Thursday, August 10, 2006

International Commentary

In Solidarity With Lebanon

Sen. Lieberman Loses CT Primary

"Joe Lieberman is a great friend of the Cuban cause," said Joe Garcia, CANF's director. "He's never missed one vote on Cuba and he's never failed to be with us."
( Source: STP Times)***

*For many years I couldn't help but notice how conservative Lieberman was and just how much he pandered to lobby interests, namely the far-right-Cuban exile lobby and that of the Pro-Israeli camp. For those of you unaware of the CANF it's very similar to the Italian Cosa Nostra (in my opinion). The old godfather, Jorge Mas Canosa kicked the bucket some years ago, his son took over and a split ensued, today the group remains in disarray but own numerous properties, stuff elected officials' campaign coffers, and try to sabotage the Cuban gov't/economy.

Sorry James, I know you love Lieberman (Argento was Lieberman 4 President, UF chpater leader), but I'm glad to Lieberman gone and I hope Hillary is next. I'll vote for that ... (rhymes with bunt) if she get the DNC nod, but Democrats that support (or supported the war) are not people I want to help get elected. Did any of you see Bush plant one on Joe? Not only is that weird, it just goes to show you what kind of "democrat" Joe Lieberman really is.

To his credit, Joe can retire with his man-ish looking bride and reflect upon a career of votes strengthening a CRIMINAL embargo that has effectively had no effect on the Castro government but rather has made lives of innocent men, women, children, the elderly, and the disabled a nightmare. I don't know what type of Cubans would ever support the CANF but I am not one of them. I would like to see democracy in Cuba, but after four decades of an ineffective policy that renders misery on the population, I for one would not continue voting to tighten it, not for the dismal hope of democracy and much less for the promise of donations surpassing $100,000 that the mafia-like CANF donated Lieberman and others.

Not only did Lieberman lose his senate seat, I will get ultimate satisfaction when he loses his independent run and burns every bridge to the DNC. Then we can purge the party of the closet-Israeli-WarHawk HOWARD DEAN and truly reform the party towards the far left. How wonderful would that be. Americans don't want democrats in power, they want liberals and democratic-socialists just like the folks in Europe.

Hezbollah Holds On

According to CNN & the IAF, today was the bloodiest day in the month long war between Israel & Lebanon. I for one am not going to say Israel-Hezbollah, when it clearly involves Lebanese territory and the casualties certainly speak for themselves. This is a war between two nations, not a nation and a militia. There will have to come a time when the Lebanese army engages their Israeli foes. Israei forces will occupy or attempt to occupy Beirut, as Tyre is already almost a certain military target.

There was a report that came out, maybe Anderson Cooper 360 (or one of those programs) where it was reported that even in the face of Israeli infantry and armor, the dug-in Hezbollah guerrillas would not run, they stood their ground. Regardless of your opinion on the war, this is truly unheard of. The great Israeli Defense Forces that swatted Egypt, Syria, and Jordan...some in six days, find themselves fighting for BORDER TOWNS! that will not fall and almost an entire month into a war that has seen heavy pouding from land, air, and sea. You have to really wonder who God's Chosen People really are.

There is something very passionate, even romantic about a cause so valuable to its adherents that they will sit in a foxhole, holding a rifle as close to them as a significant other, trembling in the night as artillery guns fire in the distance and rounds come crashing down with indiscriminate frequency. They will not run, they will defend Lebanon, they will not run, they will defeat Israel. They will not run, they are Hezbollah.


From all the papers in the world (many of which I've read online), I have to admit that the Tuesday Alligator Editorial sketch was the best. It pictured two American businessmen sitting on Key West, smoking with ideas, and ready to get to Cuba to make business. What many of you fail to realize is that the United States made busines with Cuba until roughly 1960 and continues to do so today throughout Latin America. What's the problem? Well from a U.S. point of view it's good business, but from the Latin American' nations it's just downright exploitation. While I would love to see democracy in Cuba, I would prefer to wait a little longer for a proper transition to take place as opposed to a sudden collapse ala Soviet Union, where all State property immediately goes private, everything sells in a whirlwind of capitalism, and in five or six year what was once the FIRST WORLD Soviet Union finds itself as a sub-developed state (yea, that's below Third World -- a lovely relic term kept alive today, courtesy of the Cold War).

Cuba remains peaceful and all is calm according to publications spanning the Cuban GRANMA to the liberal NY Times to the conservative Washington Times.

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