Tuesday, August 29, 2006

When Bloggers Go Too Far

In the first installment of Students Speak Out, Gator Party Leader [Sen.] J. Clayton Brett made mention of harsh treatment by way of Opposition senators against fmr. SBVP Lydia Washington. In recent days, I've received only eight emails in regards to the new section, with most of the letters bringing more and more details about what was allegedly said and/or done to the former Executive leader.

The madame Vice President sent me a very interesting facebook a couple of days ago and while I won't be sharing that it in its entirety, there are several points that I will. The Madame Veep includes that:

  • Her GPA fell below SG Requirements only the semester she was campaigning, not her overall GPA. She is also on a full-paid academic scholarship.

  • She took decisive action removing herself from office and immediately informed [SBP] John Boyles.

  • She was all-but-terrorized by anonymous bloggers for the whole summer.

  • She remains loyal to SBP John Boyles and proud of everyone in Swamp.

These statements from the Madame Veep all but turn fmr. Unite Party Leader [Sen.] Gavin Baker's take on the VP Scandal on its head. So who's telling the truth here? My favorite indie senator (w/ Nelson on his heels) or my Access Superstar? In the political game it could easily turn out that they both are to some extent. However, going into a very unusual VP election, the fine details are at extremely high stakes and the best way to clear the air is through dialogue.

To get a url that reads "Take Action UF" is a misnomer if the party leaders can't take the appropriate action to correct and/or re-assess their actions the previous term. I am not throwing the book at the Opposition, however, I believe that the Gator leader put many of you on the spot and none of you (whom routinely email and/or call me) have done anything to refute your alleged behavior. Let me be frank here, no let me be Christian...hahhahaaha *a James Argento-esque chuckle for ya....*

Let me be frank here: you can buy all the shirts and listen to all the speeches you want...without African American support you won't have a prayer. I am not looking to be rude here...but had you crossed a former, not so popular African American leader in senate, then perhaps it wouldn't have been so bad for you, but Lydia Washington is a name amongst many in her community and not so much as partially apologizing (even if on solely a professional level), I believe, will hurt you tenfold....talk to your pundits about that.

I guess I'm not really mad at my young colleagues from the Opposition camp, but if there's anything that truly irks me, it's bloggers that write hateful entries and/or write checks their mouths can't cash w/o their real names. I guess it's part of the chaos we know as the INTERNET, but when feelings are hurt and lives are interrupted -- you've crossed the line.

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