Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Student Body President Sam Miorelli

That's got a nice sound to it, it sounds fitting and in many ways very much realizable. O&B listened when it came to the impeachment of Paul Drayton - I would argue that that (and the email scandal) made voters more aware of a difference between the System and the Independents. Look...every indie party has exhausted its networking capabilities, so to simply give O&B the Big 12 win simply on that would suggest that Action, Pants, Impact, Progress, & Voice just didn't get the word out there enough -- that's just bullshit.

O&B stood up, their recent filibustering defensive will only add to their already assertive & defiant voice from the Minority. Americans love the underdog, for the hundreds of punches Apollo landed on Rocky, people still felt like they were in the fight everytime Rocko would hit the champ's ribs and make him bend over sideways. O&B landed punches this past Spring and fired four combinations against Gator in Fall. In boxing terms, Gator is in the lead, but its eyes are swollen, it's nose has been broken, its ribs are flaring, and and its legs are giving out from time to time.

There will be no need for ear-bitting or headbutting if O&B gets out to the organizations and speaks now! Speaks the first week of the new term! It's not campaigning folks ---- it's constituent requirements - ONLY GO 2, 3, 4x your required orgs!

I firmly believe that if O&B gains 5% before the term is over and another 5% beginning early next term, that come election time....Jordan Johnson will be giving his concession speech to Student Body President-elect Sam Miorelli.

Gator will still have the majority of wins in senate, but the students will split their ballots to make a statement.

Duque has made his prediction November 26, 2008. And as much as people want to knock him, Sam Miorelli can only benefit by having Thomas Jardon in his corner. I really hope for the future of the movement and for the fact that the Indies are so close, that their egos (they're 12 senate wins) won't see them alienate Jardon. From what I'm told people are angry he's lazy, to them I say: 'the guy has paid his dues, the solider you want has been a general since before you arrived at ideas by him, explore strategies, CONSULT with him! But if you're looking for a guy to dig ditches, I just don't think he's your guy. Maybe in Spring 2005, but you're headed into Spring ' some respect.'

President Miorelli


The White Rabbit said...

There will be no need for ear-bitting or headbutting if O&B gets out to the organizations and speaks now!

There is also a need for ear-biting, most of the rest i agree with, cept the Jardon part

Anonymous said...

Tommy brings the naive and arrested emotional development vote to the table and Sam can't win without that.

Anonymous said...

Sam for SBP,

What a fabulous idea!

Although I think Sam should not only bring in the hard working Tommy but also kick to the curb that ineffective lazy friend Joe Trimboli of his!

Who does this kid think he is? Just because he and Sam single handedly kept the Indie movement alive in Fall 07 when Tommy had turned his back on them doesn't mean he has a place at the table!

Anonymous said...

wtf is draft ben dictor for SBP?

Tommy said...

I threw Sam under the bus twice so far and he just won't stay down.

I'd be honored to run his campaign and go for three.

Anonymous said...

We're going to lose regardless, we might as well promote a new leader of the movement instead of Sam, who hopefully is leaving us soon for a better law school than levin

Christian Duque said...
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Anonymous said...

Twelve bucks says Jardon ghost-wrote that first anonymous comment. It's just a little too ridiculous to be real.

Anonymous said...

No one knows who Tommy Jardon is and no one cares. He doesn't talk to the indies, he doesn't give advice to the indies, and he has no idea what the indies are up to. No one wants Jardon by the indies and he has yet to help with anything of value.

Anonymous said...

Where is Sam applying? (genuinely curious)