Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Ah...The Sweet Smell Of Denial

Just moved into Pine Rush, not too shabby...only my good friend Veta Gutmann has my bed in her storage!!! Come home already! Teaching for the Duque may start in September (one can only hope they will process the paperwork). 1 of 2 LOR's have been mailed, I just might be able to have a complete lsac application by DECEMBER! Oh yeah baby! I'll be a lawyer right around the time James Argento is retiring and starring in the 2045 version of Matlock! James will have hair again and it'll be ghostly white, he will resemble Andy Griffin meets Beetlejuice!

Onto business. Got a very nice email from Chris Carmody -- two actually. Chris wrote in to say my allegations that FBK runs UF are unfounded, he quickly brushed off the $250,000 a judge ordered his organization to pay one Charlie Grapski and the two multi-million dollars suits against members involved. He did, however, call those complicit in Charlie's case "goons" and assured me that [the "goons"] are no longer in the organization. Interestingly he they [both parties involved] were dirty back then, something we'll have to investigate.

When I asked him why FBK finds it fit to use A&S Fees when they clearly are not eligible for funding and why they use it for a ticketed event, I was given no reply (but I'm sure he'll figure out some line of defense; Carmody is no idiot). Chris also says that one Dr. Maturo, the FBK faculty adviser says FBK was not expelled from the National organization way back when, but rather, it was FBK that expelled the nat'l org -and- the nat'l org pays FBK for use of its logo. If I understand this correctly, it's like saying Rhode Island kicked the other 49 states out of America.....I don't know Chris....that just doesn't sound rational to me. Perhaps Radikal readers see it clearly. I was, always kinda slow ya know....

An awesome entry comin up. Check the TR today and/or tomorrow.

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