running failed campaigns that play into the hearts and minds of vulnerable college students looking for the next JFK but resigned to settle for you and read your column, buy your hype, and propagate your already-recycled rhetoric.

America is a wonderful nation, rich in injustice and often scant of historical awareness. I say love the people, love the Earth, but fuck the borders, fuck the flags, and fuck patriotism.

No flag or religion is worth a drop of human blood, no flag is worth death, and no borderline is worth fighting for.

Running for office soon Mike? Get real.


Anonymous said...

You act as if senators even care about student funds. All they know what to do is spend.

Anonymous said...

Sounds a lot like the federal and state legislatures...

Anonymous said...

kyle huey's not a senator, moron

he's cavateros roommate

Anonymous said...

Anyone who travels to Iran can never be called a Zionist.

Anonymous said...

student government should be abolished.... it's pointless .... let the adults handle money.... what the administration spends versus what the students spend is probably 10 to 1 anyways.... student government is a total charade... and everyone knows it ... one state school even voted to do away with student government!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

abolish student government !!!!!!!!!!!!