Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Grapski: The Untouchable?

Charlie Grapski will be threat to the Machine wherever they send him, but over the years his tactics have alienated him more and more from the already fringe-left whose causes he's championed. I, for one, have been very critical of Grapski (for most of 2007), but I've always held him in high regard for all of his great achievements for our cause.

Charlie's situation looks grim, but this blog will keep its readers informed on what one of our most committed leaders is up to. TheRadikal.com would also like to salute Michael Canney for being by Charlie's side through thick & thin. While there's areas of the campaign in Alachua that I may disagree on with Charlie, I want to put my respect for Michael's loyalty and characteron record.

Yesterday I sent out an email titled: "Reaction(s) to the Grievance. Here's what I got:

Hi Christian,

I'm going to pass on this one.

Pedro [Morales]


I cannot necessarily speak for everyone on this list, but this is my attempt: I really don't know about the situation (other than the press release I have read from the Charlie's camp). There has been some stuff covered in the other county newspapers but I have not really gathered much information from those publications. It would appear that something is happening and I do believe the justice system in Florida does have an obligation to investigate it. I would say it seems a little strange that Charlie has been in jail for over a month on a minor civil charge (then again, I'm not entirely sure of what the charges are against him).

-Frank [Bracco]

I have no knowledge of Grapski’s current situation.

-Stafford [Jones]

Peter Gruskin phoned back. A response was requested, but the Fmr. Voice Party President declined and offered no comments for publication.

Hi Christian,

I live some 700 miles away, and no longer read any local newspapers except the occassional glance at the Alligator during SG election season. I've never met Charlie and only know of his activities from his SG infamy and not anything more recent. I am hardly qualified to comment on the situation.

However, since you asked, I do think it's bizarre and disappointing that anyone can be jailed without right to a lawyer or to even have his case scheduled, if that part of the story is true. I would have expected better from Alachua County than that.

But if there's any possibility his civil rights are being violated by the Alachua County justice system, it ought to be investigated. Even if that investigation shows Charlie to be wrong.

Ignoring his grievance or dismissing it because of the source would be a mistake. There's nothing wrong in letting the truth be known -regardless of who that benefits.

Received from Kenneth Kerns

I posted a response last night but seems to have disappeared in the ethers. I said that Charlie had finally reached is true potential- jail house lawyer- a position to which he is well qualified. He has a lawyer, John Stokes. Someone will have to ask Charlie why he hasn't filed for a bond hearing. It is up to him to make that move. I suspect that he wants to sit in jail to avoid his day in court for his other charges in Tallahassee and Kissimee. He can't hide from his felony charges in Alachua but he keeps changing lawyers which delays his day in court.

Hugh "Bud" Calderwood

Currently awaiting responses from:

Thomas Jardon, Sam Miorelli, Chris Carmody, & Brian Aungst


Anonymous said...

Pedro had nothing to say?!

Anonymous said...

Translation: It is 2008, not 2004. Everyone else has moved on and you should too.

Anonymous said...

You know Grapski is done for the count when even guys like Gruskin won't come out for the guy.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Gruskin supposed to be some big Grapski supporter?

Christian Duque said...

People are free to express themselves WHERE and WHEN they see fit. Don't assume because Pedro & Peter didn't share their opinions that that suggests where they stand on Grapski -- grow up.

Anonymous said...

Duque can spin it however he likes. Bottom line is if your friends need you and you stay quiet, that doesn't say much about you now does it?

Anonymous said...

Like MG says, "It may be what it ain't - but it NEVER ain't what it is."

*Silenced* O&B said...

If Miorelli is a true independent - and not merely an opportunist heading a movement in need of organizational leadership - he will come to Charlie's aid in his time of need.

Charlie Grapski founded the very model of an Independent Party we claim to represent. It is HIS shoulders that we stand on. Sam, Tommy, you were quick to the courthouse when it got you front page headlines and shot at fame...but now you are faced with a true injustice against one of your own...where is the bravery now?

To speak freely: these two men have derailed a true independent movement for their own gain. We mere supporters - we get scraps. We can't join in the fun. It's all about who's at the top..while they cut deals WITH THE SYSTEM!

This the time to prove yourselves, gents. I can be silenced no longer.

Anonymous said...

Only a fool would count him out.

Anonymous said...

The fact that anybody thinks Tommy would do something for anybody but Tommy is laughable. The kid is a totally worthless self-aggrandizing joke.

That he thinks he can run for public office one day is also highly amusing. Good luck with that. He better start saving up hush money now because he is going to need a lot of it.

Christian Duque said...

C'mon...Tommy aint' so bad. Try to love somebody.

Anonymous said...

"Try to love somebody?"

You should take your own advice, the way you have called people out over the years on here.

Christian Duque said...

It's hard running the SG's #1 Blog...I may not have the most hits this particular week and/or I may not have 100+ comments to one of my posts, but three years is a long time and before you know it we'll be at 200,000 page impressions; total authentic hits, I'm guessing way over 10,000 which is mind boggling.

Believe you me, I go too far sometimes on my rants and even sometimes when I have every intention of being fair and balanced, I'm not fair and balanced enough.

There's people on here that set me straight, they're invaluable parts of this blog.

I'm not perfect, far from it, but that post on Tommy was way harsh. You don't actually point out any factual flaws, you just tear the guy down on a personal level and I publish it only b/c I'm not one to wear out the delete button...still you cut him down from the confines of anonymity.

Tommy Jardon is major player on the UF scene, M-A-J-O-R. He may not be in FBK or the IFC, but Tommy has many tricks up his sleeve, which is why you - or many of his haters - wouldn't dare put their name beside their crap.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:22 here. I'm not the one who made the post on Tommy initially. I just think you are too quick on the insults and innuendo when it comes to someone you don't like, much as that person was against Tommy.

Anonymous said...

The anon comment posters don't cite specifics about Tommy Jardon [Thomas Jardon] or sign their names to their digs at him because they don't want others outside the movement to fully grasp just how despicable of a person he is. It's fairly embarrassing that somebody like him was ever allowed in the upper echelon of Indie power at any time.

For as much as the Gator Party are tools, most of them, when they walk out of senate and put politics aside are very decent people, they are nice guys and girls and people you wouldn't be ashamed to call your friend. It isn't without reason that Mark McSherra and Joe Trombolli went drinking with JJ and have said they enjoyed themselves. Neither of them seem to think JJ is a bad person solely because he's on the other side of the political fence from them.

Tommy Jardon [Thomas Jardon] is not a good person.

Nobody that you interview feels it proper to talk about a "living" political figure in a bad light so they keep their mouths shut or post anonymously.


you can be certain Christian, if your blog is still going when Tommy moves on from UF you will get the full story about Tommy Jardon [Thomas Jardon] and his place and role in Indie politics through the past few years. Tommy Jardon [Thomas Jardon] has been so worthless that there are many who would go to lengths to make sure he never holds public office because they know his work ethic and they know his moral values [Hint: Neither exist.]

All you need to know now is that he's been purged from the Indie movement thoroughly at this point.

He will claim that he no longer desired to be involved, or that he willingly left but this is just him nursing the bruises to his ego from his colossal fall from power and influence down to nothing. You should know that certainly Christian. I'm sure you are wishing you were here and involved.

If you cannot wait until he graduates and you want a sneak peak as to why Tommy Jardon [Thomas Jardon] was ousted just look at this to get a sneak peak: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seven_deadly_sins

Anonymous said...

Tommy is done, over, finished

The Young Turks have taken over the party

Anonymous said...

Dictor / SBP
Miorelli / SBVP
??? / SBT
Benedix / Party Pres.

Christian Duque said...

Anon 1:28:

The guy is still the Fmr. O&B Presidential candidate and he's been there for the GDI's 99.9% of the time (Pants/Gator being his only slip up).

It's bad enough that you hide your name, but it's even worse that you can't even cite a single example. Let's face it, you probably just don't like the kid for whatever reason - much more likely on an unrelated(to-SG) personal level, than a profesional one.

Oh wait, lemme guess, you can't discuss any matters b/c you might give your identity away? Get real!

You know... the fact anyone is waiting for Tommy to leave to start "speaking out," is chicken shit coward antics. If you can't say it now, you're not going to say it when he's left, not on this blog at least.

We don't roll like bitches over here. Speak now or don't ever. I mean for goodness sake, you're NOT EVEN USING YOUR NAME!

Cain Norris said...

I stand behind these views of Tommy. And I sign my name.