Monday, August 21, 2006

Every Voice Heard! the weblog nears the 10,000 mark, I find that I'm still an SG junkie and will probably remain so for the rest of my 20's and possibly 30's, but let's hope that by my 40's I'm at the stage of either running for office and/or active as the #1 guy in small races...hey...I rather be a key player in Bob Joe's Campaign for Dog Catcher, than some faceless peasant-like poll worker in Bob Joe 2020 Presidential Campaign. If you're asking yourself if you know a Bob're too much of a social whore for Radikal standards.

Students Speak Out

2 Questions, 4 Leaders, Uncensored Opinions -- RIGHT HERE!

J. Clayton Brett* - GATOR PARTY
Gavin Baker** - UNITE! PARTY
Keith Hardwich* - SWAMP PARTY Confirmed, Awaiting Entry

*Senate Party Leader
** - Former Party Leader


In the news...I was invited to the Action Party's Info Forum. I am very grateful to the Party but will not be attending as my role with SG is strictly blogging-based. I believe SG belongs to the students, however, I may return for a final farewell in Spring (though it'd have to be to support a party I really believe in, otherwise funk that!)

As far as the name "Action", I like it b/c it's the English version of the Hispanic-Latino caucus that I helped put together. I also like the fact that at least at the facebook level Nelson seems to be in charge and Roberts still hasn't joined, LOL. Look, I think Adam Roberts is a great person and a great leader, but let's hope that for this third incarnation of an allegedly independent party, he will not be the Supreme Leader once again. Also I am not fond of Action's FBK history or the fact that the colors "orange & blue" have been used over say yellow & blue, red, or GREEN.

I do like that Action will be holding it's info session at the Reitz and hope that unlike Phoenix/Impact or Impact/Unite or Unite/Action, that the current lineup pick a name and stick with that name until Spring.


Losing one good party name does not justify losing another. We lost the Access name, hopefully Sen. JCB and his colleagues will not stand by and allow for the loss of the Gator name. While sounding redundant and awfully mainstream, the Gator imprint spells victory, school spirit, and all things large and mighty in one word. Sure....other words like Swamp, 1996, Two Bits, & O&B bring up UF sentiment, but nothing says UF more than GATOR. Don't buy into the whole 'they got a new party, we need a new party mentality, that's BULLSHIT. If ain't broken, don't fix it.

*No members of Impact/Unite were harmed in this photo-shoot. LOL

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